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Suggestions / Re: ideas to improve spacelords
 on: April 21, 2020, 10:30:02 AM 
Just think about it 2 min . Mercury steam havent anwsered to anyone in the last 3 weeks , they are just not on the forum anymore. Be patient and wait for them to  comeback that all . Spamming and translating your post in different language will not change anything . It is a complicate  time because of the COVID-19 be comprehensive with them.

Bug report & Technical Support / Some bugs
 on: March 31, 2020, 06:22:43 PM 
Hello Mercury steam :D , its me Archérus the new player !
Today I am sharing with you some bug I encountered in game
Shae’s gun :FOCUS KAA7
Sometime the first shot deals one damage and the second is very long to shoot, and the others are normal. . Plus , I cant target the mine with this gun , “the focus” don’t take them , and if I shoot at them I deal 1 damage point.
Doldren’s gun : Bloody Mary
After a death , the test of the first shot does not seem to happen , the crosshair’s arrow does not move.
Valeria’s: The Whip
When Thomas(the quantum projectile ) appears and I’m near the quantum glyph , Thomas is shootable for a good range , but when I made him appear away of me , I need to go very close to him to be able to shoot him.
Locals Cart : Urgency “after a kill your next reload  is 140% faster “(I use it on Harec with the AURA MORTIS weapon ) , the cart does not work properly , sometime it’s my second reload who is faster , sometime the third , sometime I miss 2 shot and the third reload is faster .
Mika: Sometime , when I cover up , the animation does not work properly , like other raiders, its very difficult to move along the cover, or to move at all  Mika rotate on the spot  , I’m kind of sticks to the wall .

Ayana Kwena : Her mines are triggered trough thin walls and barriers and deal damage and push too  , its especially  deadly on a bridge when an Ayana shoot mines on the outer side of the bridge , we just can’t do anything when that happen , it’s frustrating.

I know the COVID-19 have made the situation complicated to you , I know I will wait some time before getting an answer , strength to you , be safe , and have a nice day !
See you on the broken planet ! 😊

Gameplay Feedback / Constructive feedback MMR
 on: March 24, 2020, 05:55:12 PM 
Hello everyone, :D It’s me again Archérus, the new player!
Today I am sharing with you my BIG observation and thoughts about the MMR.

First and foremost I don’t think the matchmaking works properly , I am above 40% and below 45% (we are level 70) , and I play a lot with a friend with the same MMR, and for most games the average MMR of the team is between 28 and 38%, that means that our teammate must have a far lower MMR than us ,and their skill level proves it, it’s very frustrating when we lose because of that ,or because the antagonist is rank 1 purple with a fully upgraded weapon.

Talking about losing , when we lose and earn a very low score at the end of the mission , we lose 3 to 4 % of MMR , and to regain only 1% of MMR we must win a big succession of mission with a high score at the end of every mission it feels like 7 very good games for 1 step forward and 1 bad game for 4 steps back. I don’t feel like I deserve this big loss in my MMR ranking when I play with a very low MMR player who shouldn’t be in a game with an MMR that high or against a high-level Antagonist. Its not fair in my opinion.

And for the antagonist, it’s frequent that the gap between the antagonist’s MMR and mission MMR is huge, like 20% to 30% of difference. And a high MMR for a mission does not counterbalance the low MMR of the antagonist the opposite is also true. It’s almost impossible or too easy, and rarely fair or challenging.

I think that it would be really helpful if we could see precise  informations (health and damage % of the mobs and boss , AI level of intelligence, etc. ) about the impact of the MMR on the mission moreover the MMR doesn’t seem consistent, sometimes a 35% MMR mission is far harder than a 42% MMR one.

At the moment, I’m guessing that a higher MMR is supposed to increase your score at the end of the mission, but once again, it’s highly inconsistent, a 42% MMR does not always feel more impacting than a 30% MMR. Besides, I have the same cap of maximum earnable currency than a 18% MMR player or a 57% MMR player.

My propositions to improve the overall experience are the following:

-Replace this MMR percentage system for a level system of MMR, it would be on a scale from 1 to 10 and each level has its own difficulty and own rewards (the closer the level is to 10 the harder is the mission, and the higher is the currency rewards cap), and they are clearly shown on the character choosing screen before the mission.

-Make the matchmaking consistent or at least more transparent and explicit, I know sometime It’s hard to find a game because of the lack of players.

-Make the difficulty clear and transparent before a mission (health and damage % of the mobs and boss, AI level of intelligence, etc.) and make it have a real tangible impact on our rewards.

-Make the loss and gain of MMR level clear, consistent and indulgent, like “You need to win X game with a score superior than Y to go to the next MMR level” and “If you lose X game with a score inferior than Y you drop of a level”. This level system must be indulgent , if I lose with a team with a far lower MMR than me (and the difficulty is too high for them ), or against an Antagonist with a far higher MMR than me, having a big drop in my MMR level doesn’t feel fair,  and since the game is a 4v1 co-op, it would feel to one-sided if one player could carry the entire team because they got paired with players who have way less experience, both sides would be left dissatisfied.

-Make us possible to leave a game and find another one, sometime the difficulty is very high  and our teammates are beginner and don’t want to capitulate while we are in the mission for 15 min but we still haven’t even started the first  objective, for example on the mission “low blow”, yesterday, in 12 min the Aleph overload of the objective was totally empty, because 4 engineers were spawning at the same time and I was the only one who was trying to kill them. I ended up closing my game. And this situation happens to me almost everyday (I play 6h per day).I have another personal example which is very demonstrative… :

And that is all I have to suggest, in my opinion it’s not impossible to do, I trust the development team to take the best choice possible for the game we all love: SPACELORDS <3

Thanks to you if you have read my whole post, let me know what you guys think, have a nice day! And see you on the broken planet ;).

Suggestions / Economic system /store gestion
 on: March 15, 2020, 08:41:20 PM 
Hi everyone !
Today , I will share my opinion about the exclusiveness of  in-games cosmetics .
In my opinion the exclusiveness for cosmetics is a bad thing , it's frustrating , and a true pity for the player and the dev team. MercurySteam is doing such an amazing job !  They worked for something that new player can't buy ( and support MercurySteam by the way) and can't use now ,  because , the new player started the game too late. In my opinion its such a pity .  I want to support MercurySteam , I want to buy "the love is in the air" emotes , I want to buy the 4 exclusive skins. And I don't think I'm the only one.

My suggestions are the following : make the event related cosmetics buyable the whole year, but very expensive compared to the others , and far more cheaper during the event (but more expensive than others cosmetics).
And make the exclusive skins buyable in a pack , or individually.
In my opinion its best system , players can support and buy their favourite cosmetics , and MercurySteam is payed for their (amazing ;)job.

Let me know what you (whoever you are ) think about that ,  and have a nice day !:D

Gameplay Feedback / Score at the end of the mission.
 on: March 05, 2020, 07:38:21 PM 
Hi ! I recently discovered SpacelordS (I fell in love with the game )  and I wanted to share some though I had about the score at the end of each mission , some modification who could , in my opinion , encourage the player to surpass itself and become a better teammate . Take  in consideration goal related action made by the players  : aleph used to overload objectives (high impact on the score ) , total aleph gathered (medium/low impact ) separation of the elite killed and normal mob killed (higher impact for elite ) , and damage done to bosses ( medium/high impact ) . For the number of raiders extracted , the game count the bot as raiders, but we cannot order them to extract.  Have a nice day ,and see you on the broken planet !

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