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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Antagonist Mode - Criticisms and Suggestions
 on: December 20, 2018, 07:38:11 PM 
Well, I don't think we should save our criticism of this system for several more months, maybe even a year, because the developers are planning to release a wholly different feature to the one we are using now. That is silly.

You're right, the problem stems from the rewards and scoring system. The Antagonist is basically stealing from the Raiders. Antagonists are encouraged to make a match last longer, kill the Raiders a bunch and halt their progress on objectives. These are all the things a Raider needs to score well. This is very arbitrary.

The Antagonist could get points for any number of things or have some actions, like killing Raiders, be weighted more towards their score. There is really absolutely no reason for an Antagonist to take away points from the Raiders in order to score well themselves. Well, except bad design.

Dead By Daylight is a very tempting comparison to use but it is an entirely different genre of game. If the survivors had guns in DBD then it would be a very different experience. But, it is a much better system using a similar play-style, so I see your point.

You made some very good points Nemo and I'm a little surprised I missed such a thoughtful post two months ago. Even more surprised that MSE has yet to comment on any of the things you said.

You should probably take it to the discord server because I am pretty sure MSE doesn't consider the official forums worth their time. Just be wary of the discord, people flip out if you make a good point that isn't theirs.

Pohthehd, you dont happen to have a link to the mmr breakdown post you mentioned, do you?

Spacelords Universe / Re: L9D vs A2099
 on: December 19, 2018, 09:45:58 PM 
Sure SoM is good.... but Seiken Densetsu 3 is where it's at!

Thread has been totally derailed haha

Emulation is illegal, Draco. ;p

I played Seiken Densetsu 3 with a buddy quite a few years ago..geez like 15 years ago..and we played it to completion over an intense day and a half. One of my favorite games and easily one of the best SNES RPGs.

Horribly underrated and unknown though thanks to Squaresoft. Without Neil Corlett I doubt I'd ever get the chance to play it.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Aequilibrium & gold after update
 on: December 19, 2018, 08:27:30 PM 
It seems to be fixed now, so the topic can be closed or removed

Truly? My aequilibrium lost 20% over night for unknown reasons.

Given that, I would find it hard to nail down an effective solution. Perhaps if I better understood how mmr is calculated and what fators modulate difficulty, my perception of this issue would change.

Awhile back they shared a lot of information towards the intent of the MMR system. Basically, they shoot for a 50% win-loss ratio with how MMR affects difficulty.

The effective solutions are; lower your MMR so you always have the AI advantage as an Antagonist or play as Raider.

Spacelords Universe / Re: L9D vs A2099
 on: December 19, 2018, 07:52:00 PM 
That was a TERRIBLE session. I immediately began lowering my MMR as peaceful antag after that. Then I went to  play Secret of Mana instead. Thanks for being a bit sympathetic.

Oh shit, you got the remake of Secret of Mana?

Yea, it's $40 on Steam. It got a lot of criticism, but I don't see why. They say it looks bad, but it actually brings a lot more depth (no pun intended) to what they were intending to portray in the 16 bit version. They also say it's too easy. Have they played the original one ever? This statement leads me to believe they never played the original. It's actually a tiny bit harder at certain points. If you were a fan of the original I recommend this remake. I'm having a blast. The remade music sucks, but you can revert to original music. The English dubbed is a bit awkward, but you can have it in Japanese with english subs.

Hopes that helps Poh.

That was my jam back in the day, can't wait to try it!

Thanks all for sharing your thoughts. As you already know, Spacelords is a living, ongoing game, and we make adjustments based in the data we receive from hundreds of games -they are not done arbitrarily.

Of course, the data is not infalible. Please, keep adding feedback to this thread. The more data we have that goes beyond the merely numerical, the more informed our future adjustements will be.

Just a quick reminder: the Antagonist will be the start of the 4th milestone of the Spacelords Roadmap: The Aurora Spectres. Its role will be  heavily revised once we get there.

Once again, thanks all for your support.

A lot of these comments have been made for a long time outside of this thread. Draco said it is the worst he has ever seen it since a year but I haven't played for a year and I can tell things have not gotten much better even with the daily adjustments that are made to the system.

I played at 50% MMR as Raider and got matched with a bunch of guys at my similar player level. We got an Antagonist which was far far lower level than even our lowest level Raider. This Antagonist was rated as 34% difficulty and the AI became gods. There were so many of them it was absolutely ridiculous.

This was on White Noise; we had swarms of miners, a Nimrod that was de-graving every 20 seconds with a 5 second warning(the Antagonist could not even keep up) and Elites that shrug off a Yama Boom Boom shot to the face. The difference in MMR made the match a joke. The Antagonist got so many kills because..we just had no option but to retreat from the swarms of AI. We did win though. The Nimrod was goin' bonkers near the end and the Antagonist and the AI was getting de-graved like every second, we all just took to running from the de-gravs because they came so fast and without warning. It was unlike any White Noise match I have ever played. It was nonsense.

On the other hand, when I am given an Antagonist that is similarly rated to my own MMR then I see the AI is absolute garbage. Makes it so easy that Antagonists just quit more often than not. They basically never win, I haven't lost to one in awhile because..I can just bum rush them like usual.

Nothing has changed, except for the range of MMRs makes it far more likely for me to run into low MMR Antagonist so I get to see super AI more often cause of all the little baby Antagonists and shit AI more often when I meet an Antagonist at my MMR or higher. And as Draco and Placelord said. There are so many nerfs to Antagonist one begins to wonder if MSE is folding to the constant pressure from the PvE crowd to remove the feature. It certainly looks like that is where things are going.

There is a difference between making it harder for more skilled players and making it negligible if you spawn or not. Currently, and as before, there is really no point in having a high MMR. Now with a 8.0 you get substantial rewards and you can be 30% MMR for that, so Drow is right also. Lowering your MMR is still a very viable strategy towards manipulating the difficulty and there is still little reason not to do so.

Spacelords Universe / Re: L9D vs A2099
 on: December 19, 2018, 07:21:22 PM 
That was a TERRIBLE session. I immediately began lowering my MMR as peaceful antag after that. Then I went to  play Secret of Mana instead. Thanks for being a bit sympathetic.

Oh shit, you got the remake of Secret of Mana?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Patch-notes Thoughts
 on: December 18, 2018, 11:13:02 PM 
Hey, alright. I shall await the flags then.

And since you didn't hit up on my interpretation about HIVE's lore then I am going to blindly assume that a lot more things are going to be Shamash/Ancient Local focused in the near future. Sooma comes to mind.

True, but please please please keep in mind that this is an indie game by very experienced but indie developers. I'm not trying to white knight but keep the situation in context, we're not talking about UB Soft, EA or even Actablizz.

True, MSE has published this game by themselves but we are talking about a 100+ person development team. So, technically you're correct they are independent. But they are far from a small company.


Not having a publisher doesn't always mean you're the good guy and it seems that not having a publisher has hurt Mercury Steam Entertainment very badly. Next time you start to wonder why things don't make sense with design decisions just check out the most recent review.

My point is that nothing is ever as it seems and the lack of communication from MSE is just one of those things I feel should be addressed. And a full day has passed without this thread being addressed by MSE, let alone someone even saying that Draco was correct to post that message from the discord.

For all we know, Draco could have made up the whole thing. A lot of us know and trust Draco so we don't go to that conclusion but there is not really any evidence showing that Draco's post has any bearing on this thread or Placelord's dilemma.

Draco is right, we shouldn't take a community member's response as fact towards any one action.

But the fact that they are relying on that type of dissemination of information seems..lazy and obtuse. Not the effort of a group of professionals.

Arnold is right also. Something that is official should be given higher priority over something that is unofficial.

There hasn't been any MSE activity here since SpaceGuilds dropped, though. I doubt we will see anything soon that has any sort of weight.

For now, it seems that if you want to be clued in then you must use the discord. Since..there still hasn't been an official response to this thread but there has been one on the discord and the discord response was almost immediate. That is bogus.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Weapon from the past
 on: December 17, 2018, 10:15:03 PM 
It definitely wasn't the SpaceGuilds patch. I actually never ran into this problem UNTIL the SpaceGuilds patch and now it has happened twice.

I don't honestly know how we got around it. Probably the rotters.

When the answers to forum questions can only be found on the discord server one begins to wonder what the point of the forums are.

It took a community member who spends time in both for this information to arise.

The fuck.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Patch-notes Thoughts
 on: December 16, 2018, 07:56:25 PM 
You're right, Jabberwockie and Angeles. It just sucks to get hyped and make a guild then make a banner and..nothing. Just same ol' same ol'. Just kinda feels as though the rug is being pulled from under my feet, you know?

Also, yeah the left side is pretty heavy on the HUD. HUD scaling would fix that..haha, yeah I know.

I don't mind the Raid-ar either. I am usually playing so quickly that it becomes rather superfluous compared to just looking straight ahead. I also noticed that it randomly turns itself off in-between phases of missions and doesn't come back. Dunno what that is about.

The few times I remember it is there though I noticed that it has an incredibly short range. Like 20 pace range from the center.

And again, I know no one is really hard up on the lore but..the implications of HIVE being even semi-connected to Shamash introduces a massive amount of plot-holes. Not the least of which being she would know what the Legacy did and could very easily warn Harec and the rest about what is going to happen.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Patch-notes Thoughts
 on: December 16, 2018, 08:27:47 AM 
They are cool ideas. Unfortunately, the guilds are so whacked out right now I doubt they are gonna get around to implementing anything like bounties, advanced guild communication or guild events.

MSE was 100% about the guilds and when they released it was a maelstrom of bugs and nonsense that, as far as I know, hasn't even been acknowledged by the developers.

They promoted the idea of a private aequilibrium but it is super broken.

They promoted the idea of banners and claiming your supremacy in a mission, I might be missing something but as far as I can tell the banner is just for the main menu. They mentioned something about planting a flag awhile back but..I don't see any flags.

If you are in a guild you cannot even see the guild list anymore. It makes it strangely..claustrophobic. A small quibble but I'd like to be able to see what other people came up with even if I have my own guild.

Not to mention all the bugs and crashes that came with the patch, dunno if they fixed it, it is very poor presentation.

As it stands, guilds are a huge letdown to me. I was expecting them to be basic MMO affairs but they are even less than that.

What is worse is that they seem to believe we should all be stoked about them. I mean..seriously; has anyone at MSE ever been in a guild for any game ever? I don't think so. I have played no-name Korean games with better guild systems.

If their intent was to build off this patch with more then..they should have just waited for the more to be ready. There is literally no point to having a guild. I know that your ideas are about adding more to the feature but..a lot of that type of stuff should have already been on the plate when I downloaded the patch.

They have a huge amount of problems to fix and seeing how long it took them to add a solution to duplicates I wouldn't hold my breath for any additional features.

And, you're right, they did add stuff. But it is stuff that has been wanted for a LONG time and, frankly, should have been added months ago. Instead they were still fixing their MMR system which has been in the game for like..ever, as far as I know. They still haven't fixed it though.

I just..bleh..I expected very little and I got less than that from MSE.

Cool ideas though.

Just like..a totally side thing but they finally fixed HIVE's nityat skin lore and I'm like..holy shit. They removed the word "human" from it and..just, MSE clearly just doesn't give a shit. Why was it ever about a human general in the first place? What the fuck? Now it is clearly saying that Shamash and HIVE have some type of history together.

There is a huge difference between having a cryptic non-story and not knowing what the fuck the story is. Eh. Not really surprised by the mediocrity anymore.

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