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What is going on with this upcoming update, I want to be exited for the new cosmetics, melee weapons, that stuff looks great but now the cons are starting to pile up, it’s hard enough getting ppl to work as a team and now we are going to have this childish MVP nonsense to stroke jimmy’s little e-peen.

Then we have the game going casual with ammo drops, aleph drops, are they going to keep removing cool features that made the game so much fun, unique? What’s next, are we going to get constant HP regen regardless of stress so it can work like every other 3rd person shooter?

Basically these 2 features (especially MVP) seem highly unnecessary and in the case of MVP potentially damaging to the game experience, if you want to reward a player that put in more effort do so with the games currencies but make it private, the fact even now we see other ppls rewards, if they got or failed a BP roll, how much gold/bp they were given, all this is already pointless and only serves to annoy older players because they are many times given less rewards even though they probably ended up carrying the match.

Are pve players ever going to be able to relax and enjoy the game? Have there been any official statements from Mercury Steam on the subject of a possible no-antag mode? If antag invasions are never going to be optional and that’s final, then a word of confirmation would be a nice gesture, the game is great but with antag invasions it just doesn’t feel worth it in the long run, I can only speak for myself but maybe there are others interested in such a response to evaluate if the game is worth sticking by.

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