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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Hans is OP
 on: September 30, 2017, 11:31:15 AM 
Actually Alicia and Shae are currently the most OP. Alicia literally has no cooldowns on her jump thus allowing her to spam it constantly and remain airborne even longer than Hans who literally has a jetpack. The game falsely advertises Hans as the most mobile character when it is Alicia. Hans gets cooldowns on his jetpack and remains vulnerable for some time. But good Alicias consistently jump around every 2 seconds and allows her to ambush and escape encounters too easily. Shae is kinda obvious since she has good burst damage with the right weapon and can bewitch players long enough to secure a kill in close or long range without breaking a sweat.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Very Hard is ridiculously difficult
 on: September 30, 2017, 11:24:07 AM 
I have upgrades across all the raiders (some with better weapons too) but it all feels pointless when you're insanepy squishy and get punished for just about any careless move. It also conflicts heavily with objective as the AI can literally destroy it whilst ur just trying to stay alive. It also doesn't help that stress recovery takes double the anount of time than it normally would in a matchmaking game. All odds are against you and it feels like skill doesn't even become a factor for progress in the missions just luck.

Gameplay Feedback / Very Hard is ridiculously difficult
 on: September 30, 2017, 06:44:29 AM 
I don't understand how incompetent the devs must be to make the highest difficulty impossible to beat. Each character gets melted in 2 shots since the AI has spot on aimbot from maximum range and I've literally tried every possible character including the recommended only to get the same result. Its as if they purposefully made it impossible to encourage matchmaking but I just want to grind gold. The logic for his difficulty has no justification for it. If I could Solo Gears of war campaigns on Insane which take hours to complete why can't I solo a mission on the highest difficulty that only offer about 20 minutes of gameplay. I am truly dumbfounded by this poor choice of balance the Devs applied to single player.

Gameplay Feedback / Antagonist mode in desperate need of balance
 on: September 29, 2017, 04:56:05 AM 
I just had the most frustrating Antagonist game and it wasn't the players, but what the players were doing themselves. The respawn system is a joke as there are only about 6 different spawns and there are teams out there who are literally spawn killing antagonists since the spots are so predictable. Its not fair that once I spawn they are alerted by a glow and follow up immediately with grabs in which only one can be parried. We should be able to have 2 second invincibility after we spawn AND are able to MOVE AND ATTACK so we can punish their spawn camping with a quick grab and get 1.5 second immunity after executing a player to avoid their spam grabs that they follow up with after our kill animation.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Harec buff
 on: September 27, 2017, 08:19:32 PM 
while I do agree that Harec feels somewhat underpowered as the antagonist, I don't think any of the proposals you made would really make him fair, but slightly OP instead. I would instead suggest removing the smoke trail that indicates his inbetween of being in stalking position or returning to his original spot. That would allow Harec to be much more stealthy with his stalking setups since people can't just trace the big black blob flying through the air and then instantly shoot him down when he arrives at his stalking spot.

 Two other options would be; making the teleport back and forth much faster, making it easier and more interesting to time the ability so the enemy doesn't see it. Or just making the smoke trail less obvious. Removing it completely seems a little overkill for me when looking at it from the raiders point of view, so just making it smaller and faster would probably work better and be more fair for both parties.
It is fair considering we have raiders like Shae who could completely go invisible to the enemy. The disappearance of his stalk Mark isn't OP at the slightest given that the smoke trail is still visible and can once again be countered by Shae's bewitched. If it had no counters then it would be OP no doubt but that's how the game is meant to played, by counter picking against the antagonist.

Gameplay Feedback / RNG system a grind and troll
 on: September 27, 2017, 08:12:12 PM 
One of my biggest issues and annoyances with the game is tedious task of acquiring a blueprint for your desired charcter. I just had a blueprint stolen from me purposely by 3 new players even after telling them I needed it (it was the aurora mortis). I've grinded the prologue at least 20 times now and when I finally come across it I lose to players who are meatbag rank and don't know what they're doing (mind you I carried this team heavily). I'm really upset with the loot system and I really wish the rolling system for blueprints would favor the player who has the most progress on the character that blueprint is for.

Gameplay Feedback / Harec buff
 on: September 26, 2017, 07:24:28 PM 
As the lead protagonist of the game Harec feels slightly underpowered in comparison to his allies that excell really well in the game. In my time of playing I've realized that all characters strive well in campaign but very few actually perform well as an antagonist. I would discuss all those who I feel are underpowered in PvP but I'll do an individual post for them.

Harec's kit is amazing no doubt. His stealthy gameplay is suitable for mostly every stage I've seen so far. I intend to use him throughout all my campaign adventures. My issue however is that even if you play him at a high skill cap he struggles immensely as an Antagonist (I'm on xbox btw). Harec's stalk placement is crucial before engaging as range is his game. However, when he is detected he is punished easily. His low health makes him too squishy and usually leaves him at a 50% chance of survival (I could go lower). But what lowers his chances of survival even more is his predictability. Players are allowed to see where he will return which is insanely unfair in my opinion, defeats the purpose of his stealthy playstyle.
My suggestion:
- Rework Harec's stalk to keep the returning marker invisible from the raiders and allow him to choose where he wants to teleport back.
- Buff Harec's health to 80-100 hp
- Add a "scoped sensitivity" option to allow for faster and more fluid sniping for better reaction time (since people like Alicia exist)
- Allow Harec's scope to reset the damage multiplier if the shot is not taken instead of decreasing it back to the default value (it wastes a lot of time he could spend to line up a shot instead having to reset by re-scoping).
These are the only known issues I currently have playing this character and as a Harec main it would be nice to see him more balanced out so he can take on the more OP characters.

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