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Title: How comes, the main mechanic is not even close to be balanced ?
Post by: Macsi on October 23, 2020, 10:20:04 PM

Had a nice round as Antagonist right now and guess what: The Raiders were no complete idiots, so I had no chance.
Actually I m pretty sure they were a premade team, I mean, u nearly never see a whole team playing over Steam.

The Whole Idea of the Antagonist ist a joke if u play agains a team of 4 wich knows how to play. But I m forced to play this unbalanced antagonist whatever, I mean its no fun at all if u can t do anything because its not on you to have any chance. But I can t get anymore score for the mounthly Reward, so I have to at least loose myself trough a few round (except the ones where antagonist has a huge advantage or I have luck that ppl don t know how to play)

So tell me plz whats the Idea behind that ?

Antagonist shouldn t be a Raider, but some kind of overlord or so, indirectly controlling things. Because just sending 1 raider against 4, because NPCs are no challange at all for a Raiders Team wich knows what to do, is no fun at all.

If u do a asynchrone Multiplayer, u have to give the singel person a advantage over the 4, and no the NPCs are most of the time no help but just a Aleph provider for the raiders.

Just to save time:
 1. No I m not a complete noob and any post like "I win most of the time as antagonist" oder "you just have to get better" doesn t help and are not part of the topic.

2. Yeah, I had a related post, but not about the antagonist System itself, as antagonist.

3. Yes, I was pretty pis... when I was writing tzhis, so sry for what ever u read in this.

4. I m sure there are things u can exploid as antagonist and yes, I did this sometimes, but most of the time, NPCs, even the Boss of the map gives no speciall chance to go in and win. You attack one, they see u, you are dead, thats how it goes, especially on the small maps, whee u can see the whole map, all the time.

Title: Re: How comes, the main mechanic is not even close to be balanced ?
Post by: MSE_Laura on October 28, 2020, 02:36:17 PM
Hello there, Macsi.
First of all, thank you for your feedback. On the other hand, I have some comments about it!
The antagonist mode is one of the core mechanics of Spacelords. No one forces you to play like an antagonist tho! It's a way to increase, as you already know, the monthly rewards.

When you suggest that the Antagonist must have some benefits, he or she already have a few advantages over the raiders, of course. The Antagonist is immortal. Therefore has infinite chances to fight the raiders.

On the other hand, they command Grunts. I must say I disagree with the animation you made in this regard. AIs can be psycho killers with mission difficulty.  That's a factor to keep an eye on in every match, both MMR and mission difficulty.

In the game, being antagonist forces you to come up with a different kind of gameplay you developed as a Raider. You might need to try other characters, a certain talent combination, and a more stealthy gameplay style to win. That's the special thing about being an antag. It pushes you out of your comfort zone and makes you think about how to take down the other players.

I really hope this helps you to understand the antagonist mode a bit better!
Title: Re: How comes, the main mechanic is not even close to be balanced ?
Post by: Macsi on November 05, 2020, 05:53:06 PM

thanks for the respons and sry for the late reply ^^

I just recently saw the current Roadmap and that the last Milestone is an Addition to th Antagonist Mode, at least as I understood. I guess I just wait for that and see :)

But, in the last few days I had a lot of games with antagonist and all of them endet, because he/she had no chance at keep us from fullfilling the objectiv. We killed the elites fast and as a Sniper I always got him while he had no chance to get to me. Thats why my impression s, that the maps are not really balanced, if the Raiders get a good lineup, it doesn t matter wich hero the antagonist got. Maybe there are some high skilled Players wich can really do something with the right raider, but in the end it seems that luck is the best friend of the antagonist.
The games I lost against antagonist was mostly, because we had at least one bot and our Lineup was just bad luck.

And one more thing:

After my last recent Games I noticed that maybe the most frustration comes from the balancing algorithm. I had 3 rounds in a row, where my team was 1 Bot and 2 new players, and still the Enemys where that high scaled, that not even a whole mag from my weapon could kill one of the grunts and/or  we were overun by high scaled Elite Units. in every game I was the feature player, even I had not much of a chance, cause I tried to win the round more or less alone. Would be cool if u would take stronger in account what the Raiders Team lineup is.

I don't know if all of that fits here, sry if not I can split this up in multiple topics if needed.
In the End I really love the Flow this game can have as a coop objectivbased Game, and as most of the player I just want the Game to get better, and in my opinion many mechanics already became better.
Title: Re: How comes, the main mechanic is not even close to be balanced ?
Post by: Miguerys on December 14, 2021, 01:01:22 AM
Old topic but issues are still lingering, I'm getting a lot of games with two bots Vs antagonist. When there's not a full team of  raiders there should not be antagonist.