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Gameplay Feedback / About JK-5
 on: March 03, 2020, 11:58:14 PM 
Is the weapon working as intended?
I've seen ALOT of doldrens exploiting the weapon (that has to be a bug) by the simple fact that: It will kill you with ONE HEAD SHOT.
Not matter which faction you're playing. IF you get headshotted by that weapon, you're dead.
Many many many doldrens are using this gun and they not even need to use the ability. they will just hold a corner and kill you.
Not even harec can do that without charging the damage multiplier.
My question is: JK-5 is working as intended? 15 points on anchoring is working as intended?.

Gameplay Feedback / So... Is this supposed to be happening?
 on: May 15, 2019, 10:37:44 PM 
Why the mission dificulty is HIGHER THAN THE MMR OF THE ANTAG AND RAIDER TEAM??? IS THAT INTENTIONAL ? I'm sick of playing this game once again because of this broken shit. Not to mention the 5ht Concil shotgun knock back (every shot).
Grunts shooting forever (they almost NEVER reload and the damage is ridiculous, even after killing you, they will keep shooting if someone else is close)
Elites Shooting as soon as they get wounded.
Dodge beating grapple (yea, its happening alot)
Grapple dodging strikes (same thing)
Low blow with more than 6 enginiers at the same time.
Now: Check the MMR and the Mission dificulty
I like a challenge, The game is awesome BUT those things makes me want to unninstall the game forever.
Now I understand why ppl rather play -10 to 10 MMr.
All I want to know is: Is that Mission dificulty correct? Will it be like that forever?
Thx and sorry for my bad english.

So. EVERYBODY is SICK of this blueprint drop system. Since you cant choose which BP you want or anything like that. You'll get what the game wants to give. OK BUT, WHAT DO WE GET WITH THOSE BILLIONS OF DUPLICATES???????? EXACTLY! NOTHING!!!!
I bought ginebra and the ONLY weapon that i wanted (and the only "viable" to PvE) was the Javelin. I have already tried more than 20 times and so, I started to take SS every time i didnt get since then.
Lets see if you can figure the pattern.

What I Really hope and NEED to know is: will be any changes to BP system? will be any changes to MMR Rewards? (since you'll get the same reward but the insane dificulty will nerve wreck your entire team for absolutly NOTHING) Will be any changes to Fifty Concil grunts/elites shotguns? (the retarded knock back power on every single shot)
Will be any significant changes to make us want to keep playing the game? I will not invest ANY money on this game again untill I notice that you guys from mercury steam did'nt gave up on us. We love this game for a reason, I Hope you guys really look after us.
I'm sure that i'm not alone on this one.


Bug report & Technical Support / Rak Hack or BUG?
 on: October 12, 2018, 07:35:53 PM 
So... Yesterday me and my friends played against a lvl 300+ RAK as antagonist. My friends told me that he was hitting like 2k-6k DAMAGE EVERY SHOT FROM HIS FIRST WEAPON. I was like... wtf? that's not possible.
Ok. Today I was playing antang and, there was a RAK on the raiders team. He shot me once and that's what says on my damage log
Idk if this is a new bug due to the new patch or what... but we need a fix to this ASAP!!!

Suggestions / Blueprints
 on: October 12, 2018, 04:02:07 AM 
Please... PLEASE get rid of that duplicate bullcrap. or maybe create a new kind of blueprint only for duplicates...
I'm so frustrated of trying to get a new weapon and EVERYTIME i get the same duplicate weapon over and over and over again and I need to wait until the next reset to try again...
this makes me want to stop playing the game until the next day or even stop forever.
I'm sure i'm not the only one who thought about it and i'll not be the last.
Please listen to the community feed =/

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