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Spacelords’ Advice / What is "Reaction"?
 on: February 08, 2019, 12:45:49 AM 
when i was looking though the faction cards, i noticed that some off them boosted "reaction" and i can't tell if it means some sort of knockback or stun. please advise what it actually means.

Suggestions / How can we change Aneska?
 on: February 07, 2019, 06:55:26 AM 
Well for starters redo the Atlas G-620, obvious things include getting rid of the self damage, increasing the range, increasing the initial hit damage of the gun due to the fact that in the description of the gun says,"The Atlas G-620 fires anti-proton spheres that are devastating against anything that comes into contact with them." yet you guys put most of the damage into the explosions that are said to have a "very short lifespan," of 3-4 seconds (sarcasm) and not the Sphere itself. more bad things about the gun is that of the combination of the very slow explosion and slow projectile speed makes it impossible to hit any moving targets (not including enemies and bosses that she can't even hit in the first place due to the small range). more problems including the fact that you only have two shots to work with, yeah some might say that you can upgrade it's reload speed but it's still just 2 terrible bullet/explosives that will most likely miss for stated reasons above so really you just making yourself run out of ammo faster.

now on changing the gun itself...

some ideas include increasing the amount of projectiles that come out when you fire, kind of like a double barrel plasma shotgun that does great damage when the enemy stays in contact with the spheres and good crowd control when each sphere explodes, Another idea for the gun would to simply turn it into a charge weapon, the sphere will have increased damage, and explosion size and projectile speed based on the charge duration.
 have the bombardment no longer have knockback for enemies and yourself along with the self damage. add the function that if enemies are in the initial area of the flare (alternatively if a player hits's an enemy directly with the flare) then they are marked and the Mech will fire it's homing missiles (you know the kind), but if no enemies are in range then it will fire the usual inaccurate bombardment. one minor opinion would be to change the the projectiles from blue to black since when i heard "anti-proton sphere," i think black holes and with the  main projectile colors (red, yellow, orange, and blue). i feel that adding some different colors would liven things up a bit.

The Invictis carry's some of the Atlas's problems due to that in order to in order to do damage you must fire off a sphere and use another shot in order to detonate it, eventually making it another two shot weapon since the gun only has four bullets. the unique problem is the mix between operating Ginebra's C33 SU-Schleuder and Valeia's Little girl where you have to bounce the sphere off of something and be quick enough to shoot the sphere in time in order to do damage which is somewhat difficult due to that you can't shoot the sphere through a person like Valeria can shoot hers  (especially through the giant mech that we all use as a meat shield) and you have to be in a specific distance from the sphere in order to cause it to explode. but this weapon is better than the Atlas on damage output on the gun and on the Bombardment modification (even though it still has self-damage) once you get used to timing the shots.

The Mech itself has been through alot even after it's destruction during the Destroyer of Worlds Mission and it's revival (through unknown means but i'm betting that aneska had help from the Hades Division or maybe a nice connection with the other characters with help from that one garage place that Mikah went to or Lycus's gunsmith) but it still deserves to keep some aspects that made it great for Aneska during he boss fight.

the Mech should have reduced damage taken as a passive and not as a card (Laminated Armor). during the boss fight, the Mech had armor on and when it didn't was when the Mech's head opens up as shows Aneska as a weakpoint. using that same logic should have applied when you guys made her as a playable character since Aneska herself is the exposed weakpoint for the Mech thus it should have still have it's armor

the blade should act like strikes, the blade has a enough range to act like a strike for it's size and the ground pound looks like it was supposed to have knock back but strangely doesn't. it also should have an attack for enemies that are barely in it's strike range, i'm not talking about the other hand firing those electric sphere i mean more like when in the boss fight, the Mech would slash around really quickly then those slash marks would suddenly erupt from the ground, this altogether add for more complexity with each layer of the areas around the Mech, the outer layer (the quick slashes) serves with the as crowd control not meant to kill but wound (like in the boss fight) allowing the players to finish them off with strikes or their weapons. the second layer (the slashes that act like strikes) is meant for when you're trying to protect yourself from multiple elites or player (if your antaging) that should deal more damage than your quick slashes but less than your actual melee damage so that it can be a bit more fair for your opponent (but then again who thinks about running directly into a giant Mech with a heated blade) along with that they can also be able to dodge the strikes allowing the enemy player to avoid damage with the risk that the Aneska can simply grapple. and finally the epicenter area (ground pound city Pop: your face) is more used for defending objectives and occasionally your wounded corpse from enemies looking to take your aleph. by this point you're probably thinking, "mate, this seems so overpowered that i'm imagining myself playing against an antag Aneska with a robot that can 360 no-scope nanoblade my butt from acoss the reasonable distance that a large blade can be swung by a robot constantly experiencing PTSD, robo spasms, and probably oil withdraw at the same time how will i every engage in CQC against her now?" well here's an idea, NOT engaging in CQC against what is eccentrically two Players alone. Most of the raides have weapons and abilities that can allow them to shoot at the Mech and avoid it's attacks (Harec's stalk, Alicia's Jump, Loaht's transformation, etc) you either take out the Mech itself since it still has a small healthpool it's just slightly bulletproof or you can kill Aneska herself by shooting at her. She's basically a Fifth Council-Hades Division mix.

and for cards i already made some ideas for cards in my Character Card ideas Forum

But that's just my idea on how to change Aneska. unlike most people i wasn't partically excited for her becoming a playable character, i'd rather of had whatever Sooma was bringing to the table (maybe a wardog sniper (basing this off of the fact they brought stefanie joosten A.K.A Quiet from MGSV) that would be a cool idea). but none the less i'm pretty stoked that we got a new character and with that, cool guns and maybe cooler skins (maybe one where it's Krausher's head on the body and Aneska's in the jar).
anyhow tell in the comments what other ideas should be implemented on Aneska and her kit   



Suggestions / Character Card Ideas
 on: January 24, 2019, 04:28:36 AM 
This is just a forum for random character card ideas you’ve thought about while you were playing the game

 to get this started i’ll throw a couple ideas for Mikah, one where her clone can reflect projectiles, the clone still take damage but it would be useful as a raider or antagonist being used as a wave clearing tool or a human sized shield for the player when antaging. Another idea would include the card that enables the clone to detonate when destroyed or manually when the player cancels the clone, again this would be useful for both raiding and antaging by allowing the player to be more willing to leave the clone on the ground attracting enemies up close then blowing up or allows The player to trick raiders into hitting the clone instead of dodging. This the card balences out due to that the player would have to leave their clones on the ground more, making them more likely to be destroyed.

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