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Suggestions / Re: Remove Antagonists on Blueprint missions.
 on: July 26, 2019, 05:54:40 AM 
Very much agreed on that. Seems if im playing a mission worth only gold and exp, no Antags. The minute I'm going for that rare BP (ONLY 1 PER DAY) I get antagged and forced into a half an hour game of annoying bullshit. Oh and good luck getting that BP even if you win cause unless you wiped the floor with the enemy and scored a 9.0 or better, chances are the roll is gonna screw you over anyway.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: objective reset after quitting host
 on: July 26, 2019, 05:46:49 AM 
This has happened to me several times in the last 2 weeks. Worst part is half the time, it doesn't even switch the host. It will be the same person, same ping. I had this happen just as the mission complete screen was coming up. Reset to the last mission check point. There has to be something implemented so the mission continues exactly where it left off. Host based match making is cheaper for a reason.

 on: July 23, 2019, 12:57:58 AM 
When I'm in a team that's not following objectives I ask three times to forfeit the match. If they don't I leave. It's that simple. You shouldn't be forcing people to do what they don't want to do. It's their game. However, that stated, I very well understand your umbrage. Yes, nothing worse that being in a mission with idiots. Therefore, what MSE should do is simply put in a block feature that blocks you from playing with these people again. The more people want to just run around and not follow mission objectives, the more blocks they'll receive until eventually a wait, for a game will take so long they won't bother.

There's nothing worse than a game going down the authoritarian route. I don't like this idea of reporting players. I just leave the game instead. When you're in a team, that's not PLAYING as a team, quitting is a realistic option because the non team are screwing it up for themselves, long before I quit and leave them to their lunacy.

So I should leave a game, have to wait for the round to end, get timed out for leaving a match and lose some MMR %? Cause people "dont want to do" something like play an objective in an objective based game? How is that authoritarian lol? A report feature is a common thing in games. I'm not going to rely on an algorithm to help me in a game. That doesn't make sense.

Gameplay Feedback / People who don't play objectives
 on: July 23, 2019, 12:35:21 AM 
If you're playing Spacelords, you're playing an objective based game. This should go without saying but apparently old and new players alike seem to have a difficult time understanding such a concept.

I can't tell you how many times in the last few days I've lost what should have been really easy matches because, instead of doing what the mission requires, people want to just kill elites.

I can understand this from newer players but wtf veterans? Why am I playing with purple level 1's and they aren't doing a damn thing to help? Its funny how a games community is supposed to be its lifeblood. But somehow, the thing I hate the most about Spacelords are the other players.

There needs to be some sort of report feature people can use when players are outright refusing to play objectives. Or for just anything, really.

I've put money into your game, Mercury. More than id like to admit. Now please put that money to some good use by implementing things most games have featured forever. Like reporting other players, opting out of Antags ect.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: The trolls need to be stopped
 on: July 17, 2019, 04:53:47 AM 
I have video evidence of someone pulling this same shit. And i know his ping was fine because he would just wait for the antag in one spot and grab when she came close enough. Im getting sick of being roped into PVP in a game not suited for it only to be punished for trying. I just want to play this stupid game. I dont want to PvP anyone. Wtf Mercury.

That also happened to me, had 15k on the pot, lost to a pretty bad antag because infinite lives and 75% difficulty, got 7k instead. They even force you to see the antag as "play of the game" even though you killed them a dozen of times. It's like the game is making fun of you.

Yup that's what got me the most, the Antag wasn't good. But a high MMR + Uncooperative teammates + first game of the day should NOT be a reason to lose an entire days work. Still very heated over that.

I understand how you feel. it sucks because i encounter it every day. Yesterday i was playing tor a blueprint for one of my characters. unfortunately an antagonist was in my match and basically owned all of us. i lost would could of been alot of gold and cool weapon blueprint to nothing or half of what i would of gotten. it sucks because i worked hard too, sorry you had to go through that. it does suck when an antagonist comes along and ruins it.

Exactly. And yea, i appreciate what the antagonist does in MOST games. Creating additional tension and difficulty. But sometimes, I just want to *relax* and play raiders. Not always be on guard when I start a game cause someone wamts to Antag. It is its own thing and I appreciate that. But it ruins the experience for someone like me. Who doesn't choose Space Lords as their #1 source of PvP action.

This is why the new pot is useless. Pre July 2nd patch, if you were a serious gamer you could make 100k gold in a day, a hell of a lot of XP and ok faction points as the payout was ok. If you lost a blueprint/gold/faction point/XP multiplier award mission, you played until you did win.
Mercury Steam, for some reason only want casual gamers, hence why they made all the changes. My advice for making gol is to get in a guild and have all payers carry a Bounty weapon they have max points in, especially with the new system. It really sucks but that's just the way it is. I've lost a couple of daily pots, both also with BP's in.

It sucks becauae I recently just came back to the game. Had to refamiliarize myself with everything. Finally thought I was getting the hang of it. And then, this shit. When I say I spent most of Sunday, glued to my chair, I mean it. So for all of that to only amount to 15k and get lost so quickly is insane. Again, that pot at the end of a day should be YOURS. You earned (or didn't) earn all of that money grinding matches. And for that pot to just..**POOF** because I got dealt a bad hand in terms of a team just seems insane to me. I really, really like this game. Which is why I'm constantly deleting/downloading it. Its like an abusive relationship.

I paid money for this game back when it was Raiders. And yet, its always seemed like they've done everything they could to squeeze money out of the consumer. Which, in this case, I really don't mind. The developers deserve it and I'd like to continue seeing the game flourish. But there's a line you don't cross. And it both begins and ends when you hinder my experience for the wake of a few extra dollars. Triple A companies are not the only ones guilty of this. As clearly demonstrated by this games recent "updates"

Okay up until this point, other than being a minor nuisance, Antags have been okay in my book.

But today, after working all day and after spending an entire Sunday grinding TP and Gold off of "quick play" matches, I come home to bank all that goodness by playing and finishing a match. Unfortunately, this match was invaded by an Antag and my team did zero to help secure a win. And an ENTIRE DAYS WORTH of gold and TP went down the drain.  Instead of the 15K gold and 6K TP I deserved, I ended up with not even a quarter of both after getting slammed 5 minutes into a match.

I'm going to go ahead and say I now belong to the camp of people who feel there should be an on/off switch for Antags. I'm well aware this game is already difficult to find matches in. And that the player base isn't the largest. BUT COME ON. Do I deserve to lose an entire days worth of work to a stroke of bad luck? In any other game, I have no problem dealing with antagonists.         
 I usually wipe the floor with em' But now, of course, a bunch of sweat and work is on the line and my team gets crushed. Its really frustrating but especially as someone who's come and gone from this game ever since its early days. And to have this happen just makes me want to delete it, once again.

I either propose the same as everyone, give us a PvE only mode OR reconfigure how the final game works in regards to all the gold and TP accumulated up until that point. So if I spend an entire day grinding and then go to play that match, I receive 100% of everything I ALREADY EARNED (minus whatever additional gold and XP I would have gained from winning that match) Cause honestly, I'm super butt hurt about what just transpired. I went from being excited to play this game earlier to wanting nothing to do with it after. Please consider my plea for change or refinement. Its gonna take me a while to get over that bullshit.

Edit: I deleted the game anyway. See you all in 6-8 months when, hopefully, more quality of life changes have been added 👋

Gameplay Feedback / BAD PING GAMES
 on: October 14, 2018, 05:19:05 PM 
Something has to be done about these games I get stuck in where the connection fluctuates between 400 and 999 ping. Its unplayable but if I leave, I'm penalized for it.

Maybe you can implement a rule where if the ping is recorded over a certain threshold, leaving a game doesn't result in a penalty.

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