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Spacelords’ Advice / Beginner Question - Character Abilities
 on: September 11, 2019, 05:20:36 AM 
Hey there! Just got into this game a week ago and am already I'm in love with the character designs/gameplay. Just got to level 17 and I can't wait to unlock more characters and story! However, I likely have the most basic of basic questions but, here it goes: where can I find the controls on how to activate each character's abilities?

I'm on the xboxone and I did the tutorial with Alicia, but not every character works the way she does. I've seen people cling/teleport to walls with Harec or heal in different ways with H.I.V.E., but I can't seem to do so myself?

I've tried watching videos on youtube about each character's abilities but I just don't get how to ACTUALLY activate them? Alicia (on the xbox) requires you to use RB to climb walls but then also RB and zoom to aim while in mid air (like warframe, which I love).

Again, I know this is a very dumb question but I just can't seem to find the specific controls both in game and on youtube tutorials. Can anyone help? It's hopefully a super simple thing that I'm just missing/misunderstanding.

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