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Spacelords Universe / What happened to this game?
 on: February 20, 2021, 03:21:21 AM 
Although i love calling this game bad for no reason in the discord, i still wonder how the game got worse and less people are playing even though we got some of the changes we needed.

So  I'm playing on 50 MMR and you know what I get? 2 unranked players. What about the third person? oh wait the 3rd guy disconnected. 

To put even more icing on this shitty cake I had a rank 5 antag. Piece of cake right? Yeah,no. Since the MMR system is so broken the guy with about 30 MMR can have bots that scale to MMR 79. I literally got oneshotted by a fucking kick, but when I'm antag it's a whole new story.

I have no bots on my side because they died because they were so easy to kill with a grab, making this shitty targeting system useless to anyone over 45 mmr. There is no reason to actually be high MMR if the bots can't decide how hard they wanna be.

Spacelords Universe / A little rant.
 on: May 07, 2019, 09:53:46 PM 
I love the "help" of my 10 easy to mow down adds when I am playing antagonist. What the fuck am I gonna do to a stalk spamming heric, rak, an alicia player with the smoking daisy one shotting me , and a Hans? I know what to do. Get fucking bullied by the hans, alicia and rak in cqc while the bots are doing fuck all to the raiders, leave the game, and lower my MMR so I can bully some noobs. 

So MSE when we say fix the game we don't mean add a new way to pay for the game we mean improve this game, or its gonna die.

MSE would know the problems with the game if they actually played it. (I highly doubt it).

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