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Title: Locals HP
Post by: Random_guy on April 07, 2020, 07:58:49 AM
Can we please get some more HP as locals with all the updates to guns cards cqc and aleph dropping and overall mission difficulty pass 50% MMR locals are to squishy getting one tap by any grunt with a shotgun and like three shots from an AR their presence on the field is very low which I understand cuz they're supposed to be stealthy but let's be real who uses local stealthily doing stealth in this game is like doing stealth in Metal Gear Rising or warframe you could do it but why would you plus more hp for locals is good for both raiders and antags
Title: Re: Locals HP
Post by: MSE_Laura on July 03, 2020, 10:06:52 AM
Hello, Random_guy!
It's really cool that you look for different ways to play with the locals. As you said, they are meant to be more stealthy characters. They deal quite a lot of damage but also have less HP as a way to balance the game. Otherwise, they would be incredibly OP don't you think?
Title: Re: Locals HP
Post by: Hopperorouk on August 21, 2020, 01:23:08 PM
as a way to balance the game.

You should've thought about balance when you added aleph bombs!
Title: Re: Locals HP
Post by: Random_guy on November 21, 2020, 12:37:16 PM
Having high damage dose not mean anything when your constantly wounded from one bullet the AI almost always knows where you are as soon as you pop your head up and don't get me started on antags below MMR 50 locals are okay but pass 50 it becomes to hard to stay alive/ contribute enough to the team and get kill points plus pass 50 MMR i almost never see locals on Raiders teams because there to soft its like do i want to play a glass cannon and be wounded most of the game or play a Hades Division and play the game normally i see antag as locals a lot because they only have to worry about four people compared to the Raiders who are in a bullet hell getting shot from all directions plus we been fighting on there planet for like 3 or 4 years they should have gotten a bit more sturdier over the years and if you cant buff the locals hp across the board just add a card to give +10 hp then at a 5 stack +15
Title: Re: Locals HP
Post by: MSE_Laura on November 27, 2020, 12:21:39 PM
Hello there, Random_guy!
All locals have talents (race or character) that help you recover health when wounded, flee from, or avoid the wounded state. I really hope this helps you! ^^

RENEWAL -> Recover from wounded  faster
FIRMNESS -> When wounded, you heal x health points.

REINCARNATION-> When you return to your body, you gain invulnerability for x seconds.
RELENTLESS -> If your body materializes less than x meters from two or more enemies, you gain invulnerability for n seconds.

MYTHIFICATION -> When you Bewitch an enemy, you earn n seconds of invulnerability.
MENTAL BOND -> When you Bewitch {{RPG_UPARAM_1B}} or more enemies, you earn n seconds of invulnerability.
MENTAL SHACKLE -> When you Bewitch n or more enemies, you earn x seconds of invulnerability.

Support character. Heals others.
(She'd require to be equipped with race talents to recover from or heal when wounded)

STOICISM -> You receive less damage when wounded.
ABNEGATION -> Reduce wounded time by x.
CATHARSIS -> When you kill an enemy, there is an X  chance of recovering from the wounded state immediately.