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Gameplay Feedback / Last Wish is Overpowered
 on: September 15, 2019, 05:41:53 AM 
That gun is overpowered or the cards being used with the gun make it nearly impossible to fight against. It has a rapid fire rate and I honestly have yet to see anyone using it miss shots aimed at myself or teammates, even with latency. I can tell by the way Iune players move with the gun they have no trouble aiming it, shooting it super accurately, reloading, and repeating this cycle very expediently. Usually healers in games don't double as assasins, or function better than pure damage dealers. The hard truth is that if you're not playing Doldren against her and leave the cover of a wall, you're dead. All I can really do in these matches is hide and bawk at her damage output.

I have never used the gun, so would be willing to hear the other side of this. Why should it NOT be nerfed?

Bug report & Technical Support / [PS4] Game froze on...
 on: August 21, 2019, 11:42:19 AM 
Realized how these kinds of posts could become repetitive. I'll just list maps if I have freezes on them here, and mark the newest ones with an asterisk starting with:

'Double Agent' -forgot to screenshot as I was in a hurry to get back to the match. I was playing red death Harec, Aura Mortis, second phase against Schneider's mech, in the process of reloading I think. Ping was normal, the rest of the gameplay was normal as well. We were getting swarmed by elites, but not sure if that affected anything.

Gameplay Feedback / Spacelords Forced Host Migrations
 on: August 17, 2019, 10:06:58 AM 
Here is the link to the video. Skip to 8:17 for the most relevant part.

For context:

I had already reported an almost identical situation to this one back in November of 2018, and this problem is still ongoing. Were the exploit itself dealt with between then and now, I would not be posting. Also, this post is not a report, just feedback.

This community SHOULD acknowledge that forced host migrations are happening or push for change in this matter. I have dropped no names here, just to be clear, and I implore MSE to really do something comprehensive as it will determine if I stay with Spacelords or leave. Also...

I want to know: why has the host migration exploit not been fixed? Why not just renew the ANTAG's timer upon reconnect, rather than let it run out? Can't speak for others, but on the Raider end of things I could accept this if a team member disconnects. Some games you HAVE to lose, just like I had to take the L today.

Here is the link to the video of the first host migration incident I recorded.

Gameplay Feedback / Lost 8 MMR in 2 hours Solo Queuing
 on: August 16, 2019, 02:55:29 PM 
My goal was to get high enough MMR so that my accumulated pot would cycle sooner more than once every 24 hours, however...

Within one solo play session I went from 41 MMR to 33. The previous day I was 45. I was confident in my abilities and truly believed I could raise it from 41 back to 45 and so on solo. Playing with a group of high level friends would have been best, but who has the luxury of having an experienced 4 stack when they want it?

Anyway, during this play session I was a tier 2 almost tier 1, and kept getting matchmade with tier 5 and 6 players and unranked players (which is not inherently bad), but the enemies were hitting VERY hard like we were supposed to all be MAX level. Grunts took about five melee strikes on some of these missions. Elites took more. Missions that were problematic were:

'A Low Blow' - The timer ran out on the teleportation gate while I was dealing with the mobs of enemies. It was definitely my mistake not to check it sooner, but I thought they were trolling and actually would destroy it in time. Once I started applying real damage, it was too late.

'In Media Res'- We had to surrender because my teammates weren't able to handle the grunts or elites. Wouldn't bother touching the decoder, but that's normal. I could not give commands and am not sure why I wasn't the leader as the highest level.

'A Fistful of Sand'- The grunts were hurting and staggering everyone so badly that no one could complete the animation of giving the protector aleph even when we had it. The enemies seemed to swarm this level harder than anything else.

'In Shock'- My teammates were rookies and playing HIVE, Alicia, and Lycus. You already KNOW they couldn't do anything with the tentacles as those short range characters and brought every Kuzmann electricity beam my way like I was a lightning rod, but I was Harec and carried so we actually won.

Last thing I did was an Antag match on A Low Blow that I regret. Valeria on the raiders team made movement impossible for me even playing as Hans. He is my strongest Antagonist. At a lower MMR I had hoped I would have success with proper effort, but in hindsight I can see I stood no chance.

You should make it so level determines how quickly the pot resets, not MMR.

Spacelords’ Advice / Tips for A Breath of Hope as an Antag?
 on: August 13, 2019, 01:09:16 AM 
I like this level fine as a Raider, but struggled on it as an Antag trying several character and card combinations.  Anyone else?

Snipers like Shae and Harec definitely didn't feel right. I fudged it up with Konstantin, Hans, Alicia, and Doldren too on the melee end. It's been a minute since I did Lycus. Might go back to him. Here's a short outline of issues that might be correlated to the level itself.

1. Number or length of walls
a) Not being able to line up a shot, especially if you need to charge it or spin up a minigun-type weapon
b) it feels like it is hard to keep track of everything going on, even with glowing stress signatures and wearing a headset to listen for sound cues. During a melee with one character, the others sneak up far too easy.
c) the camera is sometimes forced into unfavorable positions because of the walls.

2) Antagonist controlled AI
Currently, spawned AI don't really group up on a single target at the same time even if you order 3 of them to attack one person. They go one by one to their deaths. This is typical with all maps, but it seems exacerbated in A Breath of Hope.

3) Looters
There are looters everywhere that give the Raiders 5 free Aleph to complete an objective or use on you, the Antag. The AI doesn't defend looters effectively, therefore you're likely to encounter a Raider with aleph on them when you have none.

4) Small window of opportunity
In the second part, the Raiders kill the floating orbs before I can run their lives down. This probably stems from them having too many lives carried over from part one though.

For those that are higher level, more skilled, efficient or thoughtful in their approach, I invite them to shed some light on how to deal with the Raiders on this map. Anything constructive helps :)

Around 5:00pm US central time I was playing as reborn alicia and was host for raiders. There was no antag. Everything was going fine, no unusual ping or anything. System was booted up like 10-15 min before the mission.

All of a sudden the screen froze (sound was looping I think) and I could not use button inputs. I closed the app, reopened it and reconnected. On reconnect, the issue repeated itself a few seconds in. I tried it all over again and was finally able to finish the match. The mission took 33-34min I think.

I have screenshots that I can upload if you need them.

Spacelords Universe / Is there an upcoming black MALE character?
 on: August 05, 2019, 12:04:12 PM 
I would like to have the option one day and think it would fit because of how diverse the game already is. The fact that Ayana is flourishing in the fandom keeps me hopeful  ;D

I searched threads to see if anyone started a similar one first so I wouldn't repeat, but did not find anything specifically related in my search. Has anyone said this already on the forums?

PS: I recently got back into Spacelords and love how much of what was discussed here made it into the game. Hats off to the people who contributed their opinions on this site!

Suggestions / Spacelords causes PS4 fan to run loudly
 on: December 07, 2018, 06:30:10 PM 
The PS4 fan becomes super loud on Spacelords as recently as 12/6/2018 (last play session). Been having this occur consistently since I started playing a few months ago. Many times it is not even during gameplay, but in the home screen, loading screen, hideout screen, etc. The only game of my ps4 game library that equals it noise-wise is the latest God of War.

Not sure if the space guilds update will fix this, but if not, my suggestion is to decrease its strain on console hardware in future patches.

I am sure you guys know already, but just want to raise more awareness.

Gameplay Feedback / Kuzmann Beam Issue
 on: November 20, 2018, 06:58:30 AM 
Valeria's blob can obstruct Kuzmann's electricity beam (at least on PlayStation 4).

For example, one time my Kuzmann's beam was being intermittently stopped by the Valeria's blob spam as we took down the extract barrier together on A Low Blow. It did not come across as a bug per se, but felt off. If you're on the same team and are trying to stack up on damage such as the way mentioned, you might be affected. Valeria didn't seem to have problems.

Also, I am curious to know when Kuzmann and Valeria are face to face in a PVP context, if Kuzmann's beam will still be canceled out by the big blob.

Gameplay Feedback / Ignorant Teammates
 on: November 08, 2018, 08:33:18 PM 
Ignorance- "lacking knowledge or awareness in general; uneducated or unsophisticated."-

Just had two INFURIATING matches. On Short Fused, my teammates shot the extractors every time. On Destroyer of worlds, they never put aleph in the objectives.

On Short Fused the mission says "destroy wardog harvester" and the extractors actually have a health bar and can be destroyed. It's understandably confusing, although, they didn't even change behavior when i spammed melee, shots, etc at them or said "come with me". I blame them for that, because this did the trick for me when i was still the noobiest of noobs.

That match lasted forever.

The other mission was Destroyer of Worlds. Both players with aleph were holding it and not putting it in the supply pipes. Then when it came time to put aleph in the pumps to weaken aneska, of course they didn't. One guy flat out ignored me as I shot him with kuzmann's electricity for a length of time, and would not respond to "come with me", "help", etc.

I could not carry them with the constant AOE spam of that level.

Mercury Steam, can you make the mission objective more apparent and also reword some of the mission text for both?

Gameplay Feedback / Cannot Get Available Blueprints!
 on: November 07, 2018, 09:18:09 PM 
Not sure if the game is supposed to be this way, but I am not getting a chance at available blueprints once I have one basic. For Lycus, I have already gotten Pepper Pot many times over, but have NOT been given a single roll for Spinning Coin which I don't have. Same is true for Mikah. I unlocked the K&K N90, only ever get a roll for that blueprint, and NEVER the VK9-9 that I don't have. Are we supposed to build certain guns first or something? I thought order didn't matter.

Bug report & Technical Support / Exploit Found on PS4
 on: November 06, 2018, 09:06:23 AM 
Platform: PS4
Map: A Low Blow
Time: Approx. 1:00am US Central Standard Time 11/6/2018
Character Played: Hive (Antagonist)
My PSN: Merc-Prince

A player named Chularypr (playing Schneider), left the game at the last second before I was going to finish his teammate, Harec. They had 0 lives left and only a Harec alive as I began a quick approach toward the elevator shaft where he was hiding to wait the timer out. This player, Chularypr, who was playing Schneider and currently spectating, proceeded to force a host migration and then returned to the match shortly after. I have video footage of him leaving, but not returning even though he did a few moments later.

I believe he just wanted to exploit the delay in respawns for the host migration, and it worked. The timer ran out and the raiders got their aleph back, and I was robbed of a hard fought victory.

The other players names are BewareTheMurder, SHADOWMISSING (Alicia), and DavoMagical (Lycus). I messaged BewareTheMurder mistakenly saying he cheated (because he became the new host after the re-connect and i thought he was also the original). It was really Chularypr, so I told BewareTheMurder sorry for getting it wrong. Anyway, I'll link my video here.

Bug report & Technical Support / Regarding Bandwidth
 on: November 02, 2018, 04:45:44 PM 
Mercury Steam,

How much bandwidth do you recommend for a person to host? I have mine set to low bandwidth in the settings because i have a 15mbs download and a 1.5 upload. I have been self-conscious of my internet speed and didn't want to screw my teammates over, but when others host I usually I get 120-400ms ping, which is already terrible and last game I was at >999 ping!

When I was flying around as Hans my screen jerked me around, I didn't respawn when the timer was up, the spectator camera was just floating around without respawn, etc. etc.

Another issue is that a lot of times the highest level players are host, so if you are the antagonist, not only are they stronger than you, but they're more likely to win in hand to hand combat and probably even shooting exchanges just from internet differences.

Please alleviate this issue.

Bug report & Technical Support / MMR Glitch on PS4
 on: October 29, 2018, 03:25:07 PM 
I'm on PS4 and recently had an issue with my mmr not going up after consecutive wins, but still going down after losses. I think this was a bug. Also it seems that wins only yield 1% MMR increase while losses often yield 2% decrease. Is this on purpose and if so, why?

Spacelords Assemble / Experienced PS4 Player LFG
 on: October 23, 2018, 04:00:38 PM 
Hello. I am 25 yo male looking for adults in the USA to play with on PS4. A mic would be nice, but no mic is okay for now. I may have friends that can group as well, but no guarantees because some play sporadically.

My PSN tag is Merc-Prince if you'd like to add me. Please mention this post specifically in the friend request if you do, so I know what it is.

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