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Spacelords Universe / Playing For The First Time Since The Beta
 on: November 27, 2019, 03:13:29 AM 
I just played Spacelords for the first time since the beta back in 2017. I was playing on PS4 then, and I'm on PC now.

As with all online games, I see that there's discussion about the changes that have been made. From my perspective (with only a couple hours under my belt), the game is a joy compared to what I remember it being during the beta.

I'm looking forward to playing a little bit every day, and discovering what the game has become. I had always planned to support Raiders of the Broken Planet when it came out, but I never got around to it. I picked up the $20 beginner dlc to finally make good on that promise!

I still love the characters, and have enjoyed seeing some that are new to me. I'd still love to see a full-on single player, or more traditional game featuring them. Even if it was a very simple one that used all the current assets.

Bug report & Technical Support / Crash [PS4]
 on: May 27, 2017, 05:33:47 PM 
The game crashed on me this morning. I was playing solo, and Dr Kuzmann had just killed me. The mission failed screen came up, and then it crashed. The error code given was CE-38700-8.

I'm playing on an original PS4, if that makes a difference.

Spacelords Universe / Share Your Gamertag For Multiplayer
 on: May 27, 2017, 05:29:45 PM 
I'm wondering if getting together as in-game parties will help matchmaking. If you're willing, share your platform and gamertag here, so others can friend you and meet up in-game.

Probably best to put "Raiders" or something in the message when you send a request, so folks know what it's for.

I'm on PS4, my gamertag is EmmaGees

I'm in the US, and will likely be on most later Saturday night and as much as possible Sunday.

Just wondering who did the art for the two characters we have as the background here on the forum. I'd like to see more of their work. The style reminds me of Simon Bisley's stuff.

Bug report & Technical Support / Two potential bugs [PS4]
 on: May 15, 2017, 04:26:49 AM 
I only encountered what seemed like bugs twice.

First was in the tutorial mission with Harec. At the point where you're directed to use his teleportation move, I did as instructed and seemed to end up outside the map. All I could see was what seemed to be the outline of structures in orange. I mashed the buttons and eventually returned to the map.  I was going to try to recreate it this afternoon, and record it, but I didn't have the time to get on.

Second, I was playing solo on the map where you have to overload the three reactors. I was able to activate the first one, but wasn't able to activate the other two. The button prompt didn't show up, and nothing happened when I pushed the interact key in front of them. I died a few times and respawned, and still wasn't able to activate them.

Gameplay Feedback / Impressions and Feedback [PS4]
 on: May 14, 2017, 05:09:07 AM 
I've had the chance to play a little over the course of the day; here are some initial impressions and feedback. Hope it's helpful!

Generally, I think the UI could use some small tweaks. I only found out that solo mode was available due to a post here. It wasn't immediately obvious to me that I had to click on the matchmaking "button" in the top right hand corner to switch between the two.  Even matchmaking for multiplayer took me a moment to see it was working, since you click the match on the lower left-hand side, and after the initial message disappears, the only indication that it's still looking is the "scan" effect over the thumbnail, and over the matchmaking button on the top right-hand side.  When it comes to UI, I think "dumbing it down," in order to eliminate any possibility of confusion,  is a good design philosophy.

Gameplay is generally satisfying. I'm content with the speed the characters move, the controls are intuitive, and the maps provide a good arena for combat. The shooting seems spot on to me.

The cover system is excellent, I really compliment the team on that. I expected it would be clunky, but it's buttery smooth. Nicely done!

Based on what I'm seeing, the CQC system is basically rock/paper/scissors. That's plenty of depth for the game, but I think that an expanded tutorial or written explanation of it would be helpful.  I've been trying to effectively put the system to use, but my results haven't be consistent. How close to you have to be for the input to be effective? How precise is the timing needed for a parry or block?

As far as I've seen, the special moves aren't really gone into that much. The tutorial only covers one character, so that doesn't help with the others.

I was concerned about the asymmetric aspect of the game. While I'm enjoying it more than I thought I would, I'm still not sure about it. The match I played as the Antagonist, the team mopped the floor with me the whole game. I wasn't effective at all. In the final level I got lucky. They temporarily ran out of respawns, and after the bots killed two of them, I got the other two and won. They were completely superior the entire game, but I exploited an advantage and won.

On one hand, that's the whole point of an asymmetric multiplayer game. On the other, I wonder how long people are going to want to invest the time on the first part of the level (something like 15 or 20 minutes) if the final, deciding part, is going to be a complete wildcard.

Overall, I like the game so far. I like the design and the characters. With a few simple improvements to clarify the gameplay, I think it has the potential to appeal to a lot of people.

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