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I've been playing Spacelords a bit a year ago on Xbox, and just got back to it with a friend, this time playing on windows 10 (he's on Xbox though). Since we've started playing a few days ago, I've been way too often getting the same bug: at least in one game every four ones, on the character selection, either my gamertag isn't visible and I can't confirm any selection, or it is, I can select someone (my teammates can see the selection I've picked) but I still cannot confirm.
Either way, once the cinematic is over, I'm facing a fix view of the map with sound available, no character and some HUD but can't do anything. In the second case I can leave the game as it is and eventually getting disconnected for being AFK, but in the first case I can't do anything but closing the app, relaunching it and confirm that I want to go back to my game. What's more, in this last scenario, I can't even have the character I chose back in the selection screen and usually get to have one at random.

Finally (and what has convinced me to write this, otherwise I would have just let it go) we've just started the first mission of the Council's Apocalypse (sorry it it's not the right name, I'm not playing in English) and the FOUR TIMES we've been doing this one, I've been getting the first iteration of the bug.
I was really okay with the fact that there was not enough people to always get teammates and antagonists of your level, as well as having only sometimes the bug I mentionned, but really this is too much. Is there anything that can be done? Is it a known bug?


P.S: I really like your game, this is why it's all the more infuriating....

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