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Gameplay Feedback / Stop wasting your player time.
 on: April 09, 2018, 11:34:51 AM;topicseen#msg6234

"...we wanted as much variety per character as possible."

If you want variety stop forcing people into playing what they dont like, remove loot rolls and make playing game feel like you are achieving something.

I know that you are proud bunch and want to stick to your "unique ideas" - but loot rolls, affinity lock (previously antagonist lock) for crafting and the fact that everything in this game is bloody random-random-random (random cards, random weapons, random antagonist spawn) - you cant work towards any goal, just play and hope that today you will make some progress.

Thats horrible feel when you spent like 2-3 hours grinding faction points - then you waste ALL of them on roll, dont get cards you want - and now you are at the same exatc spot as you were 2-3 hours before - you literally just wasted your time playing the game.

Same for weapons - yeah you got lucky - got into mission you wantyed, got capable people, managed to finish the mission, go the blueprint... and now its 25% ON TOP OF ALL THAT, unless you have understanding teammates... but then you need to get lucky 3 more times to get gun for everyone.

Why are you so adamant at keeping all those mechanics, when people whine about how bad they feel about them? You dont want people to feel bad about your grinder-game rewards.

If people feel bad about your grinder-game rewards - the first thing you should do is to make people feel good about them, otherwise there is no point in grinding - cause 95% of time you are frustrated by results.

No ammount of numerical changes and convoluted progression that was uncalled for will change the fact that it feels bad to miss a roll, and it feels bad to waste potentially unlimited faction points and never get card you want.

Now you cant even get weapon, craft it and have fun with it - oh no. Cause once you get one of your weapons upgraded - you are activley gimping yourself if you use unapgraded one. So you need to get weapon BP and then get weapon BP again and again and again and again till your Forge is maxed.

You reduced the grind for characters but you disproportionnaly increased grind for weapons and faction points. And in the long run even reduction in character cost came with huge gold sinks like "hur-dur pay 40 000 credits to restore aleph" and stupid ammount of credits you ask for 3 game EXP boosts.

Your game was on a fence of being enjoyable vs annoying before - not it has firmly dropped to the "annoying as hell" side.

Stop insulting your players with changes you make and options you provide. We are not stupid.

Its the only gun worth using now on Konstantine with how redunculusly fat enemies became and its STILL doesnt work properly when you are not host.

No other gun of his buggs like this - for love of god pull your stuff together.
Its not fun to shoot full clip into a goon and only have 2-3 shots register before it overheats.

Fan Corner / Cortez's answer to every problem in game
 on: January 22, 2018, 04:17:42 PM 

No, srsly - its over folks. Pool is closed.

Remember when you started one of your videos with a question - "Does this world need another third person shooter" - and you said "Yes!"?

Well sure - you made great shooter as core of your game - it's hard, but it has no-nosence rules that you must follow to win. Your base gameplay is great - no questions here - it's just that you managed to completely negate all that with wast ammount or wrong assumptions and stubborness.

Let me explain.
Your track record on PC consists mostly of "disapointingly mediocre games with good ideas" - Blade of Darkness, Scraplands, Jericho, Castelvania Series and now Raiders - you jump all over the place with genres and styles, and most of time you see a potential for something great... but its just not there.

Blade of Darkness was imbalanced mess with kinda funny ideas, but breakable weapons and overall slugishness of combat was more anoying then "hardcore".

Scraplands - "Its GTA with graphics and with body-snatcher-posession system, and robots, and spaceships, and aerial combat!" - isnt it cool sounding premise? Too bad in reality it was as basic as it could be with all those systems - I mean it looked nice, but....
Just watch it and tell me you dont want to go deaf from the cringe as hell delivery and borderline "the dialog you can hear in first 5 minutes of low budget porn" final excahnge with fembot? :-* And that was supposed to be your final blow at the player to leave lasting impression?  :-[

Jerico - this right there is in my opinion is the pinacle of what you have achieved in terms of refining and distilling all the problems with how you made games. Its so much "style over substance" - no other game to date has managed to come close. Its the ultimate "high budget B-movie" style - leather-clad bunch of grumpy heroes - The Badass Soldier, The Badass Priest with Twin Pistols, The Badass Bloodmage with Katana, The Badass Brick-Shithouse with Gatling Gun etc, insane premise that lets you get into completely disconnected time periods - demon-nazi, demon-templars, demon-ancient romans, demon-shumerian, demon-prehistoric limbo or whatever.
I mean it looked nice but...
Just watch it and tell me you dont want to go deaf from the cringe as hell delivery and fetishistic costumes that belong to some medium budget porn... wait a minute. Hm... anyway. 8) I am still kinda angry that you failed to come up with final battle mechanics for all characters - so you just blew the "useless ones" into gibs at the very start  :-\ - way to go champs  ;D!
And the final scene of "Sunset\rise in endless ocean" - you just don't get more pretentiouse then that in this half of the universe.

Haven't played your Castelvania - so I cant give my own opinion on that, but reviews were kinda uninspired overall, admitting that first Lord of shadows was better then the second. Not sure if First has any sort of cringe inducing scenes that look apropriate in some high budget (that seems to be increasing trend) porn, but Second part sure as hell has.

Then we have Raiders... God! I am still angry at you that you managed to bury whole thing.
Ehem... anyway. Raiders of Broken planet - highly stylized, 4-player coop cover-based shooter with funny, swearing, sort of diverse (we dont have any asians, black or any other people of color among raiders and mobs - everyone is some sort of caucasian - russians, americans, british, germans, prussians(?), etc - hell even Locals are more or less caucasian with oddly huge feets and weird body-stocking. Same for sexuality - so far we mostly have straight men and women or "defined by something else and upholds celebate" stoic types) cast, that is not F2P... wait what?

You need to buy mission DLCs to get into missions?

Ok, so it has single player mode so you can buy what you want and enjoy funtimes when playing alongside AI partners, right?

You need exactly 4 people even get into mission?

But what that "Single mode" is for?

One time Gold reward and once its done its just a waste of time to run those in single mode? Hm...

That first major mistake that will plague existance of Raiders. Developemnt team decided early on to work with episodic releases... in a multyplayer game. And not just any sort of episodic releases (you can kinda call Warframe's expansive developmet cycle with addition of new systems, levels and frames as episodic releases too), but the worst one possible - community splitting one. In a multyplayer game where you need 4 people to get into mission and single player mode is waste of time that gives no rewards. Yeah...

I have a feeling that someone on development team who is calling shots has some sort of weird sense of pride inside of him - that he will boldly lead his team into unknown business strategy and will show everyone that you SHOULD INDEED invent the wheel and fix what was not broken.

I cant dial back time, but if Raiders at day one had:

- Global chat in addition to randomized matchmaking with ability to one-click team-invites.

- All content open for everyone at any time (after you finished previouse missions) with ability to one-time purchase "episode mastery" that would... oh I dont know - give you X2-X3 loot when running those missions, episode specific character (Shae, Loaht - who are now also can be purchased with gold! A reasonable ammount of gold too - not 360k insanity).

- 10$ Per skin max - its a SKIN for ONE char. Asking 40-60$ - is asking to someone to spend price of a full game on a SKIN for ONE char.

- Flexible matchmaking - aka, if during random matachmaking you can't find 4 people in ONE minute - you start mission with whoever you got (even if its only one person) AND BLOCK Antagonist invasions for games with less then 3 people. You scale mission down, BUT YOU KEEP REWARDS THE SAME, no matter how easy mission becomes.
Main thing here - if you play as premade team in non-random matchmaking (aka its only 2 or 3 of you and you dont want outsiders) - you still get a chance of being invaded by Antagonist.

- Single player mode - difficulty settings, scalable FULL REWARDS (at very hard being 90% of multyplayer rewards and Insane being more then multyplayer) including blueprints, repeatable as much as you want.

- Antagonist invasions -where you don't wait for misiion to start. You search for mission that is less then 2-4 minutes in progress that has 3+ people or is a premade game - and then you get a glimpse at their characters, chose yours and then you drop right into their mission Darksoul-style. And for doing so - you (yet again) get FULL MISSION REWARDS in addition to Stigmatas that are back to being just for High scores and PROBABLY for lore unlocks - but you remove need for Stigmatas in regular crafting - alternative reskined "corrupted" versions of same guns thou? Hell yeah, be my guest and do that.

That would be a realy good multyplayer game worth your time, ofc not even close to Warframe in terms of scale, but with drasticly different core gameplay that will attract its own audience and wont annoy the living hell of them with all the hiccups on the way to gameplay.

Basicly - all you had to do was to take a good REALLY CLOSE look at what Warframe did with everything that is NOT their core gameplay (you have your own - and its fine - its great even - keep it as is) and copy 85% of it.

Because "DE" and Warframe gad 4+ years on refining that thing and adding and removing what works and what not - its not perfect by any stretch - but it has everything you need for enjoyable online coop action:
- No 20+ minutes waiting for single mission
- Global chats with ability to invite people you dont have on your Steam freindlist for easy premade making
- Ability to play solo when you want to (your internet is crap, you dont feel like playing alongside others today, you dont like playing alongside others AT ALL - dozens of reasons why you would like to play solo)
- Trading that allows people to give their newcomers friends a headstart
- No community splitting with where you can and can't go
- etc.

Sadly you ignored all of it. And thats why this game will face the fate of Evolve, Battleborn, MxM and the likes. Again - core is great, characters are fun - lots of promise but plagued by volumes more of ill-though decisions for a multyplayer coop game.
And I guess the sadest part about all that - even if you implement most of that stuff like today- it won't save this game.

Bug report & Technical Support / Can't equip locked cards.
 on: November 30, 2017, 08:44:18 PM 

After reshuffle.

Srs bug eh?

Gameplay Feedback / Loath skin costs 6000 MP.
 on: November 30, 2017, 08:19:56 PM 
Devs - srsly - is this some sort of sick joke?
Do you understand how insane this is?

Loath (Wardog from poster art), - Adaptive Evolution
Doldred (Alien dude with revolver from sneak peak), - Death Incarnate
Iune (I asume Alien - buzz-cut lady) - Charming Smile - seems like she has simmilar face-cover as Protector-lady.
HIVE (I asume Wardog -  lobster face girl from Mikah diary) - Neurotoxin

are in there too XD Yay! Inb4 they each cost 360 000g!

"Devs of this game are so incompetent they...":
- announced removal of founder pack on 12-th of november but it's still up on Steam on 14-th. (You just don't bloody care about such minor stuff as keeping your word, don't you - or that was some sort of bait and switch to get last money squeez from those who were on edge and now that it wasn't enough you decided to keep it - but now nobody can trust ANY of your words even on stuff that you can remove\disable on a whim)
Ok they fixed pinned post on twitter. Baby steps folks.

- released character that costs 60$ in ingame currency with skin costing 40$ (You just don't bloody care that its bloody insanity to ask 60$ for a single char or 40$ for a skin)

- made playing antagonist mandatory for PvE progression, while keeping Antagonist unrewarding, dull, futile expirience vs coordinated teams (and currently thre are mostly coordinated teams in game).
(So you are forced to play him to get new guns for PvE, because otherwise NOBODY would waste their time on that feature, because devs cant care less to make playing Antagonist rewarding in its own right, without forcing EVERYONE to spend their lives playing as one, even if you bloody HATE the expirience, but I guess... you just don't bloody care)
(BTW - you are aware that your Antagonist feature is imbalanced vs coordinated teams right? Like its bloody impossible to win as Antagonist vs team of 4 people on Teamspeak. As long as Antagonist stays as "just a raider" in terms of HP, prone to being grabbed and causes less mobs to spawn - the only way to get stigmatas now will be farming 00's in starting mission or preying on off-beat newbie in a team of vets - making life of that newbie living nightmare and causing him to ragequit)

- dicided to split comunity with episodic releases in multyplayer game. Instead of adding some sort of restriction on rewards for not owning the campaing they just outright deny access - and that wont go well once you will release more episodes, but I guess... you just don't bloody care.

- abandoned this forum and never reply when people are legitimately upset about things in game
(and guess what - people see how much care is given and... leave. Your community managers are useless - they dont manage the community and just let frustration and desperation grow, they just post your facebook news and dont do their bloody jobs at MANAGING YOUR COMMUNITY, but I guess... you just don't bloody care)

- forgot that they ARE NOT F2P title to begin with - yet think they for some reason should include F2P style grinding
(reality check for you devs - we paid you money, we want to play and feel rewarded for playing the game we ALREADY PAID you money for. 150+ wins where you only take gold, and since every one and their dog takes gold now - cause you made way too bloody MUCH STUFF to be gold purchase - it will be more like 300+ wins to unlock a character who you made a wooping 360 000g, but I guess... you just don't bloody care).

- were unable to implement "pay the difference to get founderpack"  for those who just bought "Alien Myth" and decided that they now have enough faith to fully commit. ("Where there's a will there's a way" - you just don't bloody care, admit it.)

I think I am starting to see some sort of pattern here.

If you think about it - lots of problems with Antagonists and matchmaking could be solved with in game chat with "Team recruiting" and "Antagonist recruiting" channels.  And ability to diretcly invite people from there, not from your Steam profile.

That would make gathering teams of strangers so much easier and would actually allow antagonists to fight people who seek the chalenge of fighting one.

But then again - devs must break the mindset that "Antagonist and protagonist on same team will just wintrade all day", because they wont. People like to go hard even on their friends.

Also is ingame chat will be considered at some point - start with just a party chat (not whole team chat), so you will only have to deal with hatespeach from people who you invited yourself XD

Harec - straight out of the Dirty Harry, he would probably only be cooler if he used revolvers instead of sniper rifle.

Shae - the first time you hear her talking... she is legit angry grandmother. Goes really weird with how Harec visualizes her :}

Lucys - well you positivley can't get more bad-ass then Lucys. I feel like he was inspired big time by Hanma Yujiro:
And this is not bad thing.

Hans - pls, oh pls give him mustache on base model like he has on his cook skin. So far we only heard single line from him, but the cook skin - magnificent XD

Alice - well... I think she is trying too hard to be jack-ass to her teammates. She was calling Lucys "crazy son of thouthand dingos"... but when she alcually got to see his "dingo" (IYKWIM) that lustfull expression on her face is priceless XD. Her rivalry with Konstantine is also kinda cute - "WAAAT? Emotionally vapid cyborg didn't want crazy me on his team? What an asshole!". Its even more funny that Konstantine is trying to play it cool and get over - but Alice just never stops trying to insult him.

Konstantine - its nice to have a level headed character in this circus for a change. His stoic reaction on insults is priceless - just small tilt in his face ala "One more word... and I will "brake" you".

And our beloved pilot - what a champ. Always here to cheer you up and has some amazing skills for every occasion. Almost a shame we dont know his name XD

Dr. Thunderpants - well he is so creepy and hammy, cant wait to play as him.

What aspects are most important for Raiders to do right?

You can select multiple options - but keep in civil :}

1)Shae is not unlocked for customization once you finished her resque mission even in coop mode.

2) When you unlock 4 cards in first row of your character screen - you dont get the option to lock or reshuffle them. Game keeps telling that you need to unlock 4.

Matchmaking is awfull - as far as I see it -  you either dont kick AFK players from matchmaking (and this is silly if you do that)  or matchmaking is takes so long that lots of people lose interest and go away (worst I had was 5 failed to ready in a row).

Match starting menu - after you find mission (ATLAST) you thrown into most anoying thing ever - "Are you ready for some fun?" screen.

Not only does it have humming sound that drives you crazy and probably is there to bring atention to player who has Alt-Tabed cause he has bored of waiting for yet another "Hey sombody didint chek in - enjoy another round of wasted time", but wait there is more  - even when you chek that you are "Ready" - not only do you still get that unnerving humming, you also now has a 25 bloody seconds timer and you will hear every bloody BEEP of it ticking down. This screen alone is enough to drop this game and never bring it back.

Possible Solutions_______________________________________________________
This right here will doom whole affair more then crappy game ballance. Getting to gameplay is awfull expirience in itself, I was anoyed like hell even before I got clumsy controlls back from tutorial.

Dont disband whole lobby when one person was AFK in PUG so you will only need one person to fill the AFKer slot, don't throw player into "Ready screen" again if player was ready less then 1 minute ago (95% that person is still ready)

Get rid of timer and humming once you pressed ready on "Ready screen"- it serves no purpose, especially when you still stare at bloody screen after clock ticked down to 00 for good minute.

Or just get rid of Ready Screen alltogether. Just throw people into character select - with 25 seconds timer and ability to "ready\lock". When everyone is ready - start game instantly, and if somebody fails to lock their char - instantly time out this person for AFK and start searching for replacement player, not whole new lobby.

Ok, what the point of not allowing people to get blueprints in single mode?
Devs- you realize that games should be RECREATIONAL, right? How is person supposed to have unapologetic fun with the game after long hours of work if said person will have to deal with 4 random people to unlock new gun for his favourite character?

What if somebody likes gameplay but is asocial or his internet outright sucks and he doesnt want to bother people with lags and crappy connection? Look at Warframe for example- alot of players play solo-mode there for those exact reasons - to not deal with their internet issues or to not deal with other people (because its very likely someones day will be ruined in process), and if Warframe had any restrictions on solo play that would force those people to play online - my bet they wont be staying with Warframe for long.

There is no meanigfull "cooperation" in this game its just "you shoot bunch of stuff together" like Borderlands and Warframe, not SplinterCell ctyle coop where you can do more advanced moves together and need act in sync. So there is no really a reason to nerf single player expirience.

If you afraid that people wont bother with coop mode because single mode offers same result - that means you just failed to make enjoayble coop mode, and should work on this, not on ways how to make single mode unatractive.
Make single player to have all gameplay stuff in it - blueprints, character unlocks, cards. Make super fancy VANITY stuff a coop\antagonist rewards - and it all will be fine - people wont feel like they are wasting their time with game even when they don't have nerve to play online right now.

"You only get rewards when you play this first time" - that just bad. Make such mission net you unique reward when you finish it first and then have some baseline rewards for subsequent runs.
I mean mission for saving "Private Sharkteeth" is fun and all, but to not be completely wastefull with your time - you are FORCED to play it in coop mode, because no rewards for you son.

Antagonist - allow antagonist to be part of the premade team. Period.

Do not make "Evolve" mistake here. People like to play both WITH ther freinds and AGAINST their freinds at the same time - and that should be your main concern when designing whole Antagonist deal (having fun with it), not the possibility of "win-trading". Allow people to express themselves through Antagonist on your team - if he is willing to let his friends win match easly - its his choice and he sacrifices his own well being and rewards he gets for helping people win a match easly, if he wants to mess with them - he can do that too. Evolve started without being able to have a Monster on your team and they eventually added this option because people were asking for it - to play against their freinds, to have fun fragging each other.

If you are afraid of wintrading so much - just ponder a bit on notion that some people wont pick up the game once they will find out that you cant fight against your friend in any reasonable way.  People will wintrade, but I doubt it will be huge deal overall if reward system for both sides will activley promote gameplay that will make wintrading safe option but suboptimal for both parties.

Episodes and "tickets"____________________________________________
Are you sure you wana do this folks? What I see here is a game designed to fail. If online-gaming industry showed us something is that - "You DO NOT split community".

You do episodes that give you another portion of story? Cool. Allow everyone to play darn thing without need for ingame tickets bought with cash by leader - content is already IN THE GAME, let everyone play it. And when I say play - I mean just that - PLAY.

Let "freeloading" people partake in those missions without any fee at any given time. Hell let them do that even in single mode. BUT - do not give them rewards for doing so initially. Then - when you at rewards screen - you can either give a "ticket" to somebody "freeriding" so he will get his ALREADY ROLLED loot that he wants or said person who has just expirienced new mission and now sees new sweet gun that is just hanging infront of his face can buy "ticket" himself if he has enough coins.

Or - realizing that this episode is cool and worth it - he can swallow the sad fact that he will miss on this loot and proceed to store to unlock episode for himself. OR - he can get BOTH ticket as a compulsionary purchase to get his new shiny gun AND then buy an episode to not bother with tickets anymore.

Do not lock your gameplay behind paywall and do not separate friends who may have different incomes or preferences - let people expirience it firsthand and share.

I bring Warframe again here - they belived that they will be able to make fair system that wont frustarte people, they revoked notion of locking gameplay behind paywall.
Lock your unlocks from episodes - weapons, characters, skins w\e - thats fair - wana keep your fancy stuff - fancy isn't free. But basic gameplay should be free + again MISSIONS ARE ALREADY IN GAME - you literally lose nothing with opening the floodgate for freeloaders to get a freeride.

Tickets as they are described in shop are vague, but if they are what I think they are (tickets spent at the start - if mission fail - lost ticket) thats road to disaster.
Just few examples:
- Antagonist is super strong - wasted ticket - Feelsbad
- No blueprint you wanted - wasted ticket - Feelsbad
- Dumb teammates - wasted ticket - Feelsbad
- You somehow won the match, picked the Blueprint but lost a roll - wasted ticket - Feelsbad
- You won and got you roll - ticket wellspent - FEELSGOOOOD!

Ticket that you only decide to blow when you see your final reward?
- Antagonist is super strong - NO wasted ticket - FeelsOK
- No blueprint you wanted - NO wasted ticket - FeelsOK
- Dumb teammates you lost - NO wasted ticket - FeelsOK
- You somehow won the match, picked the Blueprint but lost a roll - NO wasted ticket - FeelsOK
- You won and got you roll - ticket wellspent - FEELSGOOOOD!

You see the difference?

Do not aim to frustarte people. Make system that will make people to feel good about spending money.

Will probably write some more later

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