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Its actually good weapon but it needs to get used to , it only effective when you use its bounce gimmick.
Its very good at close range and can clear grunts very well , against players it can be hard to use because you need to predict their movement since balls flying speed is very slow.
Against most bosses its bad because they far away most of time and you need to bounce shots to deal effective damage.
Overall its just better Atlas but with gimmick , i personaly not fan of both because they are not flexible like Ionizer.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: December 23, 2020, 12:38:00 AM 
Sad people cant understand what character full potential need to be judged by its effectiveness at highest difficulty and skill levels.
Fortunately, we are not sad people and can easily understand how overpowered HIVE is.
When we see her we just run away. Every time.
She is noobstomper and it seems she stomp you really hard if you think she is OP.
I dont see point to continue this conversation , just try to play at higher difficulties and against good players to understand how fundamentally weak she is.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: December 22, 2020, 07:23:32 AM 
Sad people cant understand what character full potential need to be judged by its effectiveness at highest difficulty and skill levels.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: December 21, 2020, 11:40:51 AM 
HIVE is overpowered and extremely strong. All players I know agree she needs to be nerfed ASAP!
True , she is so powerful and broken , when people see her they just surrender. She is so tanky and leech is so unfair , people just cant beat her. 🤦

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: December 13, 2020, 03:46:05 PM 
Game is overall become more gun/range oriented while CQC and brawling become just side addition.
Bringing a fists to a gunfight is not good and effective idea , HIVE whole desigh is to empower her fists but guns will dominate no matter what.

I already shared a lot of feedback/suggestions what can be done to make her better while not overtuning her but it seems MSE consider her perfect and extremely strong , while all veteran players i know agree she is mediocre or weak.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: December 03, 2020, 05:15:13 AM 
"Is that so? I'm always having hard time dealing with HIVE."
 For my 1500+ hours in ROTBP/SL when i see HIVE against me i never thought:
"Damn they picked HIVE , it would be tough match"
When i see HIVE pretty much always she is easy frag.
She is one of easiest characters to deal with no matter who you pick ,
just monitor where she is and dont allow her to get close , thats it.
There is no need to pick her when Lycus exist , same role and playstyle but overall better than her.

"Doldren? Well... ok. Harec? Maybe.
But what about Shae and Iune?"

Any Local counter her with ease , thanks to extremely good talents and damage.
340-500 hp is nothing for locals and can delete HIVE with no problem while HIVE only tool what allow her survive is Shy protective bubble.
And they can also easily beat HIVE in CQC thanks to talents again.

"Choosing a melee fighter on the map for a sniper and complaining? Seriously?"
There is only few stages in the game what allow HIVE to feel decent.
First stage of Breath of Hope(maze) and White Noise are only ones where she feel very good.
Other CQB maps and stages are bad for her due to poor spawns and objectives. Raiders can easily spawn camp her and rush objectives with ease.

"But all characters suffer from MMR , poor spawns and objectives!"
Yes all suffer , thing is if this issues will be addressed all characters will be indirectly buffed.
For example:
HIVE current "strength" is 5 out of 10 , other characters 6-7 out from 10.
After this issues will be fixed , HIVE would be 6 out of 10 while other characters would go 7-8(just example).
She have fundamental flaws what cant be fixed by skill and current talent roster is very lackluster.
She is pure CQC character in the "gun meta" state of game , plus add how  buggy and inconsistent CQC is(I dont think CQC will be ever fixed)

I'm not saying she is weakest character in game.
She is decent Raider but as Antagonist she is one of worst character you can pick.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: November 28, 2020, 12:41:18 PM 
HIVE is melee character who sacrifice everything else to be effective in one thing , CQC.
Problem is how easy to counter her and her overall lack of tools to respond to this counters.

There so much hard counters what not allow HIVE survive , not even win.
HIVE get completely shut down by
-Any Local
-Push-stagger weapons
-Area denial weapons
-Aleph bombs
-Maps and stages what not allow flanking or manoeuvres

All this make HIVE unviable most of time as Antagonist.
She is good Raider because there always entities what can be leeched for essence gain plus support from teammates.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: November 28, 2020, 12:25:32 PM 
My MMR is 58 and i judge her from more competive/high difficulty aspect.
Things what you point out is indeed true but its only is at low-mid MMR and difficilties.
She indeed  "30 MMR beast" and against new players she is very good but she fall flat at high MMR and skilled opponents
It turns out that the problem is not in HIVE, but MMR ;)

Fixing MMR would make her better in PVE but she still have fundamental flaws what make her poor PVP character.
She always was decent Raider and bad Antagonist.
As Antagonist she not have enough damage nor survivability to even trade with Raiders if they are good.
Her overall desigh is a trap and its extremely hard to balance.
My goal is find a way to make her more competitive while not overtuning her.

Suggestions / Re: HIVE ability "rework"
 on: November 27, 2020, 08:29:58 PM 
Hello Laura.
Thank you your time.

First and most important thing what i want to point out:
Im not interested in making HIVE overtuned / too strong.
My MMR is 58 and i judge her from more competive/high difficulty aspect.
Things what you point out is indeed true but its only is at low-mid MMR and difficilties.
She indeed  "30 MMR beast" and against new players she is very good but she fall flat at high MMR and skilled opponents because of
-Non existing range damage
-Long overall TTK(except charged Wasp)
-Not enough survivability
-Lack of tools and options to realize her strength(Shy is only option what allow to get close to enemy)

Her role and playstyle just not work due her specific nature at higher difficulties.
I dont want talk about damage since increasing damage would not be fair.
Most of character can deplete her ability health with just few shots(talents increasing ability health not helping a lot) , meaning most of time she cant even get close to enemy with full essence bar.
Add always stressed Wardog passive and lack of flanking options on most map and she is sitting duck.

My other proposition is introduce talent what work in simillar way as my rework suggestion but maybe with additional tweaks and balance.

Suggestions / HIVE ability "rework"
 on: November 13, 2020, 09:59:31 AM 
Suggestion title: HIVE ability "rework"

Suggestion type: Character changes

Suggestion description:
H.I.V.E.'s current ability is very flawed and doesn't provide good survivability. I propose "rework" of her ability. Instead of excess health it would be "superior shield". The idea is to make her ability not as extension of her basic health but additional health bar. Her 240 HP of excess health will work as impenetrable shield what can't be pierced and damage her normal health BUT all in game damage will registered towards "shield coating", meaning enemy must destroy her "shield coating" and only then proceed to damage normal health. Idea is to give HIVE some sort of "shield gate" so she would not be killed with one shot even with massive amount of health. As it would be shield, she will not receive head damage multiplier(headshot). In CQC it will work same as current ability BUT HIVE wont be wounded with one strike("one punch builds"). It always will be two shots/strikes to wound her no matter the damage: one for shield and one for health.
-HIVE turns on her ability with max "charge"
-Her normal health is 100 , "shield coating" gives her additional 240 HP
-Harec shoots her and deals more than 340 damage
-H.I.V.E.'s "shield coating" is destroyed but she still has her normal 100 HP

Suggestion reasoning:
H.I.V.E.'s current excess health does not provide enough survivability.
Her ability is outperformed in every way by Lycus shield , the character and ability that have same role and playstyle. Just minor increase in amount of excess health wont change current situation while significant increase would make her overtuned and frustrating to fight. With this "rework" she would be able to survive better and be more competitive.
"This is Lycus shield but better!"
No , its still have flaws:
-Can't be recharged while on move compare to Lycus shield.
-Can't be manually turned off.
-Less overall HP than Lycus shield.

Suggestions / Re: Ideas to improve CQC
 on: October 17, 2020, 12:41:41 PM 
I agree what CQC is become obsolete while guns are dominate.
Overall CQC is just high risk-low reward , you are only forced to get in melee to get aleph or buffs from certain cards.
Aleph bombs are biggest problem right now and something must done , your idea is nice.
What also can be done: add cooldown to aleph nades so people cant spam it or reduce damage.
The main problem of CQC is what its pure 1vs1 thing and not viable in fight with multiple opponents.
Your "fight chance" idea is actually would be good for Wardogs , they are weakest faction in PvP , constant regen is useless and not effective in current state and their always stressed status give enemy HUGE advantage while you dont have anything good to compensate it.

Spacelords’ Advice / HIVE builds
 on: October 13, 2020, 10:11:34 AM 
Wanted to share what in my opinion most effective builds for HIVE.
-"Jack of all trades"
Weapon: SHY
This one is self explanatory , its boost both her offensive and defensive capabilities. Shy is best all rounder weapon HIVE have at current moment and fit this build very well

-"Versatility with sprinkle of sustainability"
Weapon: SHY
This one is simillar to previous build but focused more about survivability.
You may think dynamic is not fit well with Shy but its very deceiving , each shot restore around 20-30 hp and really noticable

-"Slide for the win"
Weapon: SHY
Build focused around damage.Kill enemy, get buff from maelstrom,infect enemy,slide near them and watch them melt

Build focused around 1vs1 situations
It was hard to choose one card from Wardog talents , so there two options depending what you want more: better offense or defense
Very niche build but can be very effective in duel situations

-"Horde Slayer"
Weapon: WASP
THE BEST build to clear hordes of enemies. You both have high DPS thanks to Wasp and good survivability by bonuses what talents give

-"Spam that Stroma"
Weapon: WASP
Best support build for HIVE but also allow you to have good damage output. However there is big con: due to nerf of Wasp essence gain , you would never get full essence bar without cards. Meaning in this build you have very low survivability

-"Clouds and Punches"
Weapon: RACEME
With this you can get essence very easy and go full ham in CQC , thanks to talents you will very serious threat in CQC , 520 hp and 113 punch dmg.
Still dont be reckless and think you are immortal , being cautious is best way to keeping yourself alive.

-"The Plague"
Weapon: PLAGUE
With this you can literally infect and leech everything in your way , no matter if enemy in cover or not , just get close to them and suck them dry through walls , cells , anything
A very niche and map depended build
What about MM-6C?
You can use same builds as Shy and Plague have
Still i would not advice using MM , its just overall weakest weapon in her arsenal

Thank you for your response!
I want to apolozige for lack of many details , there been so many changes
through our game life cycle , it feels like completely different game now.

About ping: issue is how some characters become almost unplayable because of ping: one of example is Ginebra and her very slow projectiles. Basically you need to pick hitscan  characters if you are not host or with not in your region players.

About Antagonist: i dont say he need to be removed , its just very flawed experience and feels forgoten. Hope Aurora will change it.
The lack of touch not only my opinion , i talked with many players and everyone agree with this. It feels like dev team prefer data than reasonable player feedback. BUT i want to mention situation now is better and i hope it will stay this way.

I understand dev team have their vision and players can have their one but there was so many changes what completely alienated many players.

Gameplay Feedback / My thoughts about Spacelords past and present
 on: October 07, 2020, 11:03:28 AM 
I wanted to share my short story with our game and give some thoughts why its was not huge success with its enourmous potential.
And first i want to say i have HUGE respect to MercurySteam for keeping supporting this project , in my opinion most other studios just would abandon ship and start working on other projects. Our games history is endless struggle, with rise and falls. I want to say thank you MSE for keeping faith and continue improve this game.
This game means a lot for me, i have really strong love/hate relationship with it and i really want it to be in the best state as possible.
I met so many amazing people and some of them become my friends.
For first time in my life i falled in love with fictional character(HIVE is love).
It become very important part of my life , even if its sounds so silly and this is why my heart bleed to see it struggle so much.

I started playing in Raiders of Broken Planet times , around 2018 when Wardog campaign.
There was zero advertisement so it was pure luck i stumbled on it in Steam.
Instantly fall in love with characters,art style,lore,music. Gameplay feel unique and there still nothing on market what would be very similar to it.
Its unpolished gem , its have enormous potential.
But from start there was aspects was dragged everything down.
There was so many things what was it seems designed to frustrate player.
I always had feeling what game purposefully try to make me hate her.
Poor progression and economics, new player experience, balance, repetitiveness , technical problems and bugs ,etc.                                           
Game always had roadblocks what artificially increase time for player to get things. I perfectly understand it,our game have lack of content so there must be something to increase play time. But honestly its only frustrate everyone ans drag down overall experience.Some things are understandable since this is first multiplayer game from MSE.
Best example how ping depended our game is , half of characters and CQC are designed in a way what they completely rely on ping to be effective. Its a death sentence to any competitive game or game mode.
Partial solution is just make most of the weapons to be hit-scan or very fast projectiles like Locals have.
Im going to say very controversial thing but i think if our game was pure/only co-op , it would be overall better for its state.
Simply because 4vs1 formula is EXTREMELY hard to make good and successful.
Most of games of this style have failed , Evolve is good example(DbD is different story).
It was very risky idea to implement something like this and i give props to MSE for that.
Antagonist divided player base: one hate it and second love it.
But it always was flawed and never was in "middle" state.
It always was: grunts are broken and wreck raiders or grunts are useless and raiders wreck antag.
There was never middle ground.
I just feel MSE was not having enough experience to implement something like this but took a gamble but in the end its just very flawed experience what not enjoyable for both sides.

Is game is better now? It depends from what view we judge.
From PVE player perspective game is overall just better and more enjoyable to play.
In terms of PVP it got worse for antagonist and better for raiders.

Another big problem was is lack of MSE touch with community. All people i know agree with me on this.
A lot of good and reasonable players given a ton of great suggestions and feedback but it seems it was ignored.
Many changes was not asked for , such as infinite ammo , aleph nades , wounded roll , grapple changes.
This changes are not purely bad but they aimed to make game more casual which is again not bad.
From my point of view MSE chooses to steer this ship in more casual waters and sacrifice its hardcore elements.
It depends is it good or bad , some seek more casual style game and other want more hardcore experience.

Spacelords always was in struggle , both in maintaining and finding new audience because how radical changes are from ROTBP to SL was.
I still want this game to succeed but after so many years of struggle and trying to find its path , its very hard to be optimistic.
Most of people i know already abandon this game but i will stay with it to the end. Or until HIVE get nerfed , then im done for real.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Great Clash: HIVE weapon changes feedback
 on: September 23, 2020, 08:41:28 AM 
Hello there, Nin'Mug!
First of all thank you! You really put some effort in this one!
I personally liked how you divided the text in colors, making it more approachable to read. Also, you touch really interesting points. I do agree that Plague might be the most suit for CQC. Headshot capability on Shy would be quite dangerous tho.

On the other hand by the detail of every description, it would likely help new players as a contained HIVE tutorial guide.
Good job there!
Thank you! Glad to provide useful feedback!
NinMug, I'm so happy you can play Hive now!!!
Im really happy too , she still have same issues but now she is on old level of viability. I will write more detailed feedback about it and what can be done to make her solid on all skill levels and MMR but not overtune her.

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