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Hi guys,

As we have commented before, the Antagonist system is at the core of Spacelords. Making it optional would result on higher waiting times.

There are toxic Raiders and Antagonists. That's why we always encourage you to send us an mail to report these players. Our system automatically detects certain behaviours, so rest assured toxic users are eventually banned.

Thank you.

And your player base, here on the forum has been asking you, continually for a PvP option, which you still refuse to give. They are blatantly telling you THEY DON'T WANT IT and yet you continue pushing Spacelords down the road of the Antagonist that no one really wants.

Gameplay Feedback / And another duplicate blueprint.
 on: July 31, 2019, 03:19:53 PM 
Just finished 'Enemy Within' using Iune's 'Last Wish' weapon on zero build (because I want the beginning of the month awards to give me other blueprints and not on a build 10 weapon) and yup, my 3rd duplicate in a row with this weapon.
In fact, it's not just this weapon, but pretty much 95% of all duplicates, since update, have been duplicates.

For those who know anything about games they'll know this is NOT RNG randomness, but MSE have clearly programmed duplicate probability in the acquisition of blueprints. It is, yet more BS, from the devs, deliberately going out of their way to utterly destroy a game their artists, animators, modelers, mission designers and programmers have done an excellent job creating.

MSE, this isn't the first complaint by players on the blueprint system. What really did you expect?

Dev 1: "I' have another great idea how to piss off our player base. We're going to reduce blueprint acquisition by 300% daily."
Dev 2: "That'll really piss them off. Ha ha ha....."
Dev 3: "Hey" let's kick 'em while they're down, by giving a 80% probability  of a duplicate. Ha ha ha."

MSE, good decisions earn praise. Bad ones earn ridicule. That's how it works.

Suggestions / MSE Please just give us an antagonist option.
 on: July 31, 2019, 07:03:49 AM 

We've been asking for a long time now to give us the option of playing against an antagonist. This is our biggest gripe with MSE, even more than gold, faction, xp and blueprint nerfing.
Many of us see the antagonist in an incredibly overpowered situation. Either:

1. The antag increases their MMR to play in overpowered environment enemy missions against T1 R1 teams and mopping the floor clean with them.
2. The antag keeps MMR low so as to drop down to a normal power environment, to obliterate T2 R5/6 teams, courtesy of Build 10 weapons compared to the 0-2 builds of the raiders.

This mechanic is clearly in place so as to drastically push the antagonist element in Spacelords. Many people do not like this. It's ruining the enjoyment of many.

All we are asking for is the choice of playing a mission with, or without an antagonist. That's it. A switch, in game, antag or no antag. A simple choice. You can then look at game statistics and you'll find, overwhelmingly, people are opting to play without an antag. You can then push your game down the raider route. You won't then need to removethe antag mechanic, just have a dedicated raider- no antag and a raider-antag system.

Seriously MSE, there's nothing worse than losing a game to a mechanic, no one asked for and no one wanted. Thank you.

Suggestions / Re: Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 31, 2019, 01:35:34 AM 
Schneider doesn't really have a cooldown either. Same with Aneska. Alicia isn't overpowered at all. Just because you loose to someone doesn't make that character overpowerd
As Tekato states, if Schneider loses his turret it's gone for 25 seconds, with your pistol doing 8 damage. That's his cooldown. On higher MMR, you can't leave your turret up for more than a couple of seconds. Enemies all home in instantly. It's the same with Aneska's mech. If it's destroyed, you have to collect energy cells to use it again. That's a cooldown. As for Alicia, a good Alicia is incredibly hard to hit. They don't hover for the duration but jump and shoot. The only real defense you have is to try and hide and guess where she's going to land, initiating a grapple animation before she does. She needs a cooldown....badly. 

Gameplay Feedback / Re: So what happened with the update?
 on: July 31, 2019, 12:21:17 AM 
Did they give up on it?
Is that the new aleph BS? If so we can only hope.  ::)

Spacelords’ Advice / Beginner advice - Don't steal aleph!
 on: July 30, 2019, 11:15:43 PM 
This is a big no-no. Don't go there. If someone kills an elite/antag, that's their aleph, they've won, not yours. For example, when you see a team mate in a CQC animation, STAY AWAY. If a teammate decides to sprint past you at that precise moment they're doing the "sorry I didn't mean to" when they perfectly did.
The minute a teammate does that DELIBERATELY as well as hang about like a bad smell, that's an instant game quit. Respect your teammates and NEVER steal their aleph, ever.

Now, the devs could easily rectify this problem, by simply giving it to the winner of the CQC, but no they won't do that. They think it's far better that teammates steal it or elites while finishing the kill animation, or have you running around in circles for a couple of seconds wondering where the **** it is.

Suggestions / Re: Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 30, 2019, 10:24:27 PM 
MeleeMaster and Level9Drow

I can't really remember the team makeup, sorry, but sure, Little Girl isn't the most appropriate weapon for Valeria to use against Alicia (although with the right cards it can be, with almost zero cooldowns) but then, you're not really going to know are you? You know, as well as everyone else, that once you choose your characters, you can't change, once the selection timer's counted down and the Antagonist is exposed. I happen to like using all the weapons of, well certainly most of the characters and don't just want to stick to using Shakura like most people tend to do with Valeria.

Bottom line, if I knew, before hand, that is the game told me that the Antagonist was Alicia, before selection was up, then I'd be using Shae, Sa-Dhu and destroying her.

Suggestions / Re: Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 30, 2019, 07:59:22 PM 
That would make her useless. Besides she has low health, shoot her a couple of times and she's dead.

Also, I think Alicia should be countering Valeria, not the other way around.
What? Being able to hover in the air almost continuously, putting you into wounded after a couple of shots or dropping her ammo on you to explode, you think is fair? I've played in many missions with T1 R1 players, wiped out tvery easily by her.

And remember that Valeria's weapon has a long cooldown, made quicker by cards and shooting enemies normally. Unless you're usihg her Quantum Harmonic Oscillator, card with 5 Aleph super boost enabling almost instantaneous reloads, Valeria is a sitting duck, for Alicia should she miss.

Every character's special ability has a cooldown. She should not be the exception.

Suggestions / Re: How about a death cap?
 on: July 30, 2019, 04:54:40 PM 
I agree Kuzie. I'd even go so far as giving Antags a limited amount of lives.

Suggestions / How about a death cap?
 on: July 30, 2019, 03:11:22 PM 
What I'm stating is, in a match against an Antagonist, when you're playing with a low level team, who are being farmed by the Antagonist, how about dividing all the lives of the team up and giving each player a death cap that after 'x' amount of kills any more kills on them won't register?
This way, it stops Antagonists picking on the weaker members of the team and that in order to bring about an end of the mission, everyone has to be killed the same number of times.
Now I can't quite remember how many deaths you need before Cortez goes off to get Aleph, but hazarding a guess, say 12 for the first run, 14 for the second run and of course the 6 in sudden death, that means, a total of 32 kills by the Antagonist to win. They would have to kill each player 8 times in order to gain victory. Of course this number will go down, is the environment kills them also.

This is a complicated mechanic, but a fair one. Then again, MSE, just give us a PvP option please???


To be honest, sonofoz is the yin to your yang Marcus. There needs to be a balance here :P

And sure, while being called a coward isn't very nice on a the context of the game, he's not all that wrong...Don't be so sensitive mate and really, I've heard more harsher words thrown towards MSE (insults not criticism) around here than anything sonofoz has ever said, so yeah. This forum has reeked as of late, him being "kept in check" won't change anything.


I couldn't care less what sonofoz thinks and states about me. It's utterly irrelevant. However, what is is his constant arguing with everyone on this forum, resulting in threads being locked, ironically as the main reason for it being so and receiving NOT ONE warning from the moderators. If you hadn't noticed, I ignore him and have been for some time now. He replies to every thread I make, I none to his.

I do not want to detract from this post but there is nothing cowardly about my game play, whatsoever. I quit for valid and substantial reasons. This is what he (and others fail to see). I do not waste my time, fighting lost causes. I will ask the team to surrender, thus resulting in awards going into the pot for the next day and anyway, when I leave, that will happen anyway when they lost. I'm just trying to save time, that's all. Sure, people don't want to quit when playing for a BP or a treasure pot, but when the game's over, it's over and no amount of time wasting is going to change that. One team, I played in, with an Antagonist, was losing badly. I wasn't dieing, they were. We were in still trying to attack the tentacles in the mission 'In Shock' and they'd already lost 7 more lives, after Cortez had returned from his first aleph run. The game was over and I asked for a surrender. They wouldn't. I asked two more times. They wouldn't. I left.

More so, this precise game mechanic, the prizes galore update, is awful. It was created SOLELY to promote their antagonist in the game that no one wants and, other than a few here and the constant attack point of sonofoz, should anyone want a PvP option.
They should allow people to quit whenever they want to. It's their game they're playing and their enjoyment. If they're not enjoying the game, then why stay on? MSE could easily implement a mechanic that when one player quits another could join in to help. This sorts out the problem of people quitting. They won't. They want to keep people, playing a mission, against an Antagonist who's wrecking the team, that they never wanted. Hence why people have continually been asking for a PvP option. MSE WON'T do this, because they know that it's going to kill of the Antagonist role, an element of the game they're pushing like there's no tomorrow. Most people don't want an Antagonist and they fail to see this. It's a badly flawed mechanic.
This is the first and last time I'll address this on this thread. It's irrelevant to the topic.

I ignore people on this forum. Once they go down the road of insults, they're blocked. I don't read their replies nor comment on their threads. They don't exist.

MSE's lack of action, not warning sonofoz, who has got away with attacking everyone on this forum of late is the MAIN reason I made this thread public and to get their attention. Regardless how many others have reported him (and I've had a lot of messages from others who have), MSE are remaining silent. I was warned by Karen, for something completely trivial, compared to the downright sabotaging of threads and insults of sonofoz to other peoples.
There's a colossal difference between criticising the game and the many broken mechanics to insulting and attacking players.

Suggestions / Re: Top 5 Raiders that need TLC from MS
 on: July 30, 2019, 01:51:41 PM 
It's a good post, well thought out and explained.

Suggestions / Alicia's double jump needs a cooldown
 on: July 30, 2019, 03:45:35 AM 
All players specials have a cooldown and so too should Alicia's. She can wreck a team of raiders with ease simply by constant spamming of her special. The only characters equipped, to take her out, are Shae with her Sa-Dhu rifle and Konstantine with his repulse sphere. Once you implement a cooldown, she'll instantly lose her current OP status.
If you don't want to do this, that's fine, just remove everyone else's cooldowns. Valeria's Little Girl with no cooldown, would certainly give her problems.

You are a sad and angry person sonofoz. Get some help, dude. Seriously.
Seriously, he's like a puppy, following you around, pissing and pooping all over the place. Always has to have the last word and continues replying to me when I've told him, I ignore anything he has to state.

Having dropped from 46% MMR, to 20% MMR, I'm not only finishing missions super fast, but with low T2 Antags, despatching them incredibly quickly and high mission scores. I'm helping beginners finish missions who now don't have to worry about Antags.
But the first for me is, I'm making more gold, faction points and XP, as well as guaranteed '4' daily wins & pot essentially, playing as a beginner sub level 20 ( with weapon boosts that destroy enemies), than I would be at T1 R2 (lvl 190). It's more rewarding (gold, faction, XP) to play a 11% MMR than a 72% MMR matches.

The game mechanics, in this game are hopelessly broken. I'd really be surprised if this wasn't the devs first time, venturing into the world of video games. Why? Well if it was they'd know that, the main mechanic in every game ever created is, with each level attained the greater the rewards.

MSE, why on earth, would Raiders want to play a 40%+ MMR match, where enemies are bringing you to wounded in one burst of fire; where Antags can watch the environment destroy a team, as they pick off wonded players with ease, all for a score of around 7/8, due to a long game time and multiple deaths, resulting in far less rewards than on an 11% MMR match?

Now there's even more reason to quit matches as it results in lower MMR, meaning easier environment and higher rewards. Lol. The only people who don't benefit are Antags, playing high MMR with tougher enviroment to aid them. This whole MMR mechanic is all about pushing the Antag, that the majority DON'T WANT!!!!

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