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Title: PvP damage
Post by: Tekato on February 13, 2019, 02:43:37 PM
Are you guys planning on adjusting these damage numbers? Currently everyone and their moms uses one shot/punch builds, it's just dumb. There's almost no room for skilled gameplay when you just go down in one second or 2. You can't just keep using pve numbers for pvp it just doesnt work it will never be balanced.
Title: Re: PvP damage
Post by: Quanrian on February 13, 2019, 10:15:07 PM
When it comes down to PVP I figure roughly you've got on the high end (sorry if this sounds nuts) about 4 seconds but you probably want a player out in 2 seconds. This isn't so much about how much damage someone can do as all PVP damage looks better than PVE as NPCs (Ads) get tankier. Rather, it's about player reaction time and how people move to flank and/or cluster. Thus, after that four seconds you're either being dogpiled or flanked so the person you're fighting just got you grappled by another player while they distracted you. Mind you, this is from the 4 vs 1 perspective of a typical Antagonist and hopefully you're in a better position as a Raider having that 'second' person to flank or assist on any given serious threat.

For this reason I'd fall back on finding a good wingparson if you can't get a full team going. Arguably, the toughest aspect of a match will be the Antagonist or PVP aspect of the game due to nature of the beast. However, you still have to break away and do objectives every so often in a way that 'demonstrates' this is how 'this' mission works to the newer players. I'm not sure this game will ever be easy as the challenges it presents are part of what attracts and keeps 'some' players. Striving to be flexible and adapting is very important but you know where to find me to dig deeper Tekato!