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Suggestions / Re: Report player feature
 on: August 11, 2019, 12:35:25 PM 
Be careful with what you wish for. Anyone with a grudge against you can easily abuse a system like this and get you banned. In a game that encourages toxicity against each other, I don't see this system working out. For example let's say you destroy a team of raiders when you antag, what happens if they all decide to report you? Also how do you know the purple tier 3 ps4 player wasnt just stuck lagging? Everyone knows when console and pc players get matched with each other the ping goes to crazy numbers. I'm sure we've all been in a situation where we lagged so much we couldn't even move.

Welcome to spacelords where the community shits on each other and then wonder why it's so small! Damn it why are my antag queue so long! "I mean come on I only made like 200 newbies rage quit last week by insta killing them with my breath!?"

The main problem for me as usual is getting an antag on 90% of my matches. Also the aleph deposits system is trash. Most of the aleph spawns either right on the antag spawns or on some weird parkour locations. This is so dumb, people hardly ever killed elites before and now all u see is people walk right past them wtf. And bruh why is the cqc like 10x worst than it used to be? How did you manage to break it even more seriously?

I feel like I've lost 10 years of my lifespan thanks to this game.

Suggestions / Re: Ban system
 on: August 09, 2019, 04:59:18 PM 
It might not be entirely their fault tbh this game has so many gamebreaking bugs. Their game could have glitched out and they had no choice but to close the game or the game just forced them out completely. You can never really know what's going on in this game.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: I don´t get XP
 on: August 09, 2019, 01:44:39 PM 
There's a limit to how much XP you can gain every day. Meanwhile, you'll be gaining Gold and FP instead, which will prove very useful in the future. All the XP rewards will be restored when you log in tomorrow. Maximum daily XP gain is no longer capped when you reach Tier 5.
Can you guys buy a cake and throw a party for who ever in the office came up with this amazing idea.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Lower MMR Difficulty
 on: August 09, 2019, 03:26:04 AM 
Still no Dev response yet, huh? Dang. I haven't played in a while. I got my MMR down pretty low, in the teens I think. But, if I play with my freind and we get randos with 40 MMR then we will get a game with an average MMR of the 30s. And as far as I know they haven't fixed anything with the difficulty yet so I still haven't logged on. Until we get a squad of 3 or 4 players with all insanely low MMRs it will be a shit show.

Sometimes I start to log in, but then I think, "Ah...I changed my mind, I don't feel like dealing with bullshit and stress." as I remember the last time I played the game and horribly unfun it was with the massive mobs, high health and high damage in the 30% range.

Remnant is around the corner, and it's basically a horror like Spacelords but with dedicated PvE. I like the characters here better than that game so I'm hoping they can improve things here.
I feel the same everytime I try to start up this game i remember all the bullshit and just close it. I know at one point I had fun in spacelords but now all I feel is anger and disappointment. They were making some good progress with the blueprint and reward systems, but then they turn around to shit all over it. Now we're back to the same issues we had before except they figured out a way to make them 10x worst.

Bug report & Technical Support / Re: Short fused insta failed bug
 on: August 08, 2019, 08:01:59 PM 
Wow this bug is so old... How do they manage to bring back all these 8 month old bugs in every patch.

Suggestions / Re: Weapon concept for Aneska
 on: August 08, 2019, 05:40:12 PM 
I would prefer if the grenade effect of the gun just caused the mech to self destruct and deal huge damage to anything near it including aneska herself for balance purposes. Sounds op but you still need to collect batteries to do it again which serves as a cooldown. Also the damage of the explosion should be affected by how much health the mech has left. Unfortunately this will probably never happen since 99% of suggestions are thrown into the trash.

Suggestions / Re: Antag ammo refill.
 on: August 08, 2019, 04:08:30 PM 
hey good idea !
and to keep a fair challenge and not creating sudden death too quickly, they should also have reactive shield !
better resistance = less sudden death for raiders.
it's definitly a win/win ^^
Omg yes! Reactive shields on antags please!! I can't wait.

Suggestions / Re: Antag ammo refill.
 on: August 08, 2019, 03:42:15 PM 
Antags should also spawn in with 5 aleph cuz why not. And if the raiders are killing the antag too quickly the game should just automatically go into sudden death.

Suggestions / Re: About the Daily rewards...
 on: August 08, 2019, 03:26:10 PM 
No this game is for the most elite hardcore players, get out of here with that. We need more punishment for failing missions, like if you lose a match it should take 20% of your saved up gold and throw it into the pot. If you lose the pot then you lose all that gold. 

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: 350 score ?
 on: August 04, 2019, 02:15:27 PM 
? oO
first it would be stupid,
and second the mission's time enter in the score count, and from what i have seen, the quickest the better =s
The scoring is really stupid they have a scoring for time delayed and another for mission progress. If you can make them stay on the first part of a mission like low blow for example just keep them in that first part of the mission for like 15 minutes and finish them off there, you should get a really high score. So the more progress they make on the mission the lower your score will be but the longer the mission lasts the better your score if that makes any sense.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: 350 score ?
 on: August 04, 2019, 02:02:50 PM 
ok, but what do we have to do to obtain 10 or more ?
as antag, a 10 happens once in while, without real consistancy imo, but as raider, does someone know what have to do ?
Just be as big of a dick as possible. The longer the raiders take to finish the mission the better your end score will be.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: 350 score ?
 on: August 04, 2019, 01:48:39 PM 
ok, now that it is interesting to achieve, i have this question burning my lips :
did someone already made it, and the most important, HOW ?
how can we have 10 or more on raiders missions ?
even without dying and being top raider for the mission, i never had one !
You need to get a 10.5 on every missions as a raider and antagonist, which is possible but absolutely insane.  The highest I've ever gotten is a 10.7 when I used to play this trash. They really need to lower the score requirements and make it so it only takes the highest score on the mission, either antag or raider score. For example if you get a 9 on hanging by a thread as an antag and a 10.4 as a raider it will only count the 10.4 towards the monthly score which should be lowered to about 170. This will make it so that you only need to play as either raider or antag instead of forcing everyone to play both if they want all the rewards. Anyways idk why I'm bothering with suggestions I know they won't implement.

Suggestions / Re: New Spacelords Feedback (add yours here)
 on: August 03, 2019, 01:34:37 PM 
Fourth, the MMR and difficulty. I never understood why enemies have to become bullet sponges and deal 30 damage per shot at 50% MMR or above. Shouldn't MMR be capped at about 60 then? Who are you making this game for - The Divison fans? The very same people that spend about 200 bullets to kill a single weak mob? How do you expect people with Forge Lvl 0 to deal with them? And how do you expect T5 players to deal with Status 5-1 players? Difficulty spike? You're digging your own grave with this matchmaking.
I think the difficulty spikes are one of the worst offenses. Sometimes Raiders and Antagonists have a diffenrence of 1%, but the difficulty scales to 20% for more or less. How does that even work?

Yea, I had the WORST day playing Spacelords because of them. All 5 games were consistently horrid and we were in the 30s for MMR. They need to fix this quick. Can't see playing a game I have no fun playing. Damn I wish they wouldn't have made these changes. I was wondering what all the anger was on Discord when I was at work. Then I get off and play the game and they were right, this is terrible. Unless you are antag, then the game is better than it's ever been. But MSE need to decide if they really want to make this game worse for 4/5ths of the players.
Isn't that what those assholes in the discord wanted. They got no right to be complaining. Let them have their amazing antag system.

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