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Title: Demotivated to play.
Post by: Clancy_Alligator on November 05, 2019, 11:06:02 AM
So, I've been collecting bounty for daily last bonus game really hard yesterday to gain as much treasures as possible today. So that's what I actually just did today:
Step 1 - searching for game.
Step 2 - found a game with 1 player and 2 bots.
Step 3 - alright, we can do this, let's try hard.
Step 4 - this one player leaving in the middle of first part of the level.
Step 5 - level restarted, here I am solo with 3 bots. Whatever, I really need this reward, I gonna try to solo it.
Step 6 - this particular level actually demands teamplay for at least 2 people, to control engineers, while collecting alef and killing ridiculous amount of enemies for a solo player, as long as allied bots are absolutely useless.
Step 7 - after trying your very best you have to surrend.
Step 8 - pilot at this unskipable score scene keeps verbally harassing you, while you already frustrated.
Step 9 - collecting mediocre rewards, like if I just won like 4-th game for a day with a low personal score.

No exp, no nothing, no compensation.
Demotivated to play anymore.
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: MSE_TENKA on November 05, 2019, 12:05:14 PM

Thanks for your feedback. Matchmaking times and ping can vary depending on your geographic location and the time of the day you play.

The best option for dedicated players is to create a Guild with fellow players to ensure you find games instantly.

I would like to invite you to our discord channel, where you will find lot of players to play with:

See you on the Broken Planet!
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: Clancy_Alligator on November 05, 2019, 03:40:52 PM
So, did you just suggest me to find some friends instead of fixing the issue you confirmed your game has?
Nice one.
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: skorpio_ink on November 05, 2019, 11:44:25 PM
I had to log in and comment on this. I find that dev comment very tone-deaf to the plight Spacelords players are going through. She absolutely suggested you find people to play with as a work-around for the poor matchmaking. I appreciate someone from MSE active on the forums, but that was a trigger comment. Why would she even say that?
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: Lehi on November 06, 2019, 02:29:56 AM
Match making system may need more polish, but more of that, I consider the player base is decreasing. So, what he suggests is actually, the best option for now. Meanwhile, they will present a new MMR system. Hopefully, it makes your experience better.

This game requires at least 2 decent players to win, one clears minions, one interacts with gimmicks.

MSE, please make Cortez brothers much stronger when there is only one left in the team.

Brothers cannot deal with gimmicks, but at least, please make Brother can kill a few minions before one dies.

If a game can ended up a losing game, what is the point to start a game with 2 people?
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: MSE_TENKA on November 06, 2019, 10:26:18 AM
Hi everyone! We are aware that this is an important topic so we are going to talk about Matchmaking, MMR and the new Weapon's Mod System on this friday's stream. Please join us in our Twitch channel at 5 pm CEST (
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: ScimitarSlice on November 06, 2019, 08:07:40 PM
I literally watched one streaming match yesterday, and it was a vs antag starting out with a cortez on the raider team.  Seriously, that is lame.  If the antag wants to play he should have to join the raider team or wait.   It's not the 3 raiders fault they can't queue with a full time, yet they are punished for it.  This is why I will never play or recommend this game.  They said they would fix this months and months ago but never did.  Whatever, I've moved on but I do miss this game, on the rare occasion where matchmaking was actually balanced.     
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: MeleeMaster on November 06, 2019, 08:19:08 PM
Had the same experience plenty of times, even made a post just like this one long time ago. The worst part is that this has nothing to do with skill, if the game is balanced for four players and you only has one, there's literally nothing you can do. The result is that while I was playing on random team, I had to pick the same 4 to 5 stages that it was sure I could complete even on solo. Don't even need to tell you that it turned into a really stale experience.
Title: Re: Demotivated to play.
Post by: Cirith on November 15, 2019, 01:07:04 PM
Let me Help you, i will tell you how the devs want you to play the game.
Play one game.
Uninstall game.
Come back a year later.
Play for the chest and win
292.000 Exp
730.000 Gold
182.000 skill points.

Why would this demotivate anyone from playing the game ?