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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Buff Aneska's Default Wep
 on: February 07, 2019, 12:15:04 AM 
Is there any consideration on letting it drop at her feet like Ayana's mines by pressing in the left stick? It seems like it'd be a relatively perfect fit considering the explosion time 'should' give you time to get clear. All I personally see might need tweaking is the explosion time and unusual interactions with solid objects. It might just be easier, albeit rough, to just give it punch through so what we see as the explosion penetrates objects is actually what happens because as far as I can tell it is getting stopped. Ergo, placement of shots can sometimes result in no damage or at least that has been my observation. Still, great to be able to shoot Valeria's boss fight weapon! Keep up the good work!

Ship's Log / Re: Patch Notes 13.1
 on: February 07, 2019, 12:08:17 AM 
Just be patient, my data as Aneska each time I play her is throwing all the equations out of whack as I somehow manage to still do just fine with her even in her 'nerfed' state. I will try to not do as good so she gets the buffs those not doing quite as well will be satisfied! Maybe if she shot lasers out her eyes?!

In all seriousness, the changes they make are not going to be as drastic as some may hope as even with Forge applied the 'base' values are what we're seeing now and that is what the percentage increases will apply to. Thus, try and keep expectations realistic and out of the realm of she is only good if she is unbalanced. As always, I'm more than happy to discuss the multitude of ways you can use her in her current state!

Suggestions / Re: play as enemie characters
 on: February 05, 2019, 10:10:59 PM 
We might get this indirectly if we ever get a character that can chameleon themselves as their target... hint hint. This would let them essentially be that character with all their abilities and maybe even Cards. Obviously, this would be a Local and everyone would hate them when they Antagonized and snuck into the team as their Harec!

Spacelords Universe / Re: Aneska
 on: February 05, 2019, 10:08:23 PM 
I'd like to see the mech at least get immunity to beholders. I don't see many people commenting on this but I think it's a huge issue for aneska on in shock, mind over matter and mouse & snake. The mech can't be recalled insantly like you can with schneider's drone making it almost  impossible to get it out before it blows up.

Not sure it should get immunity but the fact you can't see the beam going to it perhaps is where the tweak needs to be. You can't actually 'tell' when it's targeted or how close it is to being nuked by the lazer. Since it's such a large object it should require careful placement and giving immunity just means people will stuff it right into spawn points to nullify them.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Question about Aneska's Mech
 on: February 04, 2019, 11:55:12 AM 
It's still only going to seem strong with a decent amount of Forging. Though I guess what we're seeing now is the 'core' damage. Maybe, don't fix Schneider's drone just yet...

Suggestions / Re: Movie
 on: February 03, 2019, 12:01:23 PM 
You're right Draco, this horse is not dead yet! We can still ride it into the sunset wearing our best sombreros! Seriously though, I like the idea of tweaking and/or improving the movie viewer but honestly just so happy it got in and maybe it will get some work as a quality of life sort of update. Luckily, there is a comprehensive video done by Hihsasuke on Youtube where you can watch all the cinematics together sans loading screens!

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Question about Aneska's Mech
 on: February 03, 2019, 11:50:34 AM 
Does the health of the Mech scale at all besides using Cards or is it static?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: YOU BROKE THE GAME BALANCE
 on: February 03, 2019, 04:36:25 AM 
I'm having so much fun with the difficulty boost but I realize as I watch everyone else who... is probably just used to how easy it was for a while that it's going to gut them and I warned people about that... Good time to try out that Antagonist mode you've been putting off because it was swung so hard in Raiders favor for a while! Not to be funny even but I do some pretty dumb stuff just messing around and we're still winning missions because if you're focused it will happen. The balance isn't broken, just the perspective of what balance even means in this game was disturbed.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Life Support - Aneska's card
 on: February 03, 2019, 04:31:27 AM 
It's not that bad a Card but the ticks actually seemed pretty slow and 'that' was more noticeable to me than the distance required. If you naturally heal faster than the Card does because well... you're probably losing aggro than yeah it wont matter either way. I can see this being useful when you immediately pop the mech because it is 'that' close to you when you do and it might help you regain some of the health lost while Mech Romancing!

Fan Corner / Re: Fan Made Games (Maybe I Made One)
 on: February 02, 2019, 08:44:43 PM 
Hi guys,

We wanted you to know we have banned the user "Uk, ok" for a week due to toxic comments and bullying since we don't tolerate inappropiate behaviours on the official forum.

By the way, thank you very much for always being constructive, guys. Your idea sounds amazing, Quanrian! ;)

It's a work in a progress... I know all too well how much time can go into the process and I'm rusty as they come even if I am using what should be a very simple tool. I'm also a bit limited on time so I've got to shoehorn it in between my day job and the streaming so... I don't want to promise anything quick but at least I got Hans to a playable state, enough so I can start looking at making some changes. Thanks again Draco, that was pretty much what I was looking for as it set off sparks in my dusty brain! Now to get the body to follow the dusty brain!

Suggestions / Re: Aneska's weapon solaris
 on: February 02, 2019, 08:41:07 PM 
This is both the trickiest and most diverse of her weapons. I've already figured on three play-styles with it.

1. Just shoot it like bullets and hope for the best because this weapons is very spammy and can simply be used as a bullet hose with massive bullets. This is very inefficient and doesn't reward the player with good damage but you'll still net some damage and mixed with a melee card that triggers after a shot can still set you up for good damage.

2. This was best pointed out by Milky in that you want to do a two shot combo by shooting once with a lower or precise bounce then detonate it with a second tap on sphere for the AOE blast. This is by far the most efficient damage wise but it's also the trickiest and even after explaining this mechanic to individuals they do seem to struggle with it quite a bit.

3. Last but not least, you simply work on your bounces to get as many as possible per shot or mag and likely get random AOE in the mix. While neither worst or best, this is how a lot of people 'seem' to be using the weapon as the bouncing/growing mechanic is very easy visually to grasp.

Why use just one style? Different situations might warrant different styles over another either because you simply don't have time or the set up required. If you're going to actually practice this weapon, less spamming and careful explosions or multiple bounces will get you further. Ergo, try not to dump your mag but also keep in mind this gun is full auto and will do that with little effort from the player.

Fan Corner / Re: Fan Made Games (Maybe I Made One)
 on: January 29, 2019, 04:36:22 AM 
Thanks again Draco that's a fun idea you had and I am going to find a way to incorporate it into what I've already got. I'm going to class this as a passion project of a... passion project. We're really going off that reservation now!

Fan Corner / Re: Fan Made Games (Maybe I Made One)
 on: January 28, 2019, 10:18:06 PM 
Metal Gear Hans: Cookvengence

This does make me think it should have been food attacking him instead... I will consider this instead of bullets he's slicing. I'm not satisfied with the current graphic anyways. Maybe they'll be Qualephs if I really want to meme it up. Also, he doesn't actually use his sword, he just makes the motion as if he's drawing the sword. I'll have a second video up too soon and I guess I'll put moderation on or comments off...

Fan Corner / Re: Fan Made Games (Maybe I Made One)
 on: January 26, 2019, 06:08:50 AM 
I'm sure that you can do something special. Probably more lore related than the game itself (always happens with personal projects). Go for it and don't pay attention to any toxic comment here.

Bear in mind, do it four yourself because its for you and you are going to have fun making it, not because Spacelords needs more players or anything.

I appreciate the sentiments and who knows how far I'll get with it. It's very likely I will be the only one messing with it for quite some time. As for more details, regarding Hans and the Wardogs we haven't at least 'yet' seen him use that sword of his though it's part of his lore. So his fantasy/dream involves him slicing bullets as they're coming at him.

I was thinking of doing Alicia and Ginebra as well but unlike Hans I don't have even a scrap of anything going for them yet. Just throwing something together is actually a lot more time consuming than I'd like to admit. This isn't some grand gesture it's just me mentioning it to see if anyone here wants to discuss it and what kind of discussion that might be.

I'm not completely ignoring you Uh, ok I read your words and they're very colorful!

Fan Corner / Re: Fan Made Games (Maybe I Made One)
 on: January 25, 2019, 10:11:46 AM 
Haha, I was prepared for a liberal amount of toxic nonsense. As to your question Placelord, it's dealing with Hans and a dream he has about Wardogs. I will likely do them all as dream sequences to keep it light and I always liked the idea of them fantasizing in their own ways. This is just something I'm doing for my own reasons and it's frankly been too long since I messed with any of my own projects instead of just supporting the younger more vibrant individuals in the community.

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