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Gameplay Feedback / People sabotaging the game
 on: November 07, 2019, 11:51:08 PM 
Serious question, and I hope mods answer this. Why you not punish people who sabotage matchmaking? 4 riders to the max lvl, with an MMR of 32%? And no, they weren't bad, they were pretty good. But they keep their MMR low so they don't lose important matches and not lose resources, I understand that. But they keep low their MMR deliberately to sabotage the games. We all know that this is a reality, but in case you had doubts, I even asked one of the riders if he was keeping under his MMR and he confessed to doing so.

But they make this something impossible to play as pvp, they sabotage the matchmaking, they sabotage the MMR and drops to 5%; then the MMR of antagonists players falls to <29% and what happens? MMR drops to -% cuz I don't fucking know why, even if the MMR of the raiders is higher...
It is impossible to play as an antagonist in a game with 5% difficulty... engineers don't even appear!
Devs, seriously, do you even play your own game?

And for the other players, what do you think might be a possible solution? My obvious solution is BAN people who sabotage the game. Another possible action to be done is change the rewards system, I understand that these saboteurs do it so they not lose them rewards, maybe change to another system that doesn't encourage this type of attitude. But I don't think this would work, I think the problem is that veteran players hate losing. Even before they put on this new system of daily rewards, there were already people in the forum who talked about keeping their MMR low because they couldn't win otherwise... Another solution is to completely discard the MMR system and create a difficulty system calculated on the average levels in the match, impossible to sabotage, but veteran players who are really bad players will have a hard time...

Gameplay Feedback / Ayana Kwena too much life
 on: November 01, 2019, 01:30:19 AM 
I just played as antagonist against an Ayana Kwena who I needed to hit 72 to kill her. What cards can you do that with? Don't you think that needs a nerf? Not even H.I.V.E. with her life pool at full can resist so much.

Español (foro general) / Nueva parche, una terrible idea
 on: July 03, 2019, 10:44:52 PM 
En serio deben despedir al genio a quien se le ocurrió el nuevo sistema de recompensas. ¿A quién se le ocurrió que subir solo 1 nivel al día era buena idea? Por favor, no quieran vernos la cara de tontos a los jugadores, se nota a leguas de distancia que lo único que quieren es sacarnos dinero comprando EXP... es como esos juegos de celular donde tienes energía limitada al día. Ganar 900 de oro por partida, 0 EXP por partida, y no tener la posibilidad de obtener un blueprint hasta finales de mes es una burla; no pueden tener un juego donde el grindeo es base con esas características...

En serio, no se quieran burlar de nosotros. Si quieren ganar dinero, denos mejor contenido. Coloquen skins, alguna super expansión que valga la pena comprar, eventos, o los battle pass que están tan de moda. Pero no se quieran pasar de listos y querer sacarnos dinero vendiendo EXP... así no se trata a la player base. Y menos si su juego es un fracaso ya de por sí (no nos mintamos, Spacelords es un fracaso... ningún juego donde la mitad de las partidas te rellenan el equipo con bots es un éxito); no se burlen en la cara de los pocos jugadores que mantienen vivo su juego; esta nueva expansión si dura más de esta semana, va a terminar de matar su juego.

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