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So I understand due to the current state of the world patches and updates are not going to be coming in as quickly. However, I wanted to bring this up again in hopes that after the whole issue blows over it can be one of the first things to be patched as it does make it difficult for me to play the game.

After every single game, my game "freezes" right after the reward screen. After the mission is over Cortez comes onto the screen, gives me the rating, gold, talent points, or whatever else. However, after he moonwalks off the game just freezes. I can still hear the music but its just a frozen picture. At first, I was to believe this was an issue with the Microsoft "play anywhere" feature that comes with my Mac laptop that I play on because I no longer own my Xbox. But, I know this is not true because I started over on Steam and I am faced with the same issue.

Has anyone else in the community faced this issue? Is it just my account? I don't know what else could cause this and I have tried so many different things to try and fix it.

Well I don't remember the exact numbers of my matches, however, a lot of other players also encounter this. Whenever my MMR is in the 50s the mission difficulty drops to 30s to 20s. I will take screenshots and post them as soon as possible to help MSE figure out how to fix it. Thank you for showing concern

There are a lot of cards like this. It was due to when the game was "Raiders of the Broken Planet" and antagonist mode was a little bit more required, for a lack of words. The cards that were antagonist locked were often better (in some aspects) than the raider counter part. Now they gotten rid of those requirements there are some cards that are better stat wise

Gameplay Feedback / Constructive Criticism for Antagonist mode
 on: March 08, 2020, 05:54:41 AM 
I wanna begin with saying, I am not the best antagonist. In fact, I consider myself one of the worse. I am primarily a support player. My favorite raider is Sooma due to her extreme supportive capabilities. Those support skills do not really transfer well to antagonist mode. However, that is not my issue.

My MMR is somewhere in the late 30s early 40s and while fighting raiders the mission difficulty often drops way below the average raider MMR. If the raider's MMR is 48% why is the mission difficulty 12%? For the most part the raiders and I are in the same ball park so I am not understanding the math MSE uses to figure out match difficulty. Personally I believe it should always be 3% higher than the average raider MMR. If there is an antagonist maybe increase mission difficulty by 5%. This way the game is actually a challenge and fun for the raiders while also providing some assistances to the antagonist. It is a 1 vs 4 after all. Which some may argue "But the antagonist has minions and elite grunts!" Which leads me to my next topic.

Enemies are not spawning for the raiders. When you play antagonist you will see a maximum of maybe five grunts. Maybe. I don't care what the mission difficulty is, there should always be a large sum of enemy grunts on the field at all times. The raider team shouldn't be able to sit in one spot of the map for 5 minutes and do absolutely nothing.

Which brings me to objectives. The shields you placed on some bosses was a good decision, one of the best. However, some bosses are still getting melted like Marmalade or Valeria. Even the bosses with shields are still getting melted. I'd suggest making the shields last longer. Also certain mission objectives are moving far too quickly even without aleph placed in them. Like on Upside Down, for example.

I feel like some of the complaints are falling upon deaf ears. I'm not saying anyone is doing their job poorly, I'm sure everyone at MSE is trying their hardest to please everyone. However, I feel some complaints are being skipped over. I am not the only player who feels antagonist are getting the short end of the stick either. Please MSE. Make antagonist great again.

Suggestions / Re: Aneska's Mech Problems
 on: March 06, 2020, 06:59:06 AM 
If I may throw my hat into the ring. I agree with TheBrentWoody. However, if MSE is going to make any change to the mech I would accept more health to it. But even then that maybe pushing it a bit.

She feels fine as of right now

Gameplay Feedback / Re: About JK-5
 on: March 04, 2020, 08:57:38 AM 
You really don't even need the 15 points into anchoring. The gun has always been an annoyance sense they buffed it. Which I don't know how long you have been playing but it did need a buff. Although in the current game it is majorly overly tuned and needs a nerf. Either increase the damage and take away the headshot capability OR nerf the range. That's my opinion on it

Gameplay Feedback / Freezing on Reward Screen
 on: March 03, 2020, 01:15:32 AM 
I made a post about this a few times, however, I haven't noticed any sorta change. My game freezes on the reward screen EVERY time. It isn't a random bug its literally every single game. Cortez appears, gives us the score and rewards, then as he leaves the game freezes. Usually I don't have an issue with this. However, I was just penalized for "Leaving a multiplayer game" because I left the reward screen. This is the first time it has happened but I do wish this issue is fixed before it happens again.

I technically play on Xbox but I use my Microsoft "Play Anywhere" feature to play on my PC and I think that's the core of the issue. I could be wrong but maybe provide MSE a place to start to fix the issue.

Gameplay Feedback / Opinion on the games current state
 on: February 16, 2020, 01:38:21 AM 
Hello MSE, I would like to take a minute of my time to provide some gameplay feedback. I think the game is amazing aesthetically plus the raider model and map designs are breath taking. The lore of the game is also amazingly fleshed out. However, I have noticed a few issues that have been over-looked or placed on the back burner.

One issue in particular is the fairness in PvP. I understand in the past the scales were slightly weighted in the favor of the antagonist, specially when it came to newer players joining the game. But, in the current state of the game raiders are just practically being handed wins and feel as if they are deserving of it, often bragging and being overall toxic.

MMR is just broken. I made this post immediately after playing a game of antagonist and the mission difficulty was 28%. Why? Because my person MMR was 51% and their average mmr was 38%. There was zero adds spawning. I could not call orders, I could not get them to defend me, I couldn't do anything when it came to add support.

The toxicity in the community is another issue, however, I understand MSE can only do so much when it comes to the player's behavior. But, giving raiders wins when they are not deserving of it is not helping. A small group of raiders are often ignoring objectives to bully antagonist for kill points. Raiders often taunt or emote on antagonist kills, and some are even sending messages to antagonist who have lost matches to taunt them. Constantly allowing them to win is just feeding their egos and not actually teaching them anything. Stop babying and start giving them a challenge.

Suggestions / Hans as a support role?
 on: February 13, 2020, 11:59:04 AM 
Some, if not most, raiders have some sort of card that gives them a supportive play style. Like Doldren Breath or Alicia with Painkiller. As a fan of being the team medic, I was curious if MSE plans on releasing more cards for raiders who don't have support capabilities. Like Hans.

Honestly, Im kinda surprised he doesn't have any already... He seems to have endless potential.

Suggestions / Ginebra being stress free again?
 on: January 30, 2020, 12:24:35 AM 
So years back I asked this same question and was just told MSE is collecting data on the subject. Now that some time has passed and Ginebra is getting a new gun, I figured I would ask for an update on the possibility of her becoming stress free in cougar form again.

Gameplay Feedback / Epic Forge: Kill points need to be fine toned
 on: January 15, 2020, 09:29:18 PM 
So beside the few bugs that plague the game as of right now, I have just a minor complaint about the kill point system. I do enjoy everything about the new forge system, however, I think there should be assist kill points as well. I'm not one to complain about stealing people's kill, but I find it annoying that I could down an elite and than a squad mate could run up and get the finishing blow then I get rewarded nothing despite doing the work. I believe if I damaged an enemy I should get like half the original points. So normal enemy give 10 points, assist kills should give 5.

Another issue I have is another issue I've had once the monthly rewards released. Some players have began to be more kill hungry and not focusing on the objective at all, so players like me have to focus strictly on the objective just to move forward in the game. I think a solution to this problem is adding kill points to the objectives that have health like boss, Fifth Council squids, Beholders, etc.

Gameplay Feedback / Epic Forge complaint at first glance
 on: January 13, 2020, 09:37:34 PM 
I have not tested anything in game yet, however, I have a major issue with the weapon forging. Taking out Hero Killer, Exterminator, and Dynamic seemed odd at first but thinking more about it, it makes sense. However, I strongly dislike that these perks were taken out the game and then the weapons we had already built just take on the new perks.

I have every weapon in the game but I don't have blueprints. So now I have to go back and rebuild EVERY gun and wait 12 to 24 hours. We should have received blueprints for the weapons we have already had built. At least that is what I believe, correct me if I'm wrong.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Possibility of Free Loadout slots?
 on: November 26, 2019, 09:19:17 PM 
That's amazing news! Thank you so much MSE_Ojuel <3

Don't tell the others but your my favorite <3

Bug report & Technical Support / Cards arn't working.
 on: November 25, 2019, 06:39:40 AM 
Some of the raider cards aren't fully functional. I haven't seen any of the faction cards messed up but I would suggest looking into them as well. Two examples of this that I have found is Lycus's camouflage and Ayana's gag cards. Please look into this, the cards are what makes the character and if some cards aren't working properly then the game isn't as fun. Its basically making us use certain builds simply because they work the way they are suppose to.

Gameplay Feedback / Possibility of Free Loadout slots?
 on: November 20, 2019, 12:34:02 AM 
So I watched the last Stream on YouTube, I often cannot catch the streams when they are live so I cant ask my questions then. However, It seems that you (MSE) plan on doing some serious changes to the weapons and how they work as a whole. On top of that, you gave us the ability to have multiple guns with different set ups built on them. So my question is, is there any possibility in the future that we (the players) will get at least 1 extra loadout slot? Its already a challenge in the current game to have just 1 loadout, especially, if you play raider and antagonist. Having 2 free loadouts instead of just 1 will make it so much easier to flip between favorited builds.

I know this is how MSE makes money, however, I'm offering just 2 free loadouts. The 3rd or even 4th (if there is a 4th that is) can be bought with mercury points. I have been hoping for this for years and I know I'm not the only one. Just curious if MSE has thought about giving this to the community?

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