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Gameplay Feedback / People who don't play objectives
 on: July 23, 2019, 12:35:21 AM 
If you're playing Spacelords, you're playing an objective based game. This should go without saying but apparently old and new players alike seem to have a difficult time understanding such a concept.

I can't tell you how many times in the last few days I've lost what should have been really easy matches because, instead of doing what the mission requires, people want to just kill elites.

I can understand this from newer players but wtf veterans? Why am I playing with purple level 1's and they aren't doing a damn thing to help? Its funny how a games community is supposed to be its lifeblood. But somehow, the thing I hate the most about Spacelords are the other players.

There needs to be some sort of report feature people can use when players are outright refusing to play objectives. Or for just anything, really.

I've put money into your game, Mercury. More than id like to admit. Now please put that money to some good use by implementing things most games have featured forever. Like reporting other players, opting out of Antags ect.

Okay up until this point, other than being a minor nuisance, Antags have been okay in my book.

But today, after working all day and after spending an entire Sunday grinding TP and Gold off of "quick play" matches, I come home to bank all that goodness by playing and finishing a match. Unfortunately, this match was invaded by an Antag and my team did zero to help secure a win. And an ENTIRE DAYS WORTH of gold and TP went down the drain.  Instead of the 15K gold and 6K TP I deserved, I ended up with not even a quarter of both after getting slammed 5 minutes into a match.

I'm going to go ahead and say I now belong to the camp of people who feel there should be an on/off switch for Antags. I'm well aware this game is already difficult to find matches in. And that the player base isn't the largest. BUT COME ON. Do I deserve to lose an entire days worth of work to a stroke of bad luck? In any other game, I have no problem dealing with antagonists.         
 I usually wipe the floor with em' But now, of course, a bunch of sweat and work is on the line and my team gets crushed. Its really frustrating but especially as someone who's come and gone from this game ever since its early days. And to have this happen just makes me want to delete it, once again.

I either propose the same as everyone, give us a PvE only mode OR reconfigure how the final game works in regards to all the gold and TP accumulated up until that point. So if I spend an entire day grinding and then go to play that match, I receive 100% of everything I ALREADY EARNED (minus whatever additional gold and XP I would have gained from winning that match) Cause honestly, I'm super butt hurt about what just transpired. I went from being excited to play this game earlier to wanting nothing to do with it after. Please consider my plea for change or refinement. Its gonna take me a while to get over that bullshit.

Edit: I deleted the game anyway. See you all in 6-8 months when, hopefully, more quality of life changes have been added 👋

Gameplay Feedback / BAD PING GAMES
 on: October 14, 2018, 05:19:05 PM 
Something has to be done about these games I get stuck in where the connection fluctuates between 400 and 999 ping. Its unplayable but if I leave, I'm penalized for it.

Maybe you can implement a rule where if the ping is recorded over a certain threshold, leaving a game doesn't result in a penalty.

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