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Hi everyone ^^
for anyone having this problem " could not join the mission " like my self , finally i found a solution ON PC .  the problem is that i cant join any mission and stuck in an infinite loop . so if you are having the same problem on pc then all you have to do is using a VPN . i tried using psiphon3 first but it did nothing i dont know why . but then i tried Windscribe VPN and the game worked just fine ^^ . also i tried Avira Phantom VPN and it worked too ^^ you should not get this error as long as you use a VPN i dont know why but its working now just fine ^^ . hope this will be fixed so i dont need any vpn or other programs to play the game but for now this is the solution >< hope i helped any of you with this and i hope this will help the Developers fix this problem for us ^^ . when it worked i spent money in the game " skins " as a support for this game hope it will be a massive success ^___^

i have been trying to play the game for 3 days but i cant even join any match . after the game find a match and i accept it > loading screen > could not join the mission> reconnect ? >could not join the mission. even if i press cancel it will try to reconnect me to the mission and again "could not join the mission" so i will have to force the game to close from task manager. i talked about the problem on twitter and you guys said you are working on it . and i came here i found other people having the same problem and posted it 3 months ago ! and developer said we are working on it if this problem is taking that long to solve while we cant even join any match then what can i do ? i don't want to delete the game before  having the chance to enjoy it , and i really like it .. anyway thanks for your work and its a great game .... sad i cant even play it.

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