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I don't really know if it is a bug or if it is intended, but it is weird enough to take the time to post this. Browsing the talent tree of some characters I've noticed that for some talents, the cost of the Fast way is the same that the Avarage way whereas for most of talents the Average way is at least twice cheaper, sometimes more, due to the extra research time.

Here is a screenshot that illustrates the problem :

I've also seen two other talents with the same problem (I didn't check all of them) :
- Revenge (Rare) [HC84] for Harec
- Dynamic Healing (Rare) [UW82] for Wardogs

Suggestions / Display mission difficulty when chosing character
 on: February 07, 2020, 08:55:24 AM 

A pretty simple suggestion : would it be possible to display the mission difficulty when chosing the character for a mission ? The difficulty doesn't always match my MMR, and I would want to pick my character and loadout accordingly.

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