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And what i seen is even low-level characters can simply ignore ai because it's dumb and weak. And what high-leveled character do? They don't even bother hiding behind the obstacles. They climb on the crate and stand there for entire match, not caring about ai presence at all, but in this situation all antag can do - is shoot them, because to go melee to have to climb up there. And as soon as you start shooting them they just turn around and kill you with one or two hits without even aiming. Or chase and melee you because they can endure enormous amount of melee hits, while you die from second one. After they return to the crate and climb up again to stand there and completly ignore ai that poses zero threat to them.

What if i am antag in this situation? And also they listened to your advice and fight all together. So i have just the same character as i have that can take me out 1v1 even without help, but he also backed up by other raiders. Now what?

So a high level player would take less shot damage and deal more strike damage, but they can still definitely die.

From a grapple - maybe. But they will never allowe anyone to perform it on them. Also i fought lvl 2 and lvl 200+ Alicia. For lvl 2 it was enough to shoot around 3 grenades to the floor near her feet as Hans and she were out of hp already. On lvl200+ i shot two clips but haven't reduced her hp even to 50%.

Same expirience i had with other characters. It gets even worse if you fight your clone - for example, in Kuz vs Kuz fight player who has just a bit more stats will always reduce other player's hp first in a gunfight. So if you have that advantage - you don't even need a team, you can always win 1v1 with antag.

The only thing I disagree with you on is the voice acking, it can get pretty poor at times.

Idk, i find the accents funny. Take short-fused, for example:

"one of the General Marmelades leFtenants" (what's left of his lieutenants?)

"it's gonna be a WRong fucking day" (yeah, for sure!)

Also Konstantin perfectly fakes russian accent, 100% stereotypic, but in good way, it fits his personality pretty well.

Don't get me wrong, i don't hate the game itsef. It has great visual style, great idea, combat, animations, voice acting, etc... But it feels like the entire game design exist just to torture players and to be anti-fun in all possible ways. It's even worse than dbd, but let's rewiev it step by step:

1) First that gets noticable - is progression system. Each new level increases all of your stats, eventually creating huge gap between players. So if you face lvl150-200 with lvl10 - you can just afk, nothing will change - your bullets are not doing damage, your hits - either, and he will instantly down you in most situations.

Why this system exists? To give expirienced players chance to grief newbies? This is the only thing it does to the game.

Also, since you can pay for credits with real money, and then buy xp boosters with them - game can be concidered as p2p, since you can grind your invincible status much faster with boosters.

And, of course, if you leave game instead of playing spawn-die "fun" - games says "nono, you must entertain them or you will be punished". And, of course, you can't see your opponent's level and map when you play as antag before you decide to accept the game, because developers want you to join all the unfair fights and suffer there.

This alone is already a good enough reason to uninstall and forget about this nightmare, but let's continue.

2) If having a stat advantage is not making game easy enough for high-leveled players, they alsy can draw a powerful level-locked cards that also giving them more abilities to dominate those who don't have the cards. I have nothing more to add here, seems like "grow big, grief newbies" is a motto of this game.

3) Grind wall. So you want to try new characters? Grind dozens of missions until you have enough gold. You want the card? Grind archetype, grind fraction points, and then prey you will get the right card with max stats. Want weapon? Pure random. You can play mission 20+ times and never see right bp. And when you finally do - someone else can randomly take it away. Ffs, you can't even read the lore without paying for it!

I could understand this shit if it was some corean f2p trash. But people are suposed to pay for the game, and then face a grind wall that also gives godlike advantages on other players? Seriously?

Look at how the proper games in the genre do. Take left 4 dead 2 - it had more maps (with more variety) on the start, and FREE addons later, while also featuring ZERO grind and advantages over other players. That's why it still played so many years after the release, and this game won't survive another year.

4) Disballanced weapons. So you finally grinded them? Well, now press your kill button, like here -

5) Shitty antagonist system. Unless it's an overpowered high-level with some op gun squashing newbies, antag exists just like a beating guy. All that raiders need to do - is stay in group, and they win: you can't outshoot 4 guns, and even if you will be lucky enough to take anyone down from the ambush, others will instantly spam melee attacks and grabs on you, not letting any chance to escape of fight back. Mobs? They become totaly worthless when antag joins the game. When raiders see the antag - they rush to him trough entire map, simply ignoring all the mobs like they do not exist. Antag is alone against 4 people, and even if they all have less skill - they will still farm him as long as they stay close. Levels are usually tiny arenas, that allowing raiders to camp antag's spawn points (why they not spread across the map, allowing him to spawn anywhere?), but even if they do not - they don't have any reasons to split, they are always close enough to cover each other, making any attack on them a useles task since npc's can't even get their attention, not even telling about doing some damage. No, there is some attempts to split them, like engineers, or mining pods that must be filled with alepth whie other destroy them - but the maps is so tiny that raiders simply doing objectives one by one instead of splitting, being perfectly safe from any possible attack.

Main feature of the game is simply broken, and dev's never did even a slight attempt to change how it works.

6) Lag. P2P is not a good thing for the multiplayer games. People teleporting, turning lagswitches to grap people who are punshing them, attack when you are in cover, punch without ability to avoid punch, etc. This can't be called a fair game if so many players using lag to their advantage.

7) Matchmaking and reward system. Player left the game? Resstart almost complete level! And no bonuses for you, even if two players leave the game for good - system not only not letting someone new to connect instead (and have additional rewards for joining mid-fight), but even not making game either easier or more rewaring for those who must endure it with half of the team. End-mission counter is kind of a trash too, it punishes raider who actually had a hard fight with the antag and rewards those who sepeedrun against afk antag, also it punishes antag for keeping raiders in game for long, and completly destroys his rating if raider team win (and with current ballance it's almost impossible for them to lose). No matter how good are you player or how many you killed - you lost, you suck!

And i didn't even mentioned lesser problems, like staying without ammo and without enemies to get it from, objectives that hardly can be completed by certain characters, low amount of content and only small variations in some missions, making game very repetitive.

So, in general: you join the game, getting beaten by invincible grinders with op guns, see how useles are some of your basic weapons to do some objectives (just because), see the giant grind wall between any unlock, see how weak and useles antag is, see how people with lag are the best, realize that the game is 95% suffering from all those issues combine, and you leave. It feels like game designer secretly hates humanity, and designed the game with this amount of suffering on purpose, while also letting a small amount of people, those who having fun from beating deffenceless opponents (yes, i saw a lot of them - lvl200 guys who spam emotes while being shot, enjoying their god modes) to be the torturers. So it's the game for those kind of guys? Or what is the resons for all this game design choices, mr. designer? Oh well, he probably can't even explain it, and this game will most likely be remembered just as "perfect example of how online pvp games should not look like".  This is sad, because i see how much effort other people in the team put into this game. It's a real shame that all their work are nullified by just one guy...

Gameplay Feedback / Price
 on: September 23, 2017, 12:15:07 AM 
I quess i mentioned it here... 3 times? I tried my best to explain the developers to not use automatic steam pricing for regions, that not really works fine, but... Game is 3$ cheaper in Russia than it is in Ukraine. But it's the same region locked copy, so there is zero reason to buy it in steam, and we have to wait for someone to start re-selling codes on other websites...

I wonder, is there any specific reasons that not allowing to set prices manually, depending on average income in country? People in Ukraine recieving at least TWICE less money monthly, than people in Russia. So why exacly games should cost more here? We have to pay more because we earn less? Please, i beg you, explain this to me...

Ship's Log / Re: The new BETA is upon us
 on: September 07, 2017, 03:27:04 PM 
So game updated today. 2 weeks before release. Is something planned?

Ship's Log / Re: Release date, price and new trailer!
 on: August 19, 2017, 12:01:05 PM 
So does this mean that the game is episodic? and you have to buy more campaigns down the line?

Yes, you can read that in faq.

Actually for European countries price is not that bad. If proper discount will be made for post-soviet union, like most other games on steam have - it probably will be a good deal.

Just pleast, PLEASE, don't do the mistake most of the developers do when they are too lazy to set personal price for each country and just using steam auto-pricing function instead. As i said before, this leads to the dumb situation when in Russia game can be 2x cheaper than in Ukraine, when average month income in Ukraine is lower. I know we here are not much of a market or a target audience for you, but having a fair price that at least equal to russian price will allow us to play, and even few players for moderate price is better than none for high.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: New content is a total crap
 on: August 13, 2017, 12:04:22 PM 
Can't believe that people going mad about Konstantine (when they can just pick him also and problem solved), but this kinds of a serious issue not mentioned by anyone else.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Now how about fixing Konstantin for PvP
 on: July 31, 2017, 08:35:40 AM 
Everything he can pick, you can pick also.
Everything he can do, you can do also.

Gameplay Feedback / New content is a total crap
 on: July 31, 2017, 12:51:17 AM 
I am sorry if that will look rude, but i don't have other words to describe it. In last part of the (suposed to be hard?) mission 4 people advancing in group. If antagonist shows up - he just getting devastated with 4 guns. And then they just sit behind the turrent, and not a single mob can approach them, and, of course, antagonists dies without any chances to approach at least for the middle-range (rifles) combat, because turret devastating him in seconds, and there is no way around it. Basicly only sniper can do anything on that map, but concidering that he will be always counter-sniped, that is hardly an option too and leads to a very boring gameplay when only one character can even hope for to do any damage at all. That was a problem in previous missions, but now it's even worse.

Also it's not helping at all that Antagonists spawns without new ammo. It's already imossible to approach Lycus if he bought oneshotting cheatgun, that does not need aiming at all and always if not instakills - then putting into wounded state, so when he covers the team - there is no way to refill the ammo. But even without him jumping into melee with more than one person is a 100% suicide because of the grapple.

Basicly you can't shoot, you can't refill ammo, you can't melee. That is not even unballanced - it's simply broken and needs HUGE rework in everything, starting from refilling ammo upon dying and ending on level design changes before it can be called at least playable, if not ballanced.

p.s. Did i meantioned that protector's shield also regenerates his hp to full every time it applied? What is that? You must destory him in one attempt?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: My experience in a nutshell
 on: June 26, 2017, 10:09:49 PM 
They are not. If you punch them in the face nonstop - they are dead for sure. If they charging - just run away or step aside. Apart from oneshot grab they are harmless and dangerous only in groups where you can't melee them because other will grab you. In that case just shoot them to dying state first.

Spacelords Universe / Re: anti-cheat
 on: June 26, 2017, 10:07:30 PM 
Personally i don't care about that, since all anti-cheats are bypasses by private cheats sooner or later, and also aimbots are something that usually never being detected, so what i am worry about - will dev's manually ban proven cheaters, will there be an option to sent proofs and be sure that cheater is out of the game forever?

Spacelords Universe / Re: Whose your favourite beta char?
 on: June 23, 2017, 11:01:55 AM 
Hans. He not only has the most effective starting weapon in game, but also awesome jetpack that allows to move across the battlefield and even across the gaps. Only thing that he is missing - is ability to fly up with his jetpack....


Alicia is the second one, because her shotgun is pretty accurate and fast-fiering. But her special move... well, sucks. You are easy target when you are just stuck in air without moving, and since she need some obstacle to activate jump - it becomes nearly useles.

Lycus has the cool shield that is perfect tool to tank bosses, but his gun is absolute garbage - only few shots, doing just a bit more damage than shotgun, easy to miss, must hit head to do any significant damage.

Shae has the funny ability, but it's somehow hard to use, not obvious enough if it's working or not, long activation. Her gun... i don't even understand it. It's locking on enemies but does nothing but increased damage after full lock, also damage dealt sucks.

Harek is fine. But sometimes his ability buggs and you can't shot, only spy.

Konstantine seems fine too, but he certainly not my style of playing.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Russian translation are not good enough
 on: June 22, 2017, 04:14:58 PM 
Would recommend you concidering 2 things that can be done about it without increasing production costs:

- Ask people on zog (zone of games), they made a lot of nearly perfect fan-made translations for telltale games, life is strange, and other titles that did not had official translation - for example, tanslation of Nier - Automata (with lots of text) took only big more than month for them. 

- When you establish steam page and forums, you may just ask for community help. Developers of Warhammer Regicide did that, and i was a part of that translation team, and i can say from my own expirience - community-gathered team, that correcting each other's mistakes and discussing unclear moments with developers doing job pretty well and fast, all you need is stringhub, + make them sign nda. Regicide didn't sell very well for various reasons, but translation wasn't one of them -  people never complained about it, and dev's rewarded all translation team with several keys as a reward for the help. So just asking people on steam forums could work out well too, especially concidering that your translation is already done, and all what is needed - a little correction here and there to not lose atmosphere of the game.

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