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Spacelords Universe / Ginebra life model
 on: March 02, 2021, 01:18:49 AM 
Im hoping a dev or someone on the creative team sees this..

Im an art student and was wondering if a real model was used for Ginebra's body type. This week in class we are making torsos out of clay and as much as I would love to just use Ginebra as my reference, my professor would suggest I get references from real life, which makes sense. So I'm wondering where the character design concepts for her character may have came from or what real life people she may have a similar body type to.

If someone on the creative team could help me with this question as a fellow artist to another, id greatly appreciate it.

Spacelords Universe / last login
 on: December 29, 2020, 11:32:23 PM 
steam says I haven't played since February 13th, its true gears of war took my interest, and now genshin impact has its claws in me.

So did I miss anything interesting? any new characters? new levels and story? all I ever hear about this game is how unfair the hero or antag system is by a youtuber I watch.

Whats new with you? how was your holiday?

Spacelords Universe / This forum needs some improvements
 on: February 04, 2020, 07:35:47 PM 
a like or dislike/up post or down post type of thing. Cause sometimes I see posts on here and I just want to like it because I agree, I dont wanna make a whole reply.

Spacelords’ Advice / debauchery card
 on: April 13, 2019, 10:49:06 PM 
there is a card for the umbra war dogs class, and the card reads that shots from the remaining 75% of your clip cause 100% more reaction, and 300% with an aleph boost. what does this mean? I thought it would cause bad guys to stagger more but I don't see it happening ever.

Suggestions / inside spacelords #13
 on: March 22, 2019, 03:17:16 AM 
new hub? I don't give a shit, its fine right now there are more important things this game needs.

more emotes, skins, and weapons? hell yeah

strange hammer at the end of video, implementing a new kind of mode? hell yeah

rewards for stacking missions and special rewards at the end of the month? hell yeah

what ticks me off though? no news on revamping the boring/broken/unexplained card system everyone has been bitching about?
seriously, I just want this redone. most the skills on the cards aren't even that good or don't matter unless your super high leveled. The shuffle system blows too. Why do I have to give away cards only to get the same ones again? let me trade cards with players, let me keep a big ass scrap book and build bigger and better decks, with more perks other than just ability cool downs. I'm talking cards that give you more gold, affiliation points (though those are really useless right now too.) Hell I would take cards with negative effects to them to provide a challenge so long as they gave bigger rewards for putting them in the deck. I don't care if you want to keep shuffle so long as I can store, trade, or spend for some kind of points for the extras I give. like fuck whoever has a hard on in the development team for this current card system, ditch it and give us a spacelords poker mini game if you are so in love with cards, or hell make a character who's ability is shuffling multiple decks in game, or just throws fucking cards I dunno but I hate the current card system we have in place.

it just makes the game stagnant. Once you get the best cards for the type of build you are going for then theres no sense to shuffle them back into the deck when you have the best hand. And once you are high enough level EVERYONE will run around with that card deck meta.

Just change it already....

everything else is going well. I'm going to keep buying skins, but seriously don't waste time on the hub theres more important stuff to change and update. Like more missions....OR CARDS.

Bug report & Technical Support / Fith council not unlocking
 on: March 09, 2019, 02:20:03 AM 
So I just played destroyer of worlds twice and watched all the theater modes, even got the theater where the big devil guy is doing some grand speech to his army. Yet I look in the theater mode and it says I'm missing a cinematic.  I watched them all so I dont know what the heck is going on. Fith council is my final campaign and yet it won't.  Unlock.  What gives?

Spacelords Universe / A pro scene?
 on: February 27, 2019, 05:58:58 AM 
I feel like a pro/ competitive mode for spacelords could help it grow, but as of now it doesnt support any kind of competitive aspect. It would need a new mode.

If it did, what mode would you want to see? Or think would be fun? Or nah keep that stuff away from my spacelords?

Spacelords Universe / Linking accounts
 on: January 26, 2019, 03:03:37 AM 
Hey I started playing the game on ps4...but what about on steam and xbox? Can I link my accounts somehow so I can keep all my stuff? Or would have to play them all over again??

Spacelords Universe / Exclusive rewards
 on: January 25, 2019, 10:44:28 PM 
So I understand some skins are for the veteran players but I didnt even know about this game until it was free to play on ps4
Is there a way i can get some of these costumes too? Even buying them I'd be happy i guess.

Suggestions / Some dank ideas
 on: January 25, 2019, 09:13:30 PM 
Hey I just found spacelords and I'm in love with it. I hope to see you guys making the game bigger and badder

I thought of some ideas that I hope you think about in the near future

More melee options/combos
More animations- I love the triangle system dead or alive fighting series has a similar one but I can see melee getting old in time unless this staple mechanic of the game has something done to it, I would add more combos a player can do that makes it seem natural maybe mid combo hitting the shoot button could unleash a quick blast. Or adding another strike button could add more combos making the combo chain longer could put you at risk but could give you more rewards for a cooler kill

Duels: your spacelords gives me a very western vibe to it, it could be the music and cool weapons but a duel mechanic to the game would be sweet, maybe a player could make a call out to another player and a player could answer back and then the duel would cinematically show both characters in a western style shootout where who draws first wins the players could be shown a random button to hit and whoever hits it first could be the winner of the quick draw.

Gears of war down and out feature i.e. picking up people for meat shields or the option to do cool executions, I think this would add to the melee flavor, when a player is low health they do this limping crawl function, I feel if another player could reach you an ally could help you up but a foe could do the classic gears of war function of either picking you up as a body shield or straight up execution with the weapon at hand. Each character could have a power execution or a weapon execution

Ready up feature to continue the story with a group you've already found, the player count is low right now and it takes awhile to find people. You could have friends which solves this but sometimes you go at it alone and meet other players you did a really good job with, a quick ready up feature that says "hey good job let's go to the next one" could ready up everyone into a lobby and prep for the next story mission.
Avoid player feature the opposite happens sometimes where you just meet someone you rather not run into again. The player count is low right now so maybe having this later could help in the future

Guns feel underpowered
Why shoot when I can run up and punch?
Npcs have a uncanny resilience to gunfire I would tweak it just a little to make guns more useable
Side arms, sometimes running out of ammo blows it would be nice to switch to a characters side arm as a last line of defense or when that enemy has really low health and isnt close enough for melee or cant be hit at all

Better lobby HUD features: cant really see the stats of my guns upgrades(replace with the bars rather than fractions appearance) unless I'm in character select which feels timed

More gun cosmetics: Do Not make them buyable (no paying to win, that's how you lose) rather maybe I want to add a scope or radar function to alicia's shot gun rather than just increasing a certain guns stats
Color and paint options to the guns would also be cool. The weapons are already neat with their spacey mad max look but sometimes I want to give a gun a nice oak handle and painted rainbow colors you know? Painting faction icons would also be pleasing to the eye. I also love how you give backstory to each gun. Sometimes though I just want to have a burst fire to a certain weapon.

In field weapons:you have turrents but what about other cool weapons? A sword, a rocket launcher, even alpha powers lying around like increased health for a brief moment of time, but make these pickups scarce and few so as not to abuse them

More ways to communicate with team other than mic
Character voicelines to say or do something
"Stay away from the antagonist " team up with me or unload your fucking aleph are all good ideas, but also I'd love some character banter on the field of battle. If you played overwatch before a match characters say witty or deep things to one another. Having alicia talk to lycus about what happened last night and how their heads are still pounding after drinking  could be funny

1 more character power
Some character powers feel better than others I feel another character power would give more combat options. Again hitting R1 or another button activates a power but you can only do one thing with that power most the time. I would add another power that could either combo to the power or give another alternative to combat. Maybe hans will cook up a meal to boost stats of nearby allies, maybe alicia has a berkserk mode that let's her dodge roll twice or jump a second time, or throw a chemical bomb. Fighting multiple people sometimes feels like a slog, the other power should help in away. Even just clearing out more bad guys at once.

1 passive power
Characters should have a passive power in field weather it be a healing factor, can find more ammo, perhaps their bloodlust and scary factor will scare some enemies away
Adding a passive power could give more tactics to why a player should chose a character over another. This feature would give the game a little more depth

Can you make sprinting faster?
Sprint activation would be nice, I know just running in one direction usually makes the character go but sometimes even then the sprint speed is almost unnoticeable which is a shame because some characters rely on sprint or moving. I think giving more of a rush to the sprint would make it more fun. Also add like a cool melee animation when sprinting. It would be sweet to run up to someone and see a new melee move everytime. Either a drop kick, flying armbar, or some DDT would make a nice function.

Anyway that's all my ideas at the moment, I know you have a certain image to your game but I feel these features could draw in more players. First person shooters is on high right now and it's tough to find a good 3rd person brawler that you have going on. I want to see more and watch this series grow, I know the company is in a tight spot with the free to play but as a new player it definitely helped me discover the game. Hope to see you out there raiders.

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