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Suggestions / New finisher animations?
 on: December 30, 2019, 09:59:35 PM 
So i've played this game now for quite a bit, even racking up to almost 300+ hours. One thing that's always bugged me, is the lack of new animations for the characters.
It can get rather stale, watching Alicia do her pounce on a dude and so on. I mean, we have like 2 extra melee weapons, but those animations look pretty boring. Why not give us the one's the Elites can do? Hell, do like Warframe, just let characters do other characters finishers. Konstantin doing Ayana's animation etc.

A pretty minor thing, but I think it could really spice up the customization. :)

Gameplay Feedback / A bug with the skilltrees?
 on: October 22, 2019, 11:57:35 PM 
I think I've actually either stumbled upon a bug or something else entirely. So, you have 5 sections on any character, right? From left to right on the talent menu. For some reason, if you build another card on the same section, (or line, whatever you wanna call it) it completely negates the card underneath. I noticed this today actually with Aneska. I was trying to see how her Survival card would match up when I used both the Rare and the regular one. (It basically just gives you 90 HP when you use a finisher on an enemy.) However, I noticed that it completely negated the card if I had a card above it. Not sure if this intentional, but it seems kinda weird, seeing as you cant really destroy cards.

Any one of y'all ever gotten this issue?

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