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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Demotivated to play.
 on: November 06, 2019, 08:19:08 PM 
Had the same experience plenty of times, even made a post just like this one long time ago. The worst part is that this has nothing to do with skill, if the game is balanced for four players and you only has one, there's literally nothing you can do. The result is that while I was playing on random team, I had to pick the same 4 to 5 stages that it was sure I could complete even on solo. Don't even need to tell you that it turned into a really stale experience.

You new? they wouldnt remove the platform/comsole... why? Cause this game is perfect for console. I know you pc players who think your the master race and should be included into everything is not the case. May game have had this issues of mouse user ruining a good game when you add cross play.  But its always only pc players who have the bs reply of "I have and play on both and I notice no diff but its clear as day what you choose to play on. They even started making bs mouse adapters for console why? Cause its a clear advantage in shooter games.
When I said "remove the platform" I said remove pc, not console. 60 people playing the game worldwide on a platform(pc) isn't even close to being a playerbase, isolate them and you may as well remove it altogether.

I have never said pc players didn't have advantage over console ones, also never claimed being "pc masterrace".

"You new" Ironic since you're the one bitching you don't have passives and forge points to deal with people, not me.

That the dumbest shit Ive heard late to change it? They have been changing everything in the game none stop. Ive read so many good mmr change ideas. But its about money and you make more money by putting time in pumping out skins weapons and slight changes to make people go "Oh I love it" Till the newness fades away
Too late because I'm not even sure this game will last another year. Everytime you reference Spacelords people will say: "Oh, that game with forced, tryhard pvp" or "The team game with no voice chat". Game is so obscure that even youtube game journalists don't care or never heard about the exorbitant skin prices in it.

Players were giving suggestion to change the MMR for years now, and look how many of those they implemented. Yeah, none. Even the diehard fans aren't putting up with it anymore.

"Dumbest shit I've read" The shit you write seems like you're having a stroke over the keyboard. Nice formating skills, by the way.

WHo said I want to stomp...did you even read wath I wrote? no you jumped in a said copy past bs when everything I said links to each other in one way.
That's why I referenced a "fair" game, maggot. You won't get one, most of the time you'll either annihilate Raiders using sneaky strategies or get stomped yourself, you'll rarely get "back and forth" matches playing as antagonist, and those are just terrible for everyone involved since they drag the game for too long and screw the rewards.

that is half true. but when you have purps mmr manipuating to play 25% below mmr players its not healthy for the game. YOur whole "Git gud" mentality is why many get turned off this game its why you damn pc players dont have a player base. And now you come to console to spill that same garbage over here.
People manipulating MMR are ones who are tired of getting one shot by shotgunners from halfway across the map or tired of fighting rubberband AI who reads all their inputs. There's literally no reason to play with more than 40% MMR other than some stupid made up "honor system" which no one cares about. Your bitching about "git gud" mentality seems like an excuse to not adapt to the situation.

"That's why pc players don't have a playerbase" Or maybe because every change breaks the game more than fixes it and there are tons of MMOs and other better shooters to play on PC.

Now if you wanted to do point for point on what the griefs are and break it down cool but again you gave a copy asshat  paste reply when again everything I said are legit unhealthy game mechanics.
Your original post sounds like a rambling from a deranged scrub, there really isn't much to break.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Last Wish is Overpowered
 on: September 17, 2019, 05:55:04 PM 
It's true that if someone gets close enough with a higher health pool, Iune should be at a disadvantage, but in my encounters with Iune it's the opposite. For example, I attempted to engage an Iune up close with Rak and his hatchet at forge level 8 (another gun that feels a bit overpowered) and got melted easily. Although, I will admit that the other player's positioning was definitely better in certain moments during that match.

Rak can be seen through walls, they just waited you to get out of cover and shot in the moment they had the chance. It isn't an Iune problem, if you tried that against Shae, Harec, or even Doldren, it wouldn't end pretty.

For whatever reason, Iune last wish players may raise their gun at the same moment another player does, but will likely put out more damage faster based on what I've seen. From what I've heard from you guys, having the right cards would be critical to this being effective.

That's what you think, not what really happens, what happen is that since Iune is a local, she will stay on cover and see the location of all players, when she knows where they are, she'll wait for a moment where they're either idle or moving slowly, then she'll draw her gun and shoot their head off. If the Iune is good, when you think about drawing your gun she already is ready to shoot, but there's a problem, if for whatever reason she doesn't hit you on the head in the first 1~2 seconds burst, her weapon will build pressure and become borderline useless, and her location will be revealed with no stalking ability or invisibility to help. That's where Mercy card comes to play, she'll try to heal the closest grunt(if needed), reseting the gun's pressure and stopping it from building for a short time, but Mercy's depends on the heal cooldown, which is like 40 seconds, so she can't just spam it endlessly.

Do you even realize the game you're playing? It's not that they can't separate pros from newbies, it's more like they can't afford to split their playerbase, there's crossplay because barely anyone is playing on PC, if they isolated PC players, they could as well remove the platform. It's way too late to rework the MMR, you'll have to deal with it.

Also, if you're new to the game and think you can just play antag to have a easy win or even a "fair" game, then you're delusional. To play antag you need not only have map and matchup knowledge, you also need to have overpowered, win-win situation builds. If your forge level is too low and your passives aren't high enough, then tough luck, pal, come back when you're stronger.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Last Wish is Overpowered
 on: September 17, 2019, 04:12:03 AM 
Iune has no defensive ability, if you get close to her, she only has her 60 hp and CQC to rely on. Once Last Wish's pressure builds up, it becomes useless, headshots and the Mercy card is literally everything she has, the rest is just positioning and patience for the part of the player.

She's extremely weak against Harec, Alicia, Lycus, and Doldren.

Same on Steam, Aneska doesn't have a trophy.

Spacelords’ Advice / Re: Missing Guns? Please help im lost
 on: September 03, 2019, 05:38:21 PM 
Are you talking about the red ones? Those were skins from an event that occurred in August. You could either buy them at the shop or get enough points on adventure mode to get them for some characters, randomly.

It's unsure if they'll make them available again.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: About the event skin rewards
 on: September 01, 2019, 06:21:42 AM 
getting those high scores probably caused a good deal of stress that shouldn't go unrequited.               
Pretty much, don't even need to mention all other people's games I had to ruin to get that score.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: surprised?
 on: September 01, 2019, 03:57:00 AM 
I thought they would at least try to make this right. Too bad. :-\

Spacelords’ Advice / Konstantin's Hornet
 on: September 01, 2019, 03:51:06 AM 
What's better, primary or secondary fire? I feel primary deals more damage, but secondary is more precise and is much more badass and intimidating.

So what's the difference between the two?

Gameplay Feedback / Re: About the event skin rewards
 on: September 01, 2019, 03:48:42 AM 
Yes, the gold and purple points all stack, I figured the weapons would too, it even showed in the rewards available that I had 9 skins, so they messed up and gave me a false sense of accomplishment for the whole month.

BS I tell you what. Not making you choose which characters you want the weapons is also pretty bad.

Gameplay Feedback / About the event skin rewards
 on: September 01, 2019, 02:13:53 AM 
First of all, they were random, I REALLY didn't expect that, I had no plans in giving them to Lycus since his golden guns are much better, I wanted to give at least one for Doldren, Aneska and especially for Alicia, so yeah that sucks.

Also, I managed to get 300 points during adventure, I was pretty sure I would get 9 skins, but only got 5, can someone confirm that?

Suggestions / Re: Buff Aneska's Atlas
 on: August 31, 2019, 06:52:28 PM 
The three rounds I have never had an issue with sense the reload is pretty quick. As for self harm I run the survival card on her which doesn't affect it that much...I primarily use it for CQC as well so I often am hurt with it. I do have to agree that the damage in higher MMRs is lacking even with damage cards and staying near her Mech...and by "high" I often have issues in the 50s to 60s range of MMR. I don't think MSE should increase the range of it anymore...maybe make the AoE bigger but I like the range but that's just me personally.

Gun takes a lot of work to use properly with no pay off. Unless the enemies are mindlessly rushing at you they'll likely run or roll out of the exploding radius, if they're too close you'll be dead long before them(I suppose that at 50 MMR it would take at least 6 shots to finish a Hades machinegunner).

With improved range and bullet travel speed you could use it more safely, no need to increase the AoE.

Suggestions / Buff Aneska's Atlas
 on: August 30, 2019, 05:46:05 AM 
I feel like Atlas deals so little damage when the difficulty gets higher than 35. You can barely use it at long distance, since grunts will perform their "desperate" run and go to cover as soon as they hear you shoot, it will probably kill you before the enemy if you use it at close distance, the AoE is only horizontal, only has 3 shots in the magazine. Atlas needs some improvements.

Also make Aneska be able to retreat her mech while moving. This would help a lot.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: submission - no penalty ?
 on: August 25, 2019, 08:24:41 PM 
i don't understand what you mean.

999ping is unplayable for me. you keep being teleported from point to point without any logic, striking thing or being shot by thing wich are not the place you see them...
usually above 3-400poing i ask for surrender

I think they'll take points from you if they say there will be penalties, but I don't know for sure.

I don't surrender because I'll lose the rewards anyway, so I just stay on the match and wait for the teammates to carry as long as they can.

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