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Title: Problems with the map Enemy Within
Post by: Azazel6 on December 04, 2019, 11:00:36 AM
I just had a match with me and another lower level mikah, I was Aneska for the match. I should've quit the mission from the get go but it was a pot mission for me. So why not. It took us a good 30 mins for the first segment. Huey and dewey arent much help. The last segment with uras beherit. My god it was like D-day. It really didnt help that my teammate's damage output was low, so I was dammaging uras while mikah took care of the mobs. We had a quarter of health to go, suddenly it was like Mordor's supply of orcs just started appearing. Everytime I get aleph and go out of uras, a bigger one would kill me. When we do get 4 aleph, We would have to jump around avoiding biggers Uras , aim for the 3 seconds rotating legs that push you out of the way when too close. Huey dewey arent doing anything but feeding the bigger uras. To top it all off the bigger uras corner you like its an all you can eat buffet. Talk about ptsd to damage uras beherit while jumping around chasing the rotating pustules while its kids try to kill you. I must've been at the boss level for around 45 mins before we failed.

Tldr: Buff huey dewey and louie, add Aleph cyrstals around the uras beherit fight map, and for gods sake cap a number of uras minions on the damn map.

Sorry if its a bit heated, but this is why I often take long breaks with this game.