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Gameplay Feedback / Niblen Mortar
 on: February 17, 2020, 12:03:05 PM 
 Since everyone is venting their grudge against certain weapons let me join the wagon. The niblen mortar could be my favourite weappon in all the game, but even I can see it does too much damage. Used against a fifth council drone it kills him in a matters of seconds, with few shots, while killing the explosives miners to.  My biggest problem is in pvp, after Rak shot with it you can't contest that position. If you go in melee you have few seconds to do win or you are at 0, its like old plague HIVE since you take damage while dodging. The only way to get him is to spam punch before he shoot, and even in that case if he is able to shoot between dodges you lose the engagement anyway.

Suggestions / The most important button in spacelords
 on: February 13, 2020, 10:01:36 AM 
  A thing that would go a long way for the game: ensure that the tutorial explain how the information key work (d-pad up on controller 1 on keyboard). It could be that at the beginning of the second section the game stop until you press that button. As of right now most of the time the mission is explained by Cortez's dialogues, and in some cases (Short Fuse, In Shock) it's not enough. Also some times new players don't know what their character does, and this would help to.

Gameplay Feedback / New toxic scheme
 on: February 12, 2020, 07:20:28 PM 
   I wouldn't write about this if it hadn't appened twice to me, and the first time has been one of the worst game I had. Both games were in the mission "Low Blow", both times I had a low level (tier five) Kostantin antag with an O.shtorm (not shure on the weapon), and in both cases the rest of my teams were two puprle rank and a native raider (the first time rank four the next rank one like me).
   The first game was orrible, the kostantin was quite tough to fight since he could down a rider incredibly fast. We were able to contain it, but the problem was that nobody was kiling engineers so we got stuck in the fisrt pressure segment. The whole time I saw the Doldren sitting behind cover near a spawn, there was no astral projection around and his aleph reciver was off for the entirety of the match. There was no extra healing and my stress meter was on the entire time (played as Loath). He wasn't clearly helping and initially tought that was scared from the antagonist. Toward the end I walked to him and when he noticed I was watching him he slowly walked into action, while I was shadowing his steps. He played a little and did pretty well, we almost got the fisrt segment while he was playing. After he died he returned behind cover doing nothing and we lost at the start of the mission.
    The second match started in almost the exact same manner, the only difference that was an Harec instead of a Doldren. This time I didn't let him do nothing so I followe herc trought the first section this time. The rest of the game was quite fun, I played again as Loath. After the first section Harec was often behind and died a lot, but only the first section having a slaker is game ending so.

  It's not the first time that I see this kind of behaviour, but in "Low Blow" the first section require at bare minimum that everybody kill ads. So watch out if you play that mission.

Suggestions / Antag endscore once more
 on: February 08, 2020, 07:51:08 PM 
   Everibody who begin playing spacelords and starts to know how antagosist know have the same suggestion/question, why the antagonist has to win to get a decent score/rewards/etc...? As I get to know the game better I understood a little bit why is this the case, and why after all this time antagonist have to win to earn something. But while I was scrapping to get a 1.1 more on my adventure path to get those weapon skin, I start to put some thoughts in the interaction between those two aspect of the game.

   In a week I can relaiably get a score of at least 8 in all mission, with most be 9. If from today I queue only antagonist for the rest of the month, maybe I can relaiably get a 0.6, the antag role is hard. If I want those juicy adventure path I need much more. The only way to get an high score relaiably as an antagonist is to hunt noobs and lowering your mmr, this might not give you scores higher than 7.8-8, but it give much more on the adventure score than just do raider or try to be an antagonist fairly.  As it stand right now, the win or nothing rewards for the antagonist with the adventure path reward a behaviour that hinder the growth of the playerbase.

   I also have a series of gripes with the antagonist system that I foun entangled with each other so let's begin. The raiders can give up a mission if the majority want to, the antagonist must endure wathever the matchmaking serves him. Especially considering how much more frustrating antag is than raider, true the raiders would get a free win so my next gripes is that. It make no sense than if the antagonist run the raiders automatically wins, there still is a level that would not complete itself antagonist or not. In this times if an antagonist run, it wasn't very influencial on the match to bengin with. It's not chess the pieces will still moves even if the opponent isn't there, unless we talk about the mission altered difficulty wich can be altered during cutsene (Indeed the game already do that in small amunt). But I have a bigger gripes with the altered difficulty, little annectode first:
  "A breath of hope" my mmr at the time 44%, I have a friend with me of mmr 36% wich is also the average mmr of the team. There is an antagonist of mmr 20%, the game set the difficulty at 40%. The antagonist was awful, but the two other members of my team (and my friend to) start to brack like toothpicks for the sheer spawn rate. The antagonist leave after the first monolith is acrtivated. He could have stayed in a corner doing nothing and we would have lost the mission.
  There should be a cap on the maximun difficulty based on the lowest or second lowest mmr (or it could be the ighest difficulty at wich the second lowest mmr won a mission). You can introduce an lower cap as well.

    In general I think that every palyer should have two mmr one for raider the other for antag. The reason is my current mmr is valued at how good I am to carry noobs as raider, because I mostly avoied play as antag. And this can be said for most of the newer playerbase. If I start mathcmaking as antag however the skill required is to 1v4 people with my same skill (at least in theory), you can't expect that a 40% mmr raider behace like a 40% mmr antagonist.

Bug report & Technical Support / Probable aimbot
 on: February 06, 2020, 12:43:17 PM 
 I didn't want to make a post about this, but since I just got paired twice with thye same antagonist in 3 mission. But my recordings are too big yo send, and I keep losing loot and rewards due to this. So the thing is simple, if my antagonist is a Iune she kills anyone on my team as soon as she have line of sight with us. I once get out of cover and slide, and still get killed with a single salvo.  The weapon I saw used with this were the base weapon (oath I belive is called) and sigh. Suffice to say I lost  all missions when this happen. The only time when I was able to kill such antag is while they were killng my teamate, or with long cover cheese if the map allowed. If they make more than 3 meters of distance, it was then impossible to catch with certain characters. Even if everthing was legal still this has next to no counterplay.

Gameplay Feedback / Quality of like fix on Antag
 on: February 04, 2020, 11:37:01 PM 
  I speak from a prospective of one who mostly play raider, and do some antag mission only for adventure rewards. I think taht the pvp aspect of the game is quite odd, it's mostly matchup knowledge and gain that knowledge it's painfull. For example I didn't know that if you dodge against a Kuzman you die, or that Alicia can kill you  with a dodge. And I don't know the counterplay to the previous strategy. The point is pvp can be a completely different beast, and you can go pretty far without knowing  any of this stuff, my mmr is 40%. Yet if I try to be an antagonist I get paired up with groups at 50% mmr who definetly know mostly the pvp.
  I just got in a match when they culd just shut down all my engagement, because I didn't know any of the matchups. I could try to do that mission, or spend around the same amount of time in a soft ban. I understood how they shut down me at the third failed engagement, and there was no point continuing other than make me incredibly salty. Yet this soft ban make my expirience at learning the pvp even longer, than it is.
  I don't understand why the antagonist get a ban for forfeit. If I leave as a raider there are 3 person who have to pull my weight withuout the lives I wasted. In other hero shooters I get a ban for forfeit, because the rest of the team will lose most of their engagement. But who hurt an antagonist that forfeit? The ads? The elites? If I get matched against some of the best players of the game do I have to be their punching bags or get a ban? Those details escape me.
   I think there are some quality of life improvement that could help the antag expirience. Have two separate mmr for raider  and antagonst, so at least if you played raider to high mmr you can try to swith to antagonist. it would also help to find people who lower their mmr in order to bully noobs,  as the two mmr would differ greatly (at least they would have to lower two mmr instead of one). Also remove the forfeit penalities, it would make antag more accessible.

EDIT: Just did a game. We were in 3 people, one of us was a kuzman rank 6 who wuldn't be able to do the mission normally. We got paired with a purple rank 1 one rak. I struggle to almost get even with him, the rest of the team got demolished. Thatas what the current adventure path results.

Gameplay Feedback / Stress cahnges aftermath
 on: January 31, 2020, 03:48:09 PM 
  I wasn't playing when the stress meccanic was changed, altought I understand why. Running around and punching people with shae was dumb fun, but maybe not how the game is intended. I think however  it's not possible to change just the stress mechanic, if I was to ask what is the native's raiders strenght or the wardogs weaknesses the answer is the same, stress management. Just changing the stress made wardog much stronger, while natives are weaker. Let me make you an adectodal example.

   I just played "The mouse and the snake", in character selection the rest of my team is Hive, Alicia, Kuzman, this mean I have to go Shae. I'm not the leader altough it's obvious that none of the other player did this mission before (I think this souldn't happend, the leader should be chosed first among the ones who completed the mission). During the mission Hive would chase boss and beholders aound the map, while I have to kill boss and beholders. With the new stress mechanic we draw more or less the same ammount of aggro, but she have 100 hp with regenration, I have only 60, one of the two can ignore the ads the other can't. There was a moment when I get downed by the AoE of the boss, get up, get downed by two random soldiers less than a second later.

  I'm fine with the stress changes, but they must be followed by some health changes to, especually with more deadly ads. I think that the natives should at least have 80 hp, even if they had only 100 flat hp with nothing else they would be still the most frail faction, 60 is nothing.

Gameplay Feedback / Elites Again
 on: January 31, 2020, 12:23:04 PM 
  I played a lot "upside down" recently and having to fight a lot of elites I changed my opinion with them. I liked a lot how old elites works, mostly because they kept the pace of the game fast. They weren't eassy to learn, but after then it was fun to deal with them. Current elites feels like open heart surgery, but not in the fun way.

Napalm Elites: I didn't play to much with them, however I have a few comments. In certain mission, especially "a breath of hope" their most impactful contribution are special tropps and mad dogs. Now that ads are more dangerous, bazooka ads aìcan be deadly. The fact that they can just call special ads after spawining with no counterplay, I'm not saying it need to be changed, but it's a critical difficulty spike that need to be watched out. My other problem with napalm elites it's their ability, after they activate it only wardogs raider can brawl with them. The other must shoot them, but the ability is a visual overload and tend to screen the napalm elite itself.

Melee elites: I guess I'm fine with them after the graple change, but sure they aren't particularly fun. If you can burst them they are ok, if not it's a long process when you can't do anithyng else. I have a problem of letting them alive while I have noobs in my team, because I know that if I don't kill them we will lose lives. Another problem is with the glow associated with their ability, it dosen't works with certain lightning conditions, most notably in "mind over matter".

Fifth council's shotgun: I'll put this here since it's related to the melee elite, I think that the fifth council's shotgun have a ridiculus knockback. During the mission "In Shock", I was at the bottom of the stairs at the beginning of the bridge. Two shotgun ads apear, and one second later I'm at the top of the staris with no health, I was laugthing as thay made me fall down the staris in reverse. During the mission "upside down", a downed melee elite was able to fend off two raiders at once, someone should look into this.

Snipers: My biggest problem with them is inconsistency, their reaction time is so low that most close range option are inconsitent. As a rule of thumb if you bring a character\weapon good against melee elites won't bee that good against snipers, and the reverse is true too (there are exceptions of course). At best you can bring something that work in a awkard way for both, and when you have to carry noobs you kinda have to. While using a close to mid range character attacking a sniper become a goose chase, and if the sniper graple you, or even only walk in your generakl direction there is nothing you can do to stop her from teleporting. I strongly belive they shouldn't be able to cancel theyr graple into a teleport. It's possible to land a hit, but you have to catch here by surprise, and since we have no way to know when this happen (the stress bar is useless at his point) some player get negative reinforcements from those rare istances. In missions like a "breath of hope" (and the one with the fatties, I don't remember the name) when you have to kill full stack snipers, it's frustrating to have your progress shut down by someone who try a cheeky hit.

Gameplay Feedback / Accessibility
 on: January 28, 2020, 04:26:01 PM 
I just had a game of "the lair of the beast" with half of my team doing for the first time (both rank 5 a Hans and a Rak) and the last one trying Ginebra for the first time (otherwise I don't explain  bringing the ase weapon in this situation). Seing this at the character select I'm force to pick a long rage, Shae. The first section goes meh, with me forced to defend the generator until Hans understand e has to fill it. In the end Ginebra trigger the countdown on the bridge while the rest of team is at the other side of the map. we lost three lives this way. In the actual boss battle, I quickly undesrtand that no one know where the hitbox of the boss are, and for how comunication works in this game I can't tell them how it works. I pass the first half of the boss clearing ads, elite and doing damage at the same time, then they pick up how it works, and we manage ot do it. It isn't fast, we finish our first 16 lives in the process, but we did it.
  The problem is the last part, the one when you have charge the pig in orther to win. I charge it, nobody follow, looters stole it all while I try to get more aleph. For the time the rest of the team understand what must be done, the arena swarm with elites, ads and lotters. For some reason the spawn rate increase as time go one, until four melee elite in one go. We run out of lives and lose.
   This is the main problem  for accessibility right now, and situations like this happened to me three months ago, six month ago, and even when raiders of the broken planet became spacelords. None of the recenet additions and changes adress this, if anithing it made it worse because now it take way more time to kill a single elite. I couldn't pick loath that would let me clear by myself, because in charcater selection I couldn't tell te rest of the team that we need more long range, I couldn't tell Ginebra to wait us, I couldn't explain explain how the boss battle works. Even in the weel of commads, clear ads and kill elites aren't default, nor that I could have used them since I wasn't the leader.  Yet the game punished the team to not bring enough long range, it punishes me to bring a native when no one is clearing, and it punishes noobs for tring to learn the game. How's that accessible?

Bug report & Technical Support / Aneska cloud of death
 on: January 22, 2020, 09:27:43 AM 
  I've been noticing some issues on steam after the last 18 Mb patch. In the mission "Destroyer of worlds", after Aneska refuel with sucess, the empowered plasma barrage glitch. The balls compenetrate each other creating a cloud instead of spreading out, for how the stun works if you get hit by one ball you get it by EVERY ball, killing any raider on one side of the map. Also the missile barrage seems to be faster and deal more damage, if you have less than 100 hp, you have few seconds before get downed, and at that point ou are dead.
    Also the damage of the weapons dosen't add up, and with some characters against 5th council shoting isn't an option. I played to an higher than I'm used to, but I hardly belive the differece between 39-40% and 40-41% can be so dramatic.
   The last thing I wan't to report is the ability of Shae, bewitch, not working properly. A bewithced enemy will be defensive and run away, but when needed he will see you perfectly. Especially snipers elite, they see me coming and teleport if try melee, and if at 0hp they will shoot me regardless of distance.

Suggestions / Path drawing and talent crafting
 on: October 28, 2019, 11:36:05 PM 
  Maybe my approach to talent crafting is wrong, but it would be helpfull if I could draw a path in the cards. So when I'm building something from the lower rows in several days, I don't have to remember what I was doing at every step. I was building patience rare for Doldren, don't judge me, and i end up with a different expensive card I can't even use to craft patience. Having drawn what i was doing before would have helped.
   Also I think that the current crafting system would benefit a lot from a companion app like warframe, even if maybe is not fisable.

Gameplay Feedback / So this was a patch
 on: October 28, 2019, 11:26:31 PM 
   After playing with the new changes let me share what I've learned today. Melee elite now spawn invulnerable to CQC, I don't mind the change, but after seeing how my teamates reacted to it I want the phrase "FOOKING SHOOT AT IT" added to the weel. Snipers elite now spawn twice, unecessary and unimpactful in my opinion. All the religions are wrong, the true gpds are a races called "napalm elites", who smite their divine punishment trought holy orbs that for some reason have more than 100 hp. The tools we had to deal with all of this called "weapons", now feels like nerf's gun against the improved enemies health. I onestly didn't thought the combo could be five hit long. I will admit taht I'm a bit salty to have lost all my progress to improve my mmr in the last few days, but I think that change the game to something completly different isn't good for the game right now.

  On a related note I have to tell about my last match of the day. It was "white noise" on the last heat segment the cooling system kept going off. After we killed the spiders they would spawn again after few second, one time back to back, three times in a row. During this mess a herd of seven melee elite kept killing us until they ran out of aleph. The mission endend in the final phase when a teamate kepst suiciding over and over again. The mission was hilariously unplayable, as it is the whole fifth council campaign right now given the density of elites. I have one question, did u
really had to increase the health of the both the miners?

PS I don't know if it is the timing or some collision physix taking over, but the dodge straight up don't work anymore. A few times i dodge on prevision with a green ping and I still got hit by a punch.

Gameplay Feedback / Aleph impregnated reciver
 on: October 20, 2019, 11:22:32 AM 
  I want to share my experience with the aleph impregnated reciver and share some toughts, mostly because this section is called feedback. Since the heavymetal update I rolled (i.e. it was in the actual prize pool) the reciver three times, opening every deluxe box they gave to me. Of these three times I got the reciver once, that numerically make sense, but if we go in the detail I have to lament the sistem.
  First of all the reciver I actually got was from one of the best mathces I ever played in this game. I lost against an antagonist, but it was onestly an epic battle that could have gone either way (6.6 with a 97% completion) ant the reciver was the cherry on top.
  The other two times I rolled the reciver i didn't get it so it was sent in the daoly chest. Fine the two matches to open those chest as gone as follow: the first time I was in team with a bunch of tier 5 and 6, we had a tier 3 antagonist, after they died two times they surrended. The second time I had to open a chest with an aleph reciver, and only one other piece, I was in team with a tier 6 hive that died more that ten times and then as gone afk. We lost, but the fact that we manage to do half a mission in sudden death make me thinks that if the HIVE would be kicked of earlier we would won.
  Again I understand that the parts should be rare, and thats if I lose I shouldn't get rewarded. I even understand if is intended to us to get one aleph reciver per month and my numbers are normal. What I don't understand is why those numbers are enforced trought BS and toxic players. I don't understand why Cortez trow away my rewards if we surrender few minutes and/or revives in the mission, I don't understand why i don't get an extra part due to disertion, has it gives extra gold and talent points at the end. If I have to get one aleph reciver per month just add one to the monthly rewards, don't make me flip a BS coin.

Gameplay Feedback / New player experience
 on: October 20, 2019, 10:56:27 AM 
  I'm not an expert raider myself, but if I have to put my finger on the worst parts of the game are my first matches and the matches with new players. The fact is that often they just don't pul their wieht or end up just going afk. And that's a shame because the rest of the game is great. Since recently I've been helping a friend of mine beginning the game and I've collected some suggestion to help new players.

- Substitute Harec from the beginning raiders: my friend play snipers in almost every shooter she can, but she hate to play Harec. He is quite complicate to play in a fast pase game, and require a lot more experience. It dosen't appeal to snipers main from other games, and risk to misguide them about the game. If we confront him with other  natives raiders, Shae is more forgiving and Doldren is more straight forward, both of them would be a better starting raider than Harec. I know there are lore reasons, but not lose one fourth of the new players base should come first.

- Give players training grounds to try new raiders: my friend is scared to try anithyng but Kostantin, she fears to perform poorly. And she had some good precedents too, yesterday all the HIVE we found ended up going afk, one of them costing me an aleph reciver. It's ok to expect that exerienced player can figure out a character on the fly, or at least don't be a dead weight, it's not so easy for someone new. Even the fact that the training mode as to be unlocked completing five times the mission, i understand the intent, but it cut out new players from having something they actually need.

-Remove the antagonist win conditions if there is no antagonist: i'm talking about sudden death and the fact that the ads spawn rate increase over time. Again I understand the presence of certain mecanics make sense with an antagonist, but for new players they just feels like undeserved middlefingers. Consider that new players  will encounters those mecanics trought afk and toxic players, so it feels even worse.

Edit: Quick note on the Aleph changes gone live today. You guys really hate new players don't you?

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