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Suggestions / Identity: Feedback & Suggestions
 on: May 19, 2019, 05:06:43 AM 
I know I’m late but I just want to relay some feedback and Suggestions in regards to the Identity update, but since theirs allot to cover I’m just going to mention my thoughts on the major parts as well as some questions.


Ok so, i'll start by saying I love the Idea of weapons having skins, the best one for me hands down is Iune’s Astral Plane weapon skin, that thing blew my mind. Frankly, IF MSE told me that every one will only get one Weapon skin, I’d be ok with it because the ones currently available are mostly all amazing and very well thought out, I love the designer’s imagination.

The Character skins are Equally if not far greater in comparison. Rak Mayura’s Tribal Hunter skin for example, visually tells a completely different story when looking at him. He went from looking like a very friendly, highly experienced hunter, to looking like a brutal, no nonsense outlaw (Very well done). And the Same could be said for the remaining 3 new additions. I’m personally happy to see Aneska’s original look available for purchase.

My only gripe is in Valeria’s character appearances (Minor). The skin Space Tourist itself is amazing but I always thought she was a more serious character with her Lore description of her, Love for decapitation and not to mention those vampire teeth. This skin seems too gimmicky and possibly out of character for my taste. (But don’t mind me I’m just being picky.)

Monthly Rewards:
This is an exciting concept to add to the game. I think having long term goals placed ahead of us is a fun carrot to chase. Frankly I thought it was overly generous to give that huge of a reward if done very well at the end but I’m not complaining. But all too soon I was reminded what it felt like to be swarmed by Antagonist and having your rewards swiped from underneath you at every single turn. That aside I’m looking forward to cashing in at the end of the month!

Removing Mission Reward Timer:
It was a subtle thing but not knowing how much time we have left before we lose the chance at a good opportunity or not knowing when one was about to show is kind of frustrating. Was this removed cause their isn’t enough space for both the monthly progress bar and the daily timer?

First of all I want to say Thank you for adding the Zoomba Twerk emote, I can here the wallets of all Ginebra mains opening.

All jokes aside this was a very welcome addition. Placing a Banner feels good when you really want to Rep your Guild (And I noticed Guild emblems are now placed on the Beluga as well, hell yes!). The “Disco Balls” are so fun to use, I get bored hearing the bland background music during most mission and Dropping the Synth Masters emote on the level truly livens things up for its duration.

Melee Weapons:
My god it is so satisfying to kill enemies in new ways, especially in particular (For me) with the Jet Maul. When I’m in a mission with an Antag and I use the Jet Maul to rocket them straight into the floor, man it’s so good.

But all that greatness aside, I, my friends and other Players I know of all agree that Raiders should have there own exclusive melee options Like:
*Having Loaht partially transform as he savagely attacks with a disfigured body.
*Valeria spinning gracefully with a leg kick into an elbow uppercut and the final hit is a leg trip that opens up a portal below the falling enemy which impales them with a mechanical Tentical.
*Doldren warps with each strike with his last being a shot to the head as he chuckles.
*Ayana Kwena starts her 1st strike by leaping backwards leaving a bomb, the 2nd is an automatic tether pull and the last is a round-house kick.

Level #999:
Understandable but regrettable, not being able to see my actual level now is disheartening. The time and effort I put in to reach above than average levels was (at least to me) a large sense of pride. I enjoyed being past level 300 and wore it like a badge.

Featured Player:

I have to say, It feels good when you get to be the MVP at the end of a mission, emoting during it and having the Guild Flag behind our character is the Icing on the Cake. I found myself and other players competing to see who can get it in the end. If I can suggest adding something to this feature, it would be to somehow allow other players to cheer the winner on. When playing with Randoms during a match and I see someone doing a great job and they get to be the Featured Player at the end, they often don’t know they can emote during it and I thought there should be a way to support there victory.

(Also I brought this feature up in the past to be added in the game and I’m honestly happy to see it brought in.

Mission Heads up Feature:
My god thank you for adding this feature. This change goes out to all the new players. Seeing a bright visible signs telling you loud and clear what to do at the start of the segment and every time you respawn in is a breath of fresh air. It doesn’t always work but new players are surviving allot more cause of it, nice job guys!

Character Viewer:
Another minor feature, but one I was surprised to see that got the Axe. I had set up a interesting combination of Weapon skin, and characters skin to only find out the feature was out right removed. You cant hide the U.I or Zoom in. Should this see a return could you add the option to test emotes out as well?
(oh and a side note to this, adding a “Preview mode” when not in the store and in a character aesthetic screen would be a nice addition that is better than going all the way in the store and finding the item.)

Status Coins: I like the Idea of have a somewhat of a prestigious currency available to me and I know its too soon but only having the “Disco Balls” as an option for these coins is not enough as much as I love those emotes. The one thing I thought for those things is having Skins and Weapon skins that can only purchasable using said coins like the still Absent Old-Man Lycus Dion skin.

Raider Hideout:
Finally, this is a section of the game that will be missed if I’m going to be honest. I like seeing the different raiders under there associated Factions, it also show every ones grouped faction points all at once which was nice and not to mention showing useful tips on what makes each faction unique. This doesn’t have to return but I have an idea to replace it and potentially the entire main Menu.

When selecting the Raider hideout option from the main menu the POV warps into a very large ruin where Harec has made his base. For new players upon entering they will see only the Four available Raiders either Mingling, relaxing or simply waiting for a mission in this room. Lycus Dion can be seen in the corner sitting on a chair listening to his playlist, Harec & Konstantin can be seen gesturing a plan towards each other and Alicia in another location polishing her Shotgun. Every time you return from a mission they will be placed in different spots upon returning.

All  locked characters will be grayed out until purchased and can only be previewed in character viewer or rented. When Unlocking a new character like Doldren you will see him him added to the Hideout lurking in the Corner laughing to himself and every new character afterwards will be either alone or mingling with like-minded raiders. Each Raider will be shown wearing the currently equipped loadout which will include there skin and Weapon skins.

Hovering and clicking on a Raider for the very first time automatically shows there Reveal Trailer First (mandatory) which will include the first four Raiders. Afterwards clicking on them will only bring you to the Loadout screens.

Gameplay Feedback / High Concentration of Antags
 on: May 10, 2019, 11:38:40 AM 
I'm just going to star by saying I don't mind getting my ass kicked every now and then.....but with this last major update Antags have a very very good reason to get out there and really kill you more than ever with the Monthly rewards on the line.

I literally have been having back to back to back Antags showing up left and right and there not even repeat players. Like jesus, this feels like Dark Souls, Dead by Daylight or some other morally curbstomping game.

When I got on I saw a Rare Blueprint available and every match since seeing that (well except for one) has been all losses. Its either the antag had no idea what they were doing but the Grunts and Elites were foaming at the mouth to get you or the Antag brought there most meta build you can think of to guarantee success.

I know this is nothing new, but I dont know if i can wait for the final milestone that promises to change how the antag system works. And I really love this game.

Im not actually mad, just tired. and btw I love the cosmetic side to this update and ill be bring that up soon.

Suggestions / Reward Safe-Guard Tokens
 on: April 13, 2019, 10:12:08 PM 
You’ll be able to store up to a maximum of 3 tokens once you’ve acquired them via Cortez Expeditions.

What are Cortez Expeditions?
Once every reward-rotation you will be able to send a Cortez clone out on an expedition. Once you complete 2 missions, he will return with a Ward-Token and Gold. When in the Character selection screen, before a mission you can opt to use a Ward-Token to greatly reduce the chance Uras-Beherit and his Antagonsts will see and invade your team.

To potentially Safe-Guard your rewards from being potentially being lost in the event of a mission failure in the hands of an Antagonist.

The first slot for the Ward tokens will become available upon reaching level 50 and the remaining two slots will be available on levels 125 and 175. When reaching level 125 the second slot can be unlocked with 20,000 Gold and upon reaching level 175 the final slot can be unlocked for 40,000 Gold. Once unlocked and a Ward-Token is used the slot will remain available indefinitely.

Hopefully this idea will help those who want to protect there rewards from them evil Antags.

Spacelords Universe / Top 5 Best and worst Skins.
 on: April 09, 2019, 12:11:35 PM 

I'm personally judging them by the effort it must of had to take to make them, any special VFX and how cool they generally look.
I'll also be including default skins and will explain why I think they are good or bad.

#5 The Good: Schneider - Remote Unit - "4n3sk4"
For those of you  who are aware of the anime FLCL (Fooly Cooly) and know the red-variant of the character Canti. You could greatly appreciate the fact that this skin exist in the game. Now if you don’t that’s fine too, This alone might be reason enough to get Schneider. I mean who doesn't want to replace Schneider with a Robot.

#5 The Bad: Mikah - Space Mechanic
I have this skin on the tail end of the top-5 list because it leaves me conflicted. I love the badass Tattoos on her and I want to see more of it, but much like Schneider’s FTMG skin, running around as a Mechanic version of a favorite character is Mildly interesting at best.

#4 The Good: Ginebra - Sabertooth "Heavy Armor"
Theirs nothing like a black sleek suit of armor and when transformed, glowing red eyes to make you feel like a cut above the rest. I’m not going to lie, Using this skin usually makes me feel like a boss.  I can’t do a lax mission while using this skin its either I go hard or change character.

#4 The Bad: Doldren - La Parca
I love Doldren, the mans Death on two legs and I have nothing wrong with his Default outfit, but this *IS* his default outfit just with a Coat and a neck sash on. I noticed that his suit is slightly more brighter but come on its a smidge bit lazy.

#3 The Good: Iune - Emnu Nadi
Perhaps its my own personal bias opinion but if it weren’t for the remaining top 2, this skin would be the most interesting skin in the game. “ahem” Ok so that aside it always bothered me that saying the Locals are Aliens. From a visual stand-point they’re just humans with white hair and the sclera of the eye is black/Grey. This skin is Majestic as hell, more so than with HIVE’s Destiny’s Bride skin and far more fitting of the title Alien then the other Locals.

#3 The Bad: Alicia - Default
I’ll just get to the point, That face. I actually thought she was on drugs when I first saw her, with her red bags under her eyes. Couple that with her odd hairstyle (even with scars she can still figure something out) and bright orange leggings had me staying clear of her and never getting the chance to use her effective powers. I understand the idea was something along the lines of making her look like a Rebel which is Feint but there but she comes off as Trashy. (But I cant deny she has a great body though for what it's worth.)

#2 The Good: Shae - Emnu Dagan
Now very much like Iune’s Emnu transformation, Shae also altered herself, albeit a far more sinister and evil look. Now I’m not sure if her design was inspired from the antagonist of the Berserk anime but she looks a whole lot like Femto (Griffith). Which is making a statement because that demon is the epitome of cruelty. Which speaks volumes for her character. (great for antagonist role play) Playing as her with this skin makes you feel like you should be a Loner and be some kind of uber assassin which is fun as hell.

#2 The Bad: Schneider - Fishtank Murder Groupie
When you see Schneider, let alone a Groupie version of him, the word Badass doesn’t really come to mind. Perhaps because we already learned how agitating he can be, is what had me place him so low but none the less this skin will seem to only be interesting in niche groups of players who are interested in Dubstep,Trap,House, Techno and so on.

(I messed the order up a bit)

1# The Bad: Hans - Default
If this list was determined by mission effectiveness, Hans would be in the top 5 best, but visually speaking when seeing him for the first time you could easily gloss over him to the more aesthetically pleasing characters besides him. At first glance I get a sense of a washed-out old man who seems past his prime and doesn’t even look threatening to boot. I could imagine him being the type to throw an empty beer bottle as he slurs his words. To make matters worse you never see him in the story except the 1st mission so you never get the chance to see if theirs more to him than expected.

#1 The Best: Loath - Grendel
Before I begin praising this skin I want to say a small gripe. When you have an amazing look but are generally unable to act as you appear it generally sucks, and I’ll get more into that in a second.

               Its one thing to be Shae and have her skin look like a demon or monster but in Loaths case, he is very much the real deal. Sinister red eyes, reptilian spiked hide and razor sharp claws and teeth. Anywhere else this guy would easily pass as a boss fight but instead he’s on the side of the Raiders. This man is a savage (literally). His beastial form is by far the best playable feature in the game even if its for a small window.

Now the thing is, I don’t want to see anymore of his belching, butt-scratching and luchador flipping we’ve been having with Loath. I’d like to see a base melee chain that is oriented to claw swipes and bites. Emotes where for a moment he flips out and into a Rage/Spaz or you see his right arm beginning to transform against his will before he snaps out of it and has it shrink back. These are the things that will make Loath perfect in my eyes and fortunately this could happen with the new store that’s coming in the future that goodness.

Honorable mentions:
Ginebra - Default
Sorry,  for completely professional and very serious purposes I HAD to put Ginebra here for one or more reasons….Da Booty.

Doldren - Prisoner of the Pit of Repudiation
Doldren always was the Reaper among the Raiders, but when this skin came out I thought, “finally something other then a "pretty-boy” psychopath" Now he really fits the bill more so than his default skin.

Loath - Subject #02
I’m just going to say it, I laughed so much every time I used this skin. The thought of a buck-assed nude sweaty man charging at you (the enemy) made every mission that much more fun, not to mention the subtle reminder of the character Wolverine in his Weapon-X days was a nice nod too.

Oh also, the fact that he has a mouth gag like his former ally wardogs is really interesting for me as an Antagonist. I now plan on using this skin when Antagging in any Umbra Wardog related missions, because frankly he as "Subject #02" is the not-so-secret weapon of the attacking wardog party, an Apex Predator if you will.

HIVE - Destiny’s Bride
I always enjoyed seeing how majestic HIVE looks with this skin. The gold ornaments and white organic material looks great and her blue-ish skin only makes it stand out that much more. (If only she had an equally ornate gun to compliment this skin ;) )

Valeria - Harvester Unit
Valeria’s default skin really set a standard for her personality, she’s wealthy, beautiful in her own way and has a bit of a vampire thing going for her. Then when you see the harvester Unit its like the person driving the car was about to miss there turn and made a really hard left. I’m not going to say her design is bad, its actually really amazing aside from the entire head. I love her limbs, the bladed sections look particularly lethal.

Dis-Honorable Mentions:

Dr. Kuzmann - The Surgeon
I love the Doctor, but I always hated that his Skull was never visible all the time but thanks to his default skin, he looked cool enough to forget about it, here though its essentially a Palette swap of his default skin with added bits. That seems mildy annoying.

Lycus Dion - Mars Mercenary
Part of the thing about Lycus I never liked was the Fact he had a Mullet, How is the most badass immortal in the Galaxy (no not Lobo from DC) is running around with a Mullet. You’d think in his hundreds of years of being alive he’d be interested in trying something new? But I digress, Lycus in my opinion screams badass in just about all his skins, but with this one I just think “Mehh” his metal arms are ok and those glasses don’t make him look any cooler.

Rak Mayura - Great Hunter
Not much to critique about with this skin other than the fact that 90% of the time using this skin will make no sense as far as the climate is concerned. Its about as understandable as bringing just your swimming trunks and or 2-Piece to the Antarctic

Ginebra - Slave Unit
I’m really not a fan of any skin that’s just a palette swap of another. Thats the case here, remove Ginebra’s shoulder pads and add a new model for the head and you have the most expensive skin in the game.

Dr.Kuzmann -Walker from the Deep
Frankly I’m not a fan of playing as a zombie but I can’t deny this is a very out there look. This would be the 2nd fifth council character with an uncanny appearance that diverges from the fifth council staple.

OK, so there you have it. My top 5 best and worst skins but all of these were my personal choices and frankly I was very biased on them. What top #5 would of been more Accurate?

Bug report & Technical Support / Grendel: Subject 02 glitches
 on: April 05, 2019, 06:54:08 PM 
The VFX for being Invulnerable is triggered and remains on without actually receiving the Invulnerable effect when:
  • Performing executions (sometimes)
  • Spawning in after death in general or by selfdistruct.

The Censor filter is removed when or during:
  • Examining Loaths beast form in Character Viewer
  • Transforming back into Loath (sometimes)
  • During Loaths beast form (Often)

Finally, on A Low Blow, the extraction indicator was not intractable initially until death.

Spacelords Universe / How do you Prefer your Antag Matches?
 on: March 17, 2019, 03:14:25 PM 
If enemy A.I were spawning at manageable levels with moderate levels of aggression, how would you prefer your Antagonist match to go.

A. Friendly? (Non-Hostile)
B. Trash - They have no idea what there doing.
C. Challenge - without Coordination your probably going to lose.
D. Other

I ask because as a Raider I find matches without them are boring, i'm just going through the motions but with them I get on my toes and stay alert. And lately I've jumped back onto the Antag bandwagon and have been winning allot of them but I don't want people to Rage so I was wondering whats the common answer that will leave "Raiders" satisfied with seeing and potentially getting beating by them.

Or does none of that matter cause it all has to do with Gold & Blueprints.

Suggestions / Opt-Out of being Host
 on: March 17, 2019, 11:59:50 AM 
For those like myself who has pretty bad internet I think have an option to opt out of being selected for being the Host of any given mission or at least make it so that theirs an increased chance you wont be selected.
For the sake of the team.

Suggestions / Pre-Mission Lobby
 on: March 17, 2019, 10:48:12 AM 
My idea for the Lobby:

When choosing your character, your choice will be shown to the rest of the team (Example: Iune in her default loadout) as your character materializes behind them. Selecting "Ready" will change your selected character to the Skin and and Weapon you have saved for them.

Spacelords Universe / Iune or Aneska
 on: March 15, 2019, 10:43:15 AM 
After the weekly news of Aneska's arrival my Hype was literally over the Roof (well not literally) I was just so amped that I ended up purchasing the Bundle in the PS store. Almost immediately after using her my face went  from stoked to something like ...

And so I took a break for roughly 6 months while feeling disappointed, and only popping in every so often to peep over at Spacelords like a nosy neighbor behind the hedges. Now when Iune's Emnu Nadi & Blink appeared I was surprised as anyone else was to see it, and I have to admit I wanted it right then and there (i'm a little impulsive) but I was kind of "broke" so I forgot about it.
I always liked Iune, she like everyone else is very unique. But something about her was either missing or not interesting enough to focus on her as I would with other characters.

After that I heard about Valeria's skin and Weapon showing up on a Twitch stream and after seeing it and not winning a free skin and weapon I thought to myself "Probably all for the better cause that skin design looks dated and corny, like something from a 90's cyberpunk anime. I just want the Gun."

After that I ended up buying the Skin for Iune and farmed the Blink and I Have to say I wasn't dissapointed.

  • Being able to Blink medium distances mid air or on the ground at those speeds
  • being able to blink while wounded (Please for the love of god don't remove that...please)
  • Heal Allies
  • Mind control simple AI
  • have an almost non existent stress bar
  • the fastest Aleph transfer capabilities (thanks to her species)
  • unhindered mobile speeds.
  • Crit Based Gun

Considering all of that while looking like an Actual alien (as apposed to a human with white hair) made me more excited to play Iune than I ever did with Aneska or Valeria.
I'm not kidding when I say that I decided to Main Iune after a match or two with those two things. It was the change or addition Iune needed for me.

Now why did I feel this way?
Because the Skin brought a new feel to the character and the Blink Synergies very well with her preexisting loadout. Adding something as bold as a medium range warp was the right decision to make. It brought fresh air to the Character without making her to dangerous and instead balanced her out more so than her other weapons.

This was a new Power given to her, not a simple weapon mechanic like ricocheting bullets or a sprinkle of healing when directed at an ally (which is boring as hell...but admittingly useful). I friend of mine said that nobody plays as Iune and that maining her is pointless, to which I replied I don't give AF! RIP to who ever runs into me as an Antag or Raider when using her.

I don't want to play a generic character with generic guns with (ONE) notable ability. If I wanted that I'd play Apex Legends (Never got into that). The only other character with almost this much versatility is Mikah with a Barrier.

This games selling point aside from its world is its characters, and if MSE continues to mix things up with there characters like that and things can only look up. The only other thing to handle after that is the world itself.

Spacelords Universe / Aneska Questions
 on: January 20, 2019, 01:00:01 PM 

1. Why was it that in the Lore, Aneska's Mech during the battle of Phobos wasnt being pushed to its limit (Not even 30% or a bit more) that in the next battle of Destroyer of Worlds that only 4 Raiders were able to do her in when a seemingly endless army that pushed the entire Hades Division couldn't?

2. As Described in the in site description on her ability, will her mech appear partially due to environmental constraints?

3. Why have Aneska join the fray now as apposed to another class Raider? Was it cause she she's popular?

4. Why collect Kraushers Head at all. Didn't he slap her the moment he got word she was slacking? And what use or plans does she have for him?

Otherwise from the above i'm completely stoked to have Aneska join the Raiders. As far as the other females Aneska's cold and focused attitude always was more interesting than say, Shae's. Shae always came off like a pouty child. At least Valeria when you get past her loyalties to The Council is really likable. That's why when I read up on Aneska I realized past all her skill and cold demeanor she's actually misunderstood and somewhat isolated from her own division. In a way she reminds me of Konstantine on that regard.

Spacelords Universe / Sooma or Aneska?
 on: January 10, 2019, 07:57:42 PM 
So im both very very excited and yet a bit confused. Here i'm reading that Sooma is coming early 2019 (which has just begun) and on the other end  I was aware of the eventual incoming Raider of Aneska due to hearing in a certain thread that her Character/Raider data was already in the game.

As I was reading "The Pilgrim" story I was so excited cause I was thinking this was Sooma's way in to the Raiders. Then on the 4th out of 5 page when The Pilgrim was cornered by all 4 Locals in the Raiders and ended with The Pilgrim saying "Engage" I thought....wait a minute that sounds like. And wont you know it, the last part showed it being Aneska herself.

This came out of left field for me because The Hades Division already has the Most characters of the 4 classes. So i'm not sure why capping them off with a full roster and leaving everyone else for later might be happening. Not that i'm complaining too much i'm definitely happy to have another badass woman to the team. So I suppose the question is, who is coming First, Sooma who we don't know anything about or Aneska.

Spacelords Universe / The Spam on these forums
 on: December 31, 2018, 01:46:59 AM 
Whats the deal with it, on one end the Devs are no where to be seen and probably have a skeleton crew handling things at the moment due to the holidays, and on the other we have people who set up these kind of spam threads to probably be created daily.

Spacelords Universe / Happy Holidays Raiders & Devs
 on: December 23, 2018, 04:45:09 PM 
Happy Holidays everyone.  Whether its Christmas, Hanukkah or something else I hope it's a Memorable one. Cheers.

And if your catching this after all is said and done then I hope you had fun.

Spacelords Universe / L9D vs A2099
 on: December 19, 2018, 08:01:25 AM 
I love it when you see a familiar "face" in this game.  I got to say I didn't think I was going to run into you Level9Drow lol. I was like Oh hey its you awesome. I know you weren't trying, sucks that you had to babysit.

Its been a while since I used Shae, I forgot that with the gun I was using, you have to wait till the gun fully locks on for maximum damage but instead I was spamming the hell out of it.

By the way in hindsight I feel really bad for killing you guys.

Suggestions / Guilds
 on: December 18, 2018, 01:55:17 AM 
I Just want mention something about the guilds that donned on me. Iv'e set my Guild to be open to invites, meaning any one can join at anytime they want and leave when ever they want. But people leave as quickly as they arrive before I even have a chance to say hello.

That being said, can there be a Notification System that can occur in (Missions) as well as out of them in the main menu. A notification saying
*Valeria123 has just joined the Guild.
*A Guild member just left a post.
*A member has left the Guild.
Something alone those lines would be nice. Id like to know why people leave also to be honest. One more thing, As the Guild Leader can we be given the option to Delete a comment a Member has made on the Communication Panel. Nobody has left a bad comment yet that goodness but its easily achieved and you can hop out of the guild the second you do which would suck.

I'm going to note what I mention on a previous post regard guilds below:

"Player Status - I’d like to see the status of the players in our Guild like, are they in a mission, the main menu, or are they currently being attacked by an Antagonist. Also to see how long has it been since they’ve been active.

Guild Notifications - On the Communications Panel you could see what the members have been up to. If they Leveled up, Upgraded a weapon, or succeeded in a mission with an Antagonist you’d see a notification.

Guild Exclusive Bounties - The Idea here is when an Antagonist attacks and causes a Guild member to lose the mission, a Bounty can be placed on them if the player who lost chooses so.
*The option to set a bounty has to be unlocked by reaching a certain level.
*The reward on the Bounty is dependant on the offenders level.
*Only 3 attempts can be made on the offender before the bounty is dropped.
*Accepting a Bounty will cost you gold in order to send a clone to attack them during there mission.
*When the Offender starts the mission they will get a notification stating that they are being hunted.
*Your clone will be Randomly selected from from the raiders you have available.

Frankly I haven’t thought of how to make a clone stand a chance against four Raiders who all can be revived. Perhaps Like Kuzmann or Valeria they can have increase stats (Armor, Resistance, Brute force & Grapple immunity) at the cost of not being revived at all.

Guild Emblem - Adding an option to put the Guild Emblem onto other things like weapons, on the Raider themselves or perhaps on Cortez’s Beluga.

- The one thing that bothered me was that you can’t mirror flip some of the images, well that and there wasn’t as much space to continue customizing."


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