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Gameplay Feedback / antag frustration
 on: October 09, 2019, 01:42:06 AM 
good that you have both feedback and suggestion.
I'm now loosing for 15-20 games (winning 2-3 in between) dropping my mmr from 50 to 28.
I only play antag for that monthly score of 260, and I've got 9+ on most mission with raider mmr of 50.

And still, with mmr 28 as antag, I still feel like I have no chance at all:
antag mmr 32, raider mmr 36 = 30 diff
antag mmr 30, raider mmr 37 = 34 diff (very same team, next match)

When I run as Lycus, I get taken down by two shots from pretty much anyone while doing 10 damage at most with one shot 5m away.
As Hans with Usu and linear moment card, I can hardly wound a Kuzman with a whole magazine. Even if I wound him, I land and punch, he does his slow roll away and three raiders punch and grab at the same time.

As soon as I show up, I have 4 raiders running my way, doing insane damage at a distance.

Also raiders at mmr 37 are three purple tier 1 and one purple tier 2, playing as a premade team. As soon as I start ghosting as Doldren, they immediatly huddle together. When I was only 37 mmr raider, I hardly knew how to do a mission, let alone how to counter an antag.

Now about the times I've won:
One time, the connection lagged so much (host disconnecting?) I couldn't even choose my raider. Somehow got a weak team and killed them with hyperbole.
Second time, I used easter egg on medias res, so much, that they gave up. Same tactic I used with Shakura before the patch.
Third time, I thought I wasn't seeing right. I had four with mmr 50, some well known. Their mission difficulty was 80! I didn't survive 3 seconds and couldn't even kill a single raider. Somehow they managed to get to the second part of aneskas map until the grunts killed them. I still got a 10 even though they got pretty far.

fyi: I know that I'm very bad as antag. I know that and I enjoy being a raider. With mmr 50, I do alright I think. But that monthly score is motivating me to try the other side and so far it is frustrating as hell and I don't understand your mmr system at all. Loosing 20+ games in a row should not be normal, it is not fun dying all the time immediatly after spawning because it's 4vs1. Mobs are either non-existand and killed as soon as they spawn (there are no mobs to command) or in very rare cases they do all the work.

Gameplay Feedback / Feedback of new update
 on: October 01, 2019, 08:41:27 AM 
Since discord moves a bit fast for feedback, here is mine:

- Talent cards. I like the non-randomness. The point-cost and waiting times are fine. The gold cost to skip time is fine until a couple of hours. From 1800 to 250k. Please make a cap of 50k.

- Sööma catharsis. Good buff, now it's useful. Last vial seems better, but could need some more buffs. Please buff Aneska in a similar fashion or give her a cool new weapon.

- Hive debuffs. Why? I barely understand that plague got debuffed.

- Shakura & Whip. Whip still feels bad compared to other raiders. Shakura is weird, you nerfed it too much. The damage is very low and it mostly useful for melee. Having it be around you feels unuseful. However the "follow" aspect would have been a perfect fit for Whip.

- Aleph throwing and dropping. As an antag, I enjoy it immensely that they explode fast.

- Unlimited ammo. This feels like a big change. When I started Space lords, there was no dropping stuff. Elites had the aleph withing, and melee transferred it. From then you introduced and removed drops again.
Unlimited ammo changes a lot of things. Some cards that are still in the game are completely useless now. This makes this addition feel rushed. Some weapons/raiders are way better & easier to play than others. Balancing it out will take a lot of time.

Suggestion: make unlimited ammo temporary (and returning) like "unlimited-ammo-tuesday" and add "double-aleph-wednesday". This would make it a fun and changing game.

Gameplay Feedback / Feedback after 1-2 months off
 on: August 11, 2019, 10:47:38 AM 
Hi, so I've stopped playing after prices galore (before Sööma) and now I've played a few matches as raider and wanted to let you know how I feel, since quite a lot has changed.

Sööma: I tried her ability in solo mode first. I don't want to let a team down. However it doesn't work there. I'm still experimenting with her, she seems okay-ish, much like Aneska, but maybe a bit more fun. I somehow think she was especially made to keep the old man alive.

Aleph drops: I had to ask that online how it works after I played a match. I'm not that big of a fan, becausing meleeing elites doesn't feel as rewarding. Also it's quite hard to see where/when/how the aleph-deposits get new aleph. However, Ginebra is probably more useful, as are other that can't go into melee as easily.
It really changed the gameplay more to that of a normal shooter, because you don't need to melee all that much.

General Gameplay: I don't know what really changed, but it feels a lot more chaotic and fast. Perhaps there are more ennemies, or the camera angle changed?

Difficulty: White tiers (even tier 1) seem to suck more than before, but that probably means, that beginners have more fun playing and stick to it.
Antags are tough, even when they are low tier. I still have to figure out how they can start a hunt for a raider. I think they have more fun than before, and I am fine with that.

Gameplay change: Kuzman got a shield? Okay, glad that you keep tweaking the game with some nice extras. Don't know if that shield is relevant though, but whatever.

Emotes: Love em! The new emotes are really cool. But since they have to be bought for every raider, I should really focus on 2-3 raiders at most.

Red Sun Event: That new sword does not look great, very similar to the other sword and is very expensive. The weapon skin is not all too great as well and hella expensive. I don't dislike events like these and I hope that it brings more money to you (you deserve it for the whole game!). I hope this pays off but it's not for me.

Give Elites one aleph back as well as having (fewer) aleph stacks spawn on the map. And/or make the aleph on the map have an aleph outline you can see through walls, just like ennemies. Perhaps make it noticeable a bit before it spawn, so players rush towards the spawnpoint.

I would prefer to give more meaning to melee. You balanced it a bit too much in favour of just shooting things.

All in all:
Great to see that the game surprises me and that you experiment with things. I'll keep playing (more casually for personal reasons) and spending money if I think something looks cool and is not overpriced.

Gameplay Feedback / opinion on team up or die and MvP
 on: June 01, 2019, 10:35:10 AM 

I've played over a dozen matches with the team up or die patch.

I'm a bit indifferent on the 2.5 seconds wounded time, it feels faster but less threatening. It's probably good for beginners. It's really good that we can move and aim normally while wounded, however I sometimes don't notice that I am wounded. Maybe make the screen a tint more red.

The team leader feature, I hate it. It's noisy, it doesn't help if we know what we are doing, if we don't, we probably can't read it anyway because there is so much going on. The commands are not adapted to every situation/team. If I see the antag, I'm gonna attack, if I see an objective, I'm gonna do it, if I see grunts, I'm gonna kill them. Split labour is a problem with biggers maps, one person can't kill only engineers.
Of course I'm gonna give the leader a thumbs up, it's not costing me anything and he gets some pink-currency.

Talking of the pink-currency, please give us more things to spend it on. I have 9999+ (I hope they are not lost) and I wouldn't know what to do with it.

Now for the suggestions:
Raider select, loading screens, as well as intro videos (especially when you skipped and they still go on for 1-2 minutes) would be a great time for team-discussion. Please give us options (either full text or premade phrases like now) during that time.
I want to say to beginners "we need a ranged raider, please pick Harec or Shae", or "we need a tank, please consider 5th council" or "we lack boss damage, please pick accordingly". Also during cutscenes we could say things like "I take the turret tower on the left", "I put aleph in the reactor on top".
And I miss the "come here command", but I understand that you had to cut something.

Now for the teamleader-vote: please change it so that everyone can give a vote to one raider of their choosing that did good. And keep the part, where you can only pick them once per day (or whatever the limit is). It would be way more rewarding and the mission points don't reflect well boss-damage and similar stuff.

On picking the team leader, just a fun suggestion: how about him wearing a crown, and when he dies, he drops it and someone else can pick it up? and if the antag picks it up he can mock the team with commands (not spam).

Also idea for pink currency: aesthetic features like sunglasses, backpacks etc. (maybe only to rent) if that isn't too much work. Or let us bid on who becomes team leader, blind bid and whoever bid the most gets it.

I hope my feedback helps, and for whoever responds, please keep the feedback CONSTRUCTIVE or make your own rant thread.

Hey, so I did some tests with Hans, using the Usu, always on fistful of sand on solo, hardest mode.
The cards I tested were: linear moment (rare) and non-rare Turbojet.
The damage was always tested on shotgunners, torso shots, no crits.

My findings:
Damage non-flight: 35
Damage flight (no cards): 60
Damage with Turbojet: 79
Damage with linear moment: 81

With Aleph boost:
Damage with Turbojet: 82
Damage with linear moment: 85

Given some variation, I estimated the average.

- There is no significant difference between +25% faster travel and +75% faster bullets, this should be very weird.
- There is (probably) no significant difference between aleph boost and no aleph boost on both cards, which should be mathematicly unlikely.

This would imply, that there is either a function involved with diminished return on investment (logarithm or square root), or there is a maximum speed modifier on the weapon. Both seem unlikely in game design (but possible).

Dear MSE, could you please check your formulas. If you are allowed to share them, I would be very interested.

Edit: for further testing my hypothesis, I would need a Rak with frenzied tracker, hoping that it works on flight as well.

Suggestions / reduce the money won
 on: May 11, 2019, 01:12:53 PM 
In my opinion (as a very regular player), I get too much money. At lvl 200 I had every blueprint for every gun and also every raider. Now at the end of may I'll probably have enough money for every gun I could possibly want and probably for some other as well.

With forge 20 weapons, it's pretty easy getting to 280 fame points and you just get a stupid high amount of money.

My suggestions includes all that bickering about antags: For the monthly points, only count antag matches. It would reward them way more. The way it is now (and always was), an antag lowers your score by way too much, so that they feel like they are costing you money.

I'd like the feeling when I see that I get an antag: "well, one of us is making lots of profit". So in general I'd like non-antag matches to make less money, and antag-matches to make more (for example through that monthly reward).

The problem is that now that I have a score of around 300, I no longer feel motivated to play, since it's unlikely to get a higher score. I mainly wait for friends to come online and to play with them.

Yesterday I was playing Valeria with Shakura on a low blow. On the third part I carried the team at the end killing 50-100 mobs easily when they tried to rush to the elevator. However in the end it showed only 24 mobs killed.

Is it possible that only Hades count for kills, and not Wardogs? Is it possible that only Gunshots and melee count, and not Shakura-only kills?

Seeing a Doldren with an empty cardslot and a forge 0 weapon be the MvP was a letdown. (the other 2 were probably worse)

Suggestions / Renting Raiders
 on: May 02, 2019, 09:35:23 PM 
Just an idea that raiders won't necessarily like but would encourage gameplay and motivate to get money even on high levels.

How about you can't buy a raider forever but only buy 500 lives for 50k, everytime you die ingame or loose a match, you loose one life.
If you die very little, you have plenty of cash for weapons, if you die a lot, you don't.

It would also encourage people to spend more real life money, and it would not be pay to win.  It might however discourage people from helping newbies, so perhaps mentor matches would give +5 lives as reward.

Suggestions / constructive suggestion for antag and complainers
 on: April 19, 2019, 11:04:34 AM 
I've read on the (nonofficial) discord, that complaining about antags is reason for bans.
While the complaints didn't bother me there, they bother me here,  especially when people write in all caps, repeat the same message over different threads and don't bring new suggestions/demands/arguments.

This being said, I understand that some people would prefer to play without antag.

Suggestion: In options, make a "no antag" option. And only if all 4 raiders have this option crossed, then the game will not have an antag. So in a random match with people, that's unlikely. But if you and your three friends would really enjoy the game without it, then you won't get antag. It would also help players find together to help them with their mission rewards and team up for that. And teaming up and working together is always great for the community.

Assuming (wrongly) that some people would only play without antag, this would allow them to play with their friends and waiting queues would not be longer for the rest.

2 other things I want to get off my chest:
- if you don't believe that a game is good/fun or will ever be good/fun, don't play it, don't post on the forum.
- to all the mods, devs & so on, I hope you are aware that it might be a very vocal minority that complain about specific things. It still feels bad reading it over and over again and I'm glad you're on discord as well, where you can see & read that people are having lots of fun with your wonderful game, even without censorship.

Spacelords’ Advice / Mikahs Barrier and Spiral clip
 on: April 15, 2019, 11:19:33 AM 
Hi, I asked already on Discord. Nobody was sure and it was suggested that I ask MSE directly.

Mikash Barrier weapon uses the rest of the clip to convert it as a shield. The shield seems to have 2 variables, duration and HP.
If I use the clip with 50% (10 out of 20) bullets left, the shield starts with 50% HP and I believe full duration.

What is the effect of spiral clip to the shield? Does it have 50% more HP (since I use 30 bullets to spawn it)? Does it change anything of the max duration?

Or is it more like you use 100% of the clip then you get 100% shield, not regarding how big the clip is?

Thanks in advance

Suggestions / specific tips by default
 on: April 10, 2019, 08:16:31 PM 
Hi, at around lvl 200 I figured out, that if you keep "2" pressed, the goal-tips get very specific and would actually help.
On discord people agree, that no beginners knows that.

It seems to me, that this would help beginners a lot, but they don't know it. Why aren't these specific tips on by default. Feel free to have people change it in settings, just like ping/fps etc. Some might even light no tips at all.

I think this wouldn't take much time to program, but it sure would help a hell of a lot.

Suggestions / reversing passive skills
 on: March 22, 2019, 07:00:30 AM 
a lot of people are angry at newbies, because they don't understand the objective, but also because they die a lot.
They die more than higher tiers because of their lower forge and lower passive skills.
Does it make sense, that in a game with equal difficulty during a match the higher tiers need less tactics, less prudence than beginners?

My suggestion would be to either change the forging or the passive skills to something, that makes lower tiers better at either melee or shooting than higher tiers. To me it would make complete sense that "tier -" receive 50% less bullet damage, and deal 50% more bullet damage than higher tiers.
This way I'd be kinda glad when they join my game. They can play it as a normal shooter and should try to avoid melee. While I (as a higher tier) have to go behind cover when the bullets come flying, and go into melee more often.

You could also make it the other way around and let beginners go into melee while higher tiers have to stay behind and shoot.

Gameplay Feedback / My way to level 199
 on: March 15, 2019, 09:15:13 PM 
Hi, I just reached level 199 and wanted to share how I got there a bit.

First some stats:
It took me 338 hours and with the last match, I got all the raiders as well. I've got some nice forge 10 weapons (around 6) and I'm soon gonna buy better ones.

How it all started: I forgot how I found out about the game, I think I googled MMO-PVE or something. The Coop shooter aspect of the game intrigued me.
After installing, I immediately joined a match as I wanted to see if the game was to my liking. I got put into a Kuzzman map and the only Raider still available was Alicia. I felt like I picked someone useless, I can mainly remember the low range and that there was a lot happening. I really liked the visuals, that I took cover so flawlessly and since other people played it, I sticked with it for a more thorough review.
Afterwards I tried Konstantin and a bit of Harec. I mainly skipped Lycus because of his shotgun and my bad experience with Alicia. The game soon told me to buy Hans and I’m glad I did. I thought he was “better” since he needed a higher level, and he was a bit faster than Konstantin.
Since I watched a movie next to the game a lot of times, I didn’t get any audio cue of what to do. (my bad, dear game designers)
At first I wanted to level up for the new maps, but I had my difficulty understanding them. Dr Kuzman = no melee (took me a match), another one was lost because I didn’t even see the timer, then I picked up on the timer and people pulling the lever.
Breath of hope was easy but it took my many more levels to understand how to destroy the guardians. Same for finding the old man and realizing it was his health on top. Then I slowly understood that it’s about putting aleph into everything.
On the enemy within I was one of those shouting “out of ammo” in the second part, I had to idea what to do. Somewhere I bought the Tarrasque (didn’t get the hang of it) and bought the heavens bane for Hans, which I liked a lot.
At the point I watched Hihsasukes Youtube videos to see which Raider I wanted. The Barrier of Mikah was the most fascinating, because I didn’t understand when I healed, I think. Stress was still a difficult concept. After Mikah, I saw that Schneider was my thing, because he looked fun and Mikah lacked damage potential (with defensive barrier, yeah yeah)
On the map side: Short fused, I didn’t get the “carry bottles” until 5-6 matches in, I didn’t get the “shoot the thing to save time” until 40 matches in probably. But at least I got “collect aleph and put it in” part.
On no reservations, it took me a match or two to know what that timer was for and way more games to know when/how to grab to pesky sharpshooters that kept teleporting.
A weapon from the past felt okay to understand, I probably got killed by the bomb a bit when someone dropped it.
Marmaleda was tough but I got the hang of it. A bit later, I noticed thanks to Hihsasuke videos that the sidefaces were weak as well. Might have been at that point that I understood that bright yellow things are vulnerabilities.
Somewhere at that point I bought Schneider, his basic weapon felt super powerful and everything got easier. It was mostly because Hihsasuke recommended the “Cold Blood” card and it helped me heal. Still, I didn’t understand the link between healing and pressure.
To skip ahead, Aneskas map was easy, similar to Valerias. On white noise I thought it was a bug that made me levitate to my death for like 2-3 tries and I tried to avoid that map.
On the hanging by the ceiling map, I understood the basic principle. However I didn’t see that we could shoot the spider down before it grabs it’s head and it took my some “come to me”s to know why the head should be put on a podest far away from the spider.
Somewhere there I bought Shae, thought here beginner weapon was crappy, as the enemies hid before it was loaded. Still, I bought her other weapons, including the Aasi Dagan which I liked a lot.
After Schneider, Mikah and Shae, I felt I had all the raiders I really wanted to try. I wanted to level up for better passives until a friend from my guild told me that it was capped. So I got to that level. When I heard that there was a cap for forge level, I got told I shouldn’t waste money on lower forges. I think at that point I joined discord and got some good tips.
When I bought the other raiders, I had the following thoughts (in order of buying)
Ginebra, does VERY little damage except when lucky enough to push someone.
Hive, not good against bosses, not for range, not my cup of tea.
Rak, actually not bad, his pirachas take a bit long to load.
Valeria, looked fun at first but she’s slow and her healing is bad (compared to cold blood Schneider)
Aneska (not very powerful and her mech is blocking my view, low range)
Iune (fun, got mercy, but low health)
Loath (saw him tear down Schneiderbot, which impressed me, love his knockback effect weapon, but 100 hp in high MMR wasn’t enough)
Kuzman (low damage compared to Schneider and slow)
Ayana (ability was better than expected, weapon is so-so, not good against bosses)
Doldren (bought him last, took a bit of understanding to do damage with the weapon, but not active enough)

At the end I understood that most sucked a bit, because I compared them to forge lvl 10 weapons of Schneider and Shae. Now I’m eager to try some of them out.

Hope this helps good players to understand bad players, game devs to understand noobs and perhaps noobs to understand the game 😊
 Thanks for reading, and if you have any questions, do ask.

Suggestions / Monetization ideas
 on: March 09, 2019, 08:48:33 AM 
I would like to have this thread to gather ideas from players, where they would like to spend their hard earned gold or real money.
I do this because for me, the alternative skins really don't look any better than the normal ones and buying gold feels like cheating.

I did however notice in one video that there is a new currency coming and perhaps the devs already got great ideas that they are just not ready yet to tell us.

I enjoy that the game is not pay to win, but I feel a bit bad, playing it as much without spending some real money.

My two ideas:
- Being able to name some of the normal Mobs. Every small enemy has a name (some really funny) and I would pay some money to name one. I wouldn't even mind killing a Boaty McBoatface. Like 2€ to put a name in the list. The list of names would just get longer, the more people pay. (no insults, no real names etc. would apply)

- When dead, paying 40k to switch to antagonist. (why would I pay 40k to ressurect, that's more than the rewards of any mission?) I would like to beat the snot out of some melee Harecs.

Gameplay Feedback / flashy visual effects
 on: March 04, 2019, 09:34:05 PM 
The game has way more flashy effects than I'd like, for example when you get healed by Valerias portal, it just flashes you every 2 seconds.
Similar when you have lots of explosions and similar things.

Does anybody have a similar impression?

Before you comment on my display, I have reduced the blue-light spectrum, toned done the brightness and toned down the brightness ingame. But it's still very subjective.

Any possibility to reduce the bright effects (explosions and thelike) would be welcome.

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