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Is there anyone else having an issue with the progression update?  Did your characters and weapons, etc get changed back to your original lvls?  Or is there anyone else out there that still who  has not had their profile changed back to the lvl in which they had earned playing before this "crash dump"??  I was a lvl 160.  Unfortunately I had to start back at lvl 1.  I have emailed support tech and haven't heard back from them at all since yesterday.  Supposedly, yesterday afternoon it was all taken care of????   If anyone can please help me out with this, I would be very greatful.  To my friends on Xbox and from Raiders, thank you for your support on this.   

The only message I got from tech support btw, was dated for Janaury 2018 from  Mercury Steam Sr. Member, CMC. MSE_TENKA.  with the  contact email.

So if you didn't get an email to let them know what's going on, here it is. 

I do hope at this point someone actually from Mercury contacts me, and anyone else that is still having problems, to let me/us know what's going on. 


Just letting you guys know I did send the email with my pictures/attachments as requested to support yesterday and when I logged into the game today, it's still not fixed.  I am not sure if anyone else is still having a problem with the progression issue, but I hope to hear from someone soon.  I know you guys are working hard to fix the progression issue and I appreciate.  Just please let me know if there is anything else I can do.   Thank you

I went from a lvl 168 down to lvl 12.  My weapon upgrades are all -23 points.  If you are going to take us all back to some reset then you must compensate everyone who has paid for the blue coins.   You did on the first reset and now on the second you do not?????   So here is my question, are u going to reset everyone to lvl 0 and re-emburse the money/blue coins???  Again we are paying money for this game!!!!!!   Again, not trying to be rude or crass, however, you are hurting the ones that LOVE THE GAME!!!!   ME being one of them!! Please fix this problem for everyone.

Bug report & Technical Support / Crash fixes??????
 on: May 11, 2018, 11:17:18 AM 
I have xperienced 2 resets tonight.  First one was to start all over again, which Iwas happy too and was got back all the blue coins that I spent on thebgam as big deal.  Now the 2nd reset I get everything back and missing gold, blue coins and skins! Not to mention resetting at level 12 when I was a level 168!!!!  This is now a problem!!!!!  Either RESET EVERYONE or make sure everyone has what they are suppose to have/be at....aka lvl, gold, blue coins, skins, etc.   Especially for those of us who have spenta lot of money for somehing being called "free".  I do not mean to come off harshly, however, pls understand where I am coming from.  Either RESET everyone and make sure they are re-embursed and compensated or or make sure everything is exactly where everyone and their game lvl and characters.
Report To Moderator

I love the story and Gam play of Raiders, however the game crashes have not been fixed yet and they are getting worse.  Playing as an antigonist player the game crashes and the I get penalized with stigmas being taken from what I have earned already bc "I quit/left a mission"?????  I have quit "single" player mode before, yes.  I would not quit multi-player.  I hope some will fix the crashes and replace the stigmas that were lost.  Especially since I have paid for the game and the expansions. 

Bug report & Technical Support / Game /Server Drop
 on: April 01, 2018, 02:51:35 AM 
Can anyone please tell me why there is so much character or “finding a new host” is going to stop affecting the players and the antigonists?  Earlier today I experienced 4 server crashes and very close to each other too.  I was the antigonist twice and lost again over half my stigmas (31 down to 10) and now unable to connect to multi-player online, again.  If the game actually was free "Free" then ok with what's going on...however it's not free.  Please understand this isn't meant to be rude or disrespectful toward anyone.  If it does, then I do appologize..  I am just talking from a 43 y/o gamer's point of view ....myself and for other gamer's in every age. Please let me know what can be done or fixed.   Thank you.

Bug report & Technical Support / Finding a new host???
 on: March 31, 2018, 11:23:02 AM 
Why are there so many disconnections from servers playing as either an antagonist or 4 man team and if playing antagonist the disconnection cuts you off from your current mission and cannot log back on because the mission has ended?  Then punishing the antagonist for leaving the mission and taking mst of their stigmas already earned from previous missions?  I just started playing Raiders a few months ago. Honestly, great game, consept, characters and storyline!!!  However, the constant server crash is really getting annoying especially with the money being paid for game.  If the new DLC release on April 4, will the server disconnection be fixed? 

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