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Gameplay Feedback / Aneska's place.
 on: May 19, 2019, 04:13:46 PM 
Began to play Aneska couple of days ago for the reason that nobody play her.
Well and because of two reasons which you should not mention.
My observations:

So her Mech:
1) Vulnerability to beholders.
Three levels practically disappear.
It is sure there are players who do not use it at all, but I tell about other level a game at present.
-It is not sure about absolute immunity, - give it at least more time before it is split, but not + one second ofc.

2) "Cast time" for summon/unsummon ,-remove one of them and make instantly (like Cute boy's drone or Ginebra puma form enter) It will allow serious players to play more actively, but not just to put it and sometimes to use abilities. on 60+MMR you cant spend dat second and survive:)

3) Microblade.
Microblade damage not enought for kill running from it is far the engineer through Mech at the same time he successfully activates the terminal and tank all damage from Mech.
This is very complex.As Aneska player ama be very happy if you rise microblade damage (10% for example) but i rly sure this situation BCS:

4) Mech melee splash aoe is fucking absurd !
 Even if microblade do 30 damage to single target regular mob and strike ever second -splash do 6-7 damage to same mob and strike one time per 5 second,-wtf rly just remove dat move .No cc(like knockbak) ,No dmg.  If mob or antagonist come in 5 meters to the mech-you only real reason dumb.

5) Mech Hp and Heal.
Just one regular mob is enought for kill em from distances but in this game a billions of mobs everytime.U cant manage his Hp even if permanent shoot in Mech. +30 hp per shot-you are worst healer for your pet :) Change the sizes Heal in percentage like one shot +5-10%, not flat 30 hp.

6)Barrage animation
i use only Atlas atm,other weapons later so about barrage:
Animation is too long.
When you activate smoke grenade mech stop do any and begin barrage,after 2 sec bordbadment begins ,mech still shooting ,and when borbadment end ....mech still Shooting and only after he stop and begins to do something else. like cut 2-3 second of this shooting animation one million rocket is enought ,no reason fire two millions of them considering that only 20 reach bombardment zone.

7) Borbadment Damage
I so understood that the main counter of this ability control, but the fact that using it you cannot even kill one unit in  pack from 4-5 regular mob standing in bombing epicenter... depresses. 10-12 dmg from each rocket considering a zone of defeat one-two gets at best and rare(and ofc if you or teammates shoot em)... you do not consider it very poorly, considering that there is a card for activation of which it is necessary to kill at least two?

Atlas G-620

1) 3 bullets is not enought for killing MMR 55+ Hades regular mob.
Just add one to chamber (not sure about 2)

2) Range...U cant reach Marmelade or Valeria boss from edge But there like Just like ONE fucking centimeter (These are 0.3 inches, I am not confident in what distances are measured in Spain:) ) Same situation level 3-1 (ayana) on thrid stage u cant reach machinegun point from cover and again just 1 centimeter.
I talk about add like 3-5% range for this weapon be Awesome.

3) Bullet velocity.
Hans jetpack, Alicia's Jump. Ninja running regular mobs (when they just run like a flash and sometime down in the end ) hurt so hard.
You create weapon customization like
-reload speed
-Fire rate
But as well u create dynamic (R&R still OP!) so mb its time to create parameter like dynamic but with reload speed and velocity speed and add to Atlas g 620 instead quick reload ? 

So Dear MSE hope you will distract from improvement of game shop and you will find time for consideration and balancing  this character.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: i am not clown anymore
 on: May 18, 2019, 05:59:03 PM 

Gameplay Feedback / Re: revert affinity from cards
 on: May 18, 2019, 12:26:18 AM 
So and how has to be as a result of as it was conceived by MSE?
There was a time all cards rolls well, couple of days ago it seems returned as was, but at ANESKA all rare cards roll irrespective of A/R.

U mean ...u can win without single shot,-Sun Tzu and his Art of War miss dat girl :)

Mr.Kuzman use LMB for activating Lichtbogen Zxx dope arc  :D

Suggestions / Aneska Skin
 on: May 17, 2019, 04:33:01 PM 
MSE pls.
The Scourge of Phobos : Original Aneska skin. Why she barefoot ? Wtf,rly!
Creator of this skin ,-hates girls with green hair or sexist? :)
Please investigate it :D

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Loaht's forever beast form has to go
 on: May 17, 2019, 04:12:31 PM 
MSE pls this is not Valeria exploit this is another "bad " in a game bcs every character have this "exploit" ; When you change view of the camera ...this is reset global cooldawn of shooting. So all characters with low rate of fire weapons can shoot like gatling gun using this.Not only Iune with Blink, Mikah with 9-9 and Valeria :)

Simple example :
Week ago we play as 4 same level(3-1)
And when we play PVE,- enemy sniper one shot wound HIVE,when we play this level with antagonist lvl 1 (not purple) enemy sniper mob one shot kill HIVE. 

So MSE you useless and not have any student 2nd level to fix MMR issue  from start of your game or this some kind of dunno...spanish humor?
Even same MMR difficulty in PVE+antag as clear PVE was more....Normal.But you think different,right?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Ammo and Aleph Drops
 on: May 08, 2019, 01:07:48 PM 
East wisdom:
MSE has no eyes to see what nonsense they do and there are no ears to listen about it from players who play their game-)

"New stupid Bp system"
"New stupid Aleph drop system"
History repeats itself but to change nothing.

Harek advanced-wtf. Harek retarded.
Most useless shit as rider and most broken shit as Antag.
Ofc MSE never fix second option and no balls retards always continue pick Harek as antag .
But first option is easy : if you have Iq 10+ ,-you never pick him.
Ofc if your main purpose of dat game:  ruin mission for other ppl or deliberately make a mission many times more difficult ,-then all ok.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Character prices
 on: October 03, 2018, 06:32:35 PM 

What sense to play this game 24/7. Where to hurry?
Naturally if to farm for 12 hours a day, your head will blow up more abruptly than General Marmelade :D
Spacelords ideal sessional game atm.
Considering the system of BP in general it is contraindicated to play more than 1-3 once a day and more than 40 minutes per "run" :)

Spacelords Universe / Re: Character prices
 on: October 03, 2018, 03:03:31 PM 
How Much for Aneska ,guyz? :)

Fan Corner / Re: Fsjal Spacelords
 on: October 03, 2018, 01:17:34 PM 

Who dat Girl ?
She Join Us ?
You have her phone number ?

Spacelords Universe / Re: Troll/Griefer Raider
 on: October 03, 2018, 01:13:27 PM 
Maybe he try complete hidden achievment : destroy 1000 extractors ? :)

Suggestions / Re: Sabertooth heavy suggestion
 on: October 03, 2018, 01:07:52 PM 
Omg guyz wtf with you,dat skin is sux bcs ...ok,well... G's  ass is covered ...i even dont know how this be called....pants? O_O

Default or Slave Unit ONLY ! Deal with it or Obey :D

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