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Gameplay Feedback / Re: Some nice things about the developers
 on: June 17, 2019, 02:02:07 PM 
Hi everyone,

Thank you very much for your feedback. As B30 mentioned, we have discussed these topics plenty of times, but we keep working to improve the game in all areas.

We are aware some features are not exactly what you asked for, but they were created with the goal to help veterans and new players coordinate on matches.

We listen to your thoughs, not only here, but on all our social media channels. There are a lot of topics to be addressed, but they need time to be tested and applied.

In the next months there will be new updates arriving to Spacelords, so we hope you guys like what we are preparing here at MSE. We'll do our best to make you guys happy, but we need your patience in order to do so.

Thank you very much for your understanding.

P.D. Skyline has been banned for using toxic comments again. Please refrain from insulting or using inappropiate behaviour.

Spacelords Universe / Re: Spacelords 1st Livestream question
 on: June 10, 2019, 12:43:56 PM 
Hi guys!

Unfortunately, the stream didn't save on Twitch, but we recorded it, so we'll upload it on our Youtube channel.

Thank you!

Hello Maluco,

This most likely happens because you need to reach a certain score in the other missions in order to unlock new ones. Please try moving the cursor above the last mission to see the score you have to beat in order to play the other ones.

I hope this helps!

Hello guys,

As you know, the game experienced some connectivity issues during weekend. It should work properly now, but there's another bug causing the game to crash when locking Cards or saving changes on loadouts.

We are now investigating the last one and it most likely will be fixed in the next patch.

Thank you very much for your patience.

Ship's Log / Patch Notes 15
 on: May 31, 2019, 12:46:13 PM 
The Team-up or Die update is now available, so here are all the changes and bug fixes included in this update.


Team play is extremely important in Spacelords and players need better communication tools than they have now. At the same time, Spacelords is committed to be a cross-platform, language-barrier free, harassment-proof game. This is why we've implemented a new, deeper and more flexible communication system.


- Communication messages have been renamed as Initiatives. They are written in a more literal way to better represent what players are going to do next.

- There will be two types of initiatives: generic ones ("I'm going for ammo") and mission-specific ("I'm going to defend the Protector").

- When a player chooses an initiative, an icon of his/her character will appear under that initiative in his/her teammates respective panels.


A new team leader figure has been implemented. At the beginning of the match one of the players will be selected by the system to be the leader. This player can either accept or decline the leadership. If they decline, the leadership will pass to another player.

- Leaders will have the option to send orders to their team, these orders can be accepted by any other member of the team.

- Each order can only be accepted by one player, and each player can only have one order accepted at the same time.

- At the end of the match, non-leaders can "thumbs-up" the leader to congratulate them. The leader will gain Status* for each "thumb-up" received.

The initiative and order flow will show up to all Raiders in their interfaces, so everyone will know what objectives and tasks are their teammates doing.

*Status Coins players obtain when leveling up and in the Adventure have been reduced. Instead, leaders will receive more Status at the end of the match when they receive the teammates' approval.


Recruiting a new Spacelord is one of the most important decisions players will have to make in their time in Spacelords. We want players to have all the necessary information when deciding which Spacelord they will recruit next. Now that the player has all the necessary tools, we've given up on feeding the decision for them with pricing and level requirements, groups of four Spacelords each will share the same level requirement and price instead.


We've implemented a character trial system. Players will now be able to play for a limited time with any Raider that is available for recruitment. When the trial period expires, players can choose another -or the same- Raider to start a new trial.

- Trials have no cost.

- Spacelords on trial will have their default weapons and Cards equipped.

- Spacelords on trial cannot be modified: Blueprints cannot be built, cards cannot be drawn.

- Blueprints you acquire for a Spacelord in trial will be usable when the character is recruited.


- Group 1 (level 4 // 25000 gold each): Hans, Kuzmann, Shae, H.I.V.E.

- Group 2 (level 18 // 90000 gold each): Mikah, Ginebra, Doldren, Rak.

- Group 3 (level 33 // 180000 gold each): Ayana, Loaht, Iune, Schneider.

- Valeria and Aneska will remain ungrouped, but they have decreased their level requirements to 44 and 48, respectively.


Most matches last for 15 minutes or less. Win or lose, this is a healthy behaviour for any mission. A small number of matches, however, get stuck in a situation where neither side can win or lose. These matches have a considerable number of survive phases. Some of these can be rememberable epic victories, but more often than not, they feel drawn-out and exhausting. These relatively small number of matches were skewing mission balance too much. Too many adjustments had to be made around this problem to make sure the occurrence was kept low, which impacted our ability to focus the balance on the enjoyment of the majority.

We've implemented the "Last Chance" phase: a new stage where the match will end as a defeat if the Raiders lose all their lives.

- Matches are now limited to two Survive Phases.

- After the second Survive, the match will enter in the "Last Chance" Phase.

- During the Last Chance phase, Raiders will keep respawning and losing lives. When the Raiders lose their last life, the game will be over.

- Decreased Raiders' lives from 16/16/16/... to 16/12/8 when playing against an Antagonist.

- Decreased Raiders' lives from 10/10/10/... to 16/12/8 when not playing against an Antagonist.

- Mission difficulty has been re-adjusted accordingly.



The wounded state has been reviewed to be more forgiving:

- It takes 2.5 seconds without receiving damage to recover from wounded (from 5.5 seconds).

- Character control is increased overall (faster turns, shorter animations when entering wounded).

- The amount of health with players recover from wounded has been decreased to 25% of the character's total health pool (from 50%).


Antagonist spawn zones have been enlarged in Hanging by a Thread, In Shock, Destroyer of Worlds, A Fistful of Sand, Short-Fused and The Enemy Within.


- Ammo drops are now only pickable by human players, AI enemies/allies just walk through by them without being able to pick them.



- Decreased Easter Egg's mine damage (-15%)


- Decreased Popcorns' damage (-20%)

- Popcorns' grenades no longer do push.

- Decreased Bubble Gum's damage (-10%)


- Removed Earthing's recoil.


- All Gatlings now shoot some bullets while gaining speed.

- Now O.Shtorm bullets pierce enemies.

- Now the bullets from each Hornet HH3's shooting mode have different types of bounce.


- Invicta projectiles can now be detonated through enemies.



- Decreased Integrity's damage reduction from 30% to 20%

- Increased Integrity's duration from 2s to 6s

- Increased Hard's damage reduction from 30% to 35%

- Decreased Hard's duration from 4s to 3s


- Fixed a bug where DLC "Starter Pack" was not giving some Blueprints properly (missing Blueprints will be returned to those users who already bought the DLC).

- Fixed a bug where sometimes Antagonists respawned under the ground.

- Fixed a bug where Aequilibrium events were not registering properly.

- Fixed several bugs were some bullet trails' position were not appearing correctly.

PlayStation Plus

PS Plus subscribers will receive 80000 Gold for Spacelords every month.

Ship's Log / The New Team-Up or Die Update is out!
 on: May 31, 2019, 12:43:52 PM 

Independent development studio MercurySteam launched today Team-Up or Die, the third milestone in Spacelords’ Roadmap, adding demand-driven features meant to improve player communication in its coop games. This awaited update is now available for all PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Windows 10 and PC Steam players of MercurySteam’s Free to Play shooter.

The new Communication System introduces the figure of the Team Leader, who can issue orders to the rest of the team. Players can accept those orders, but can also propose other initiatives, and evaluate their leader’s performance with a “thumbs-up” at the end of the match.

Along with this new and useful communication tool, MercurySteam is adding another highly demanded feature to Spacelords: the Character Trial. Players can now play with unrecruited characters for a limited amount of time and decide if they want to acquire them before investing Gold –Spacelords’ in-game currency– in unlocking them. The character recruiting tiers have also been simplified, with players now being able to recruit 4 new characters instead of one after hitting a certain level.

“The arrival of Team-up or Die implies better communication between new players and veterans who can now mentor them,” commented Enric Álvarez, Game Director. “Spacelords’ players have also expressed their desire to try Characters before recruiting them, and we have made good to our word of listening to our community when adding new features to the game.”

Watch the trailer and discover the 3 game changing features included in the Team-Up or Die update:

See you on the Broken Planet!

Hi Addy253,

We are now investigating this issue. In the meantime, please don't try to forge them again.

Thank you for reporting it.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Loaht's forever beast form has to go
 on: May 22, 2019, 03:11:29 PM 
Hi again,

Until we fix this issue, characters using weapons with burst shooting won't be able to change the view of the camara while firing.


Gameplay Feedback / Re: Clueless Newcomers
 on: May 22, 2019, 10:32:30 AM 
Hi guys,

As you commented, there are tutorials in the characters' menu and explanatory images in game, but we keep working on other options to help new players understand the missions. In fact, the next update includes a helfpul feature meant to guide newcomers! ;)

Hi guys,

Sorry for the late reply. I commented on another thread there are some problems related with matchmaking, so we are doing some testing in order to fix them as soon as possible.

We apologize for the inconveniences this may caused to you.

Suggestions / Re: Space Shop Gift feature
 on: May 17, 2019, 01:59:56 PM 
Hi guys!

Thank you very much for your suggestion, I just commented it to the Design team so they can consider it, but it's up to them to include it in the game.

Thank you! :D

Hello bronzegriff09,

Would you please provide us some data (username, platform, which weapon are you using, etc) in order to investigate this issue?

Thank you very much in advance.

Hi SniffaXxX,

At this moment, the MMR in the game is unstable. We are working to fix these machmaking issues as quick as possible, but we really appreciate your help and patience.

Thank you.

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Fix Antagonist`s ping!
 on: May 17, 2019, 01:53:02 PM 
Hi guys,

I just commented in another thread there are some issues affecting matchmaking, so this is most likely happening because of that. We'll solve them at the earliest.

Thank you!

Gameplay Feedback / Re: Loaht's forever beast form has to go
 on: May 17, 2019, 01:48:19 PM 
Hello Ingrediente T,

We just saw the Valeria exploit and we are now addressing it, so it'll be fixed in the next patch.

Thank you for reporting it!

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