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Bug report & Technical Support / Reconection bug
 on: January 29, 2019, 10:21:33 PM 
Yesterday when entering a mission I got a black screen, got an error message "impossible to enter the mission", so i kept trying to re join for about 15 minuted, but couldn't.
Today, for my surprise, the same message box (to reconnect to the mission) is still there and doesn't matter the option i choose, I get the same error and go back to the main screen, stuck in this loop, unable to click anything.
Please I really need some help, I already cleaned the data and even reinstalled the game, but no change at all.

Its been a week already and even after the patch supposed to fix the issue, it is still not working.

I already tried to reboot the ps4, wait aon the main menu, delete the save and reinstall the game. Nothing seems to work.
Please Mercurysteam fix the problem. Thank you.

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