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Suggestions / Please rework mikah's ability Cooldown
 on: August 23, 2021, 10:35:37 AM 
mikah' decoy cooldown management should act like iune's heal, bullet hits reduce the cooldown timer.

The problem with mikah's clone is that i want to use it hyperactively, constantly tricking enemies and teleport from one place to another.

but when it gets destroyed, the cooldown is jarring, completely nullifying all potential tactics and turns mikah into a basic third person shooter.

either that, or make dismissing the clone instantaneous.

Suggestions / Ideas to improve CQC
 on: October 16, 2020, 03:56:22 PM 
DISCLAIMER: Ok i know i can be a bit harsh on you Devs sometimes, but i love you and i love the game, i wish for it to grow and evolve into something this small community can be proud of <3

That being said, i must address some issues with one of my favorite mechanic in the game, CQC.

CQC has been in the back seat for the last couple of updates, getting ruined over and over again.
1. You removed the need for ammo, less reason to use my fist introduced aleph bombs, a very spammable and toxic way to end a fight with 0 effort
3. You removed insta kill grabs, and replaced it with a grab throw that have been pretty underwhelming

I am going to suggest new ideas for CQC without killing off any of these features that you've put in the game

Fight chance> all characters receive 5% reduced damage from shots when engaging in CQC, this is a miniature Kevlar that should help people who like to fight close but can't because everyone's shoot8ng

Aleph bombing issue> throwable aleph explodes ONLY when you aim throw it, this to prevent people from spamming the aleph button while sprinting or sliding which poses no threat, no effort and guarantees a win everytime

Grab meter> you can introduce a grab meter that exhausts after multiple grabs in a short time, which limits the rate of grabs you can do per second, at max meter, the grab insta kills like old times, also grabs damage increases by 50%

Please improve melee, introduce more brawler CQC characters and weapons, constantly update it, it's one of the core features in the game

Gameplay Feedback / Schneider: the glass cannon
 on: August 23, 2020, 03:58:45 AM 
Schneider was nerfed last year to exhibit reduced health when deploying the drone, this nerf while it took me time to comprehend, is actually not that bad, Schneider IS powerful and only a local spacelord should have this much direct damage power


What i hate is, when a nerf happens to a character, it seems that MSE doesn't actually compare it or balance around the other cons of that character

Schneider is now a glass cannon, ok, but is the cooldown really necessary now? Shouldn't it be reduced by 50% since his health got reduced by 50%?

It says in the character cons that without the drone he is defenseless, but that was a while back, now without the drone he is defenseless and WITH the drone he is weak

All characters with reduced health penalty like ginebra or locals have almost complete access to their ability at all times, or a passive way to negate the cooldown like iune

Give Schneider a passive ability to recover the destroyed drone, while nerfing staple band-aid cards like overclocking

Gameplay Feedback / Aleph bombing is completely broken and unfair
 on: August 17, 2020, 08:39:45 PM 
I'm seriously so sick of this, all players  have to do to win a CQC fight is to drop aleph

Any CQC management or tricks is thrown out of the table as long as i have aleph

Like, who seriously thought about this? This is not fun nor fair.
I have tolerated this game for so long, but you add weird features no one asked for, or liked.

I tried killing more than one enemy in beast form
And in normal form, but they don't work, they don't proc

I suggest you take a second look at loath's cards

I had this hades division melee focus character idea
His name is Shanzhai (copycat in Chinese) and he looks like this kabuki ninja looking melee fighter

His abilities are his superior procedural and photographic memory that allow him to learn the fighting style of any chatacter just by watching them, he can then detect the opponents next attack

Ability: photographic reflexes :

Shanzhai marks a target to study them,

The target has to be in line of sight to complete the copying proccess

Once you copy their moves you gain their movement speed+their melee animations+theu finisher animations

Hold the ability and choose a set of 3 CQC moves,a combination that if the copied target automatically counter them with the appropriate CQC move

Weapons: shanzhai uses a collection of classic flint lock rifles that fire rounds that explode in a small radius and explosion damage falls off over radius distance
headshots won't cause a damage fall off in the explosion radius

What are his downsides? His weapons falls off over distance
And if he copies a council elite or raider he gains reduced movement speed

The target also has to be in line of sight and use his melee once for him to be able to copy the target

Gameplay Feedback / The epic forge update broke my heart
 on: January 21, 2020, 08:27:00 AM 
"When we designed the Epic Properties, we gave them the enough amount of power so they could be the true protagonists of this Epic Forge update. This means we have to cut off some of the damage budget from the old forge properties."

You lowered all basic stats, reduced them to rubble so you can increase the potency and effectiveness of advanced features

The result is no one uses basic features anymore
Caliber is clearly carbage
And critical stats aren't that strong or frequent anymore
Along with other stats like arsenal

The sad truth is i can put 15 points in toxin on a weapon and nothing else and still get an absurdly powerful weapon

Epic forge was supposed to bring balance between basic and advanced features...allowing players to think outside the box and spec their weapons stats differently and creatively

I thought epic forge was going to finally put an end to bland one way builds

But it got even worse where you really only need one stat...toxin

The future? Well i highly expect a toxin nerf and then weapons will feel garbage again...and we'll fall onto this spiral of never ending nerfs and broken updates until the game finally meets it's coffin

This is the beginning of the end of spacelords
Don't say i didn't warn ya

Gameplay Feedback / I am tired of this game's connection issues
 on: January 18, 2020, 07:02:58 AM 
If i see one more Dev telling me to play at a specific time within a specific region then i'm gonna loose it

Can't you MSE find a solution to this messy P2P system?
Make a hybrid network for example, i don't know

Why did you take arsenal from hans' rimbaud and USU
Arsenal is essential for these weapons especially
You took away the core function of these weapons

If you're going to nerf hans' weapons like that then buff his jetpack

Make it more accessible
Make it recharge like kuzman's ability but faster

Because it seems that not only did you add new stats, you changed some too

I don't want to waste a blueprint or gold and turns out i should've waited a couple more days

Makkari is a Local athlete who is obsessed in going faster

Our speedy new friend here uses aleph's energy as a propeller to grant him immense speed...

He modified his broken planet tissue and reformed it to be as aerodynamic as possible.

With 4 engines 2 located on his elbows and the other 2 on his calves

Ability: makkari has 4 stacks in his ability that he can generate by performing 2 parkour maneuvers at time ...such as sprinting then sliding, jumping then sliding, sprint jumping twice, or jumping then climbing

Once he gets a stack he can consume it by pressing the ability key to dash forward 10 meters distance

If he gets more than one stack he can hold the ability to sprint in a suspended dash until he reaches maximum distance,each stack lets him travel 10 meters so 4 stacks =40 meters dash

Weapons: makkari makes use of a lightweight, coil guns, the coils once activated by performing a dash will accelerate the projectile giving it more accuracy, narrow spread and punchthrough   punch through is a new feature that allows you to shoot through walls and enemies...

Gameplay Feedback / What's wrong with the connection?
 on: December 12, 2019, 10:40:45 PM 
My internet's super fine but the ping is so broken
With multiple hosts
Antagging is now a nightmare
And i get teleported off the map for no reason

Spacelords’ Advice / Who's the fastest spacelord(with Cards)
 on: November 30, 2019, 10:40:28 AM 
Who's the Fastest ON THE GROUND?

Do you think the cooldown on hans' jetpack needs some changes?
And implement a new fuel management system to his jetpack?

When his jetpack got nerfed it was reasonable because the game was still starting out, everything was hard or unfinished...the antag mode was really broken back then

But now the game evolved and moved on...maybe he needs to be a little bit smoother

MY SUGGESTION: ....add an overheat mechanic to the jetpack....if the Bar reaches 0 it overheats and goes through it's 14 seconds cooldown
If it didn't the fuel will start to recharge at a fast rate
To explain more so people don't think i'm confusing fuel with overheating
The bar is how much the jetpack is overheating like konstantine's guns

I still think he needs this
At least it's going to open a possibility to use cards other than fuel capacity or emergency reserve

Gameplay Feedback / I'm never antagging again
 on: November 16, 2019, 01:23:33 PM 
Antag used to be my one of my favorite PVP game modes
The satisfaction of knowing that you fought an 5v1 battle and won is unrivaled

But something happened right after latest update
First of all i have a very good internet connection
But this is like the 5th or 4th time that i get a host with trash internet that messes up with my inputs

It's unplayable....i'm basically fighting the internet not the players

Second, something happened with the MMr made enemies dumber than usual

So basically what i'm saying's a lot easier and better now to play as a raider which many people wanted and asked for...and made antag gameplay almost unplayable

So yeah i will never use this mode again
Sure it means that i won't get higher rewards in the monthly table...and i won't get better XP

But who cares right?

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