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Suggestions / Re: Weapon concept for Aneska
 on: August 08, 2019, 05:27:25 PM 
Damn that is cool. It would be even greater if equipping this gun would double/tripple the melee damage of Mech's attacks so he won't be such a scrappy anymore!

Or just apply the damage bonuses/resistances to AI only instead. You know, since the difficulty rises and you need to counteract it SOMEHOW apart from shooting into bullet sponges. That way, the Raiders have the upper hand when dealing with grunts/elites only and don't suffer from a bigass MMR spike whenever an Antag joins in. And that would mean the end of "Ohhhh I'm a Status 1 player in a lobby of 4 tier 5s or 6s, onepunching everything I see".

Suggestions / Re: New Spacelords Feedback (add yours here)
 on: August 02, 2019, 04:25:13 PM 
This game gets worse with each goddamn update. And mind you that I'm being biased in a positive way!
First, the Aleph. It was going downhill from the moment Aleph started dropping from elites and players that were killed with gunfire. Now you can't even get the stacks you need to progress with objectives without camping the natural deposits while also making meleeing Elites pointless unless you need a quick health boost. Even the starter mechanic of Aleph being granted to the player that laid a finisher on the enemy was more fair and interesting.
Second, the weapons and Raiders. Tolchok. Shakura. Reworked Ignis. Sa-Dhu. Plague. These are but some weapons that need balancing. Does Mercury do anything about it? No. Instead, the next issue they're working on to make matters worse.
Third, the rewards. They never were great, but at least players could get 2-2,5K gold and a proper amount of XP per match after they've gotten all one-time rewards before Prizes Galore. But instead of making rewards greater, that update cut them in half. There's absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER to play more than 5 times per day (the first game being the pot game), as 1750 gold and 400 XP at 10,0 points aren't worth anyone's time! The pot system is garbage, as it gives you ONE chance to win for all the losses you've had previously, and considering the shitty matchmaking, you'll probably run into a Status 1 antag with a team of 2 T6s and a Huey. Before that, we could get 50K gold and about 20K XP per day on average . What the hell?!
Fourth, the MMR and difficulty. I never understood why enemies have to become bullet sponges and deal 30 damage per shot at 50% MMR or above. Shouldn't MMR be capped at about 60 then? Who are you making this game for - The Divison fans? The very same people that spend about 200 bullets to kill a single weak mob? How do you expect people with Forge Lvl 0 to deal with them? And how do you expect T5 players to deal with Status 5-1 players? Difficulty spike? You're digging your own grave with this matchmaking.
Fifth, the progression. Rewarding people with higher lvl with greater melee damage, melee resistance and shot resistance for players? Are you mad? Complete with your awful MM, this leads to newbies being oneshot by a single strike from an antag while they have to punch them 5-6 times just to down them! At this rate, the only ones playing this game will be a 1000 T1 players!
Sixth, the "co-op" part of your game. If this REALLY was a co-op game, we would be able to communicate with each other right? I have a question for you, Mercury: does your vocabulary consist of "OK", "Help" and "I need ammo"? Because that's not the case for us! Where's ANY form of proper communication? Where's text chat, voice chat? Newbies won't understand what they must do with your "command menu", ESPECIALLY if they get to be the team leader! They'll just run around the map, die a lot and get discouraged to ever launch this game again!
That's what I think about your game: you're making it less and less user-friendly and more and more punishing for everyone.
Remove the Prizes Galore. Raise the rewards. Fix the MMR. Add a text chat/voice chat function. That's all you need to do. IS IT REALLY THAT DIFFICULT? Or does your pride not permit you to make your game similar to other, more successful titles?

Suggestions / Remove the progress reset upon host migration
 on: August 01, 2019, 02:09:47 PM 
While this feature is very annoying at best without an antagonist, having your progress reset upon host migration when you are almost finished with the objective by the skin of your teeth with an antagonist in the game is infuriating.
A match on BoH with an antagonist. Iune keeps dying for absolutely no reason, Doldren antagonist is so awful that the grunts made more kills than him. We barely downed 2 guardians at the last stage and blew them up. And just as we were about to down the 3rd one.... HOST MIGRATION! 3 lives left before 2nd survival stage, the guardians are back to life, and one player down. WHO DESIGNED THIS?!

Suggestions / Nerf Shakura
 on: June 27, 2019, 12:29:43 PM 
I don't think devs were thinking when they were making this weapon - it's impossible to fight against as a Raider.
Let's see:
By itself, it's an automatic shotgun better than Alicia's
The bridges it creates make constant killzones which you cannot breach due to the RIDICULOUS damage the spheres inflict, making it impossible to pass through the zone. The ability to revert their direction and capability of firing another one as soon as the first one disappears gives Valeria every advantage on the battlefield against no matter how many human opponents.
You can't beat it at range because Valeria has armor and those spheres pass and deal damage through walls
You can't approach Valeria because she can create a killzone at her own location, similar to H.I.V.E.'s health drain
What can you do? Lay down and die
Nerf it.

Bug report & Technical Support / "Could not join the mission"
 on: June 26, 2019, 07:01:32 PM 
Approximately every 3rd mission I , before even entering the character selection phase, receive this message.
The issue is, the only button to push is "accept". When pressed, it returns me to the main menu and says:
"Mission in progress. Reconnect?"
Choosing reconnection sends me back to "Could not join the mission" and cycle repeats. Choosing "cancel" sends the game to the loading screen for 10 seconds.... and then cycle repeats.
I've lost TONS of MMR because of this, and it is impossible to play in a group.

Gameplay Feedback / Hans is OP
 on: September 29, 2017, 05:35:16 PM 
For the last few days I've been trying different raiders, trying to find relatively the best one for going antagonist mode. And it always turned out to be Hans.
I mean look at this: a guy with temporal invulnerability to melee, soaring in the air at great speeds, shooting down EXPLOSIVE projectiles (anyone who have ever played an FPS with rocket launcher in it knows that jumping makes shooting rockets way easier), has the fastest melee animation and finisher. Give him a rare weapon and he can wipe out the whole squad of bunched up raiders, which is the thing they must to do not get jumped on. They scatter - they die on their own because of the goddamn airstrike. Doesn't this call for a nerf?

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